The Jakarta Meet Up 2015, an event that presented by are open to all makes and models, it’s safe to say that Jakmeetup this year offers a little something for every walk of modified car life, from the old and magnificent cars right through to the latest supercar or JDM hero, most of them has been modified of course. Surrounded by many well-known restaurants at Flavor Bliss, plus some pretty trick parking space, the venue of Jakmeetup 2015 really do set the cars off a treat. With so much work going into the car builds, it’s nice to see an almost OEM based car with a different style on wheels and body styling that shows them off to their full potential.

The BMW cars that were there were certainly head-turners. We spotted a nice and rare E36 from coupe to cabriolet with a different set of styles, which we pretty sure that those E36ers will be to all tastes. And a rather more appealing bagged big-bodied sedan on some sexy split-rims. From the Bandung (West Java) came the guys from “Cargasm”, and several famous cars which looked as fantastic as ever.

We can said that the variety of metals on display was truly impressive and served the enthusiasts well. With plenty of German and Japanese machines, obviously, along with some spectacular low riders and supercars, successfully provide the best and the biggest car enthusiasts gathering last time. With a nice scattering of a famous brand as traders inside, made this event is well worth a visit.

For those wishing to find out the show or maybe disappointed of your absence at this time, lets together we hope that together with Jakarta Meet Up crew will serve us with another astonishing event in the future. We guarantee that you will never find similar blasting event like Jakarta Meet Up 2015. Scroll down this article toward tons of pictures and videos that brought to you by Alwafi Auzan, Daniel Bramantyo, and Arief Rahma Pratama from @properinch.

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-1

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-2

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-3

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-4

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-5

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-6

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-7

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-8

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-9

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-10

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-11

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-12

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-13

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-14

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-15

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-16

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-17

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-18

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-19

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-20

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-21

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-22

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-23

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-56

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-24

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-25

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-26

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-27

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-28

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-29

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-30

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-31

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-32

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-33

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-34

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-35

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-36

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-37

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-38

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-39

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-40

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-41

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-42

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-43

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-44

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-45

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-46

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-47

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-48

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-49

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-50

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-51

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-52

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-53

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-54

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-55


The stars of Enkei Enthusiasts Gathering 2015 at Medan

There is one of the quality show that stands above all others: the Enkei Enthusiasts Gathering is accepted as the biggest and the very best wheels enthusiasts in Indonesia, and with the several places such as Jakarta, Medan, and Semarang will be hosted every year, it’s kinda like a party that should be on every Enkei enthusiast’s bucket list. Enkei Enthusiasts that held in Medan – Indonesia at this article was of particular interest to Enkei wheels fans this time around because the participants brought many kinds of cars but without doubt to trusting on the only one, Enkei brand. All of the cars at this event were very well presented. Sure there were countless Jap cars including sedan, MPV and SUVs, but as you will see on these photos, the Enkei contingent were evenly spreaded.

If we discussing this brand, At an aftermarket level, Enkei’s philosophy is about bringing performance and strength at an affordable price, rather than go with expensive forging wheels. Enkei’s hybrid process wheels are generally much less expensive than forged wheels while still lighter and stronger than traditional castings. But since the started their operation in 80s, we can imagine that how rare their beginning wheels line up right now. It’s timeless design and durability has successfully formed a large community of Enkei’s lovers all over the world.

The variety of cars on display was truly impressive, with plenty of rare Enkei wheels, rare cars, obviously along with some spectacular appearance from the participants made this event looks bigger than we thought. Great friendships, nice wheels, and cars are the complete ingredients for an eye-popping event. We will be doing everything within our power to join this event next time and we hope you do the same, as an Enkei Enthusiasts.

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-1

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-2

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-3

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-4

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-5

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-6

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-7

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-8

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-9

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-10

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-11

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-12

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-13

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-55

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-56

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-14

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-15

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-16

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-17

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-18

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-19

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-20

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-21

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-22

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-23

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-24

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-25

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-26

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-27

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-28

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-29

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-30

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-31

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-32

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-33

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-34

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-35

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-36

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-37

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-38

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-39

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-40

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-41

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-42

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-43

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-44

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-45

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-46

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-47

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-49

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-50

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-51

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-52

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-53

Enkei Enthusiasts Medan 2015-Enkei Wheels Enthusiasts-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-54 present: Jakarta Meet Up 2015 – Part 1

The Jakarta Meet Up 2015 group has been together since 2014 to unite a unique, proper, and quality enthusiasts in an event. It has held last year with numerous people and cars together, simply said the event that sponsored by has always stood out in car enthusiasts mind. With an ever-growing number of enthusiasts each year in Indonesia, the event has kept growing as well, and also a goodness of changes has been made to accommodate the loads. Even though the plan was to organise group with only limited to 300 enthusiasts, that plan was quickly ruined with numbers of people who want to be a part of this glorious event, even only as a visitors.

As the sun began on Saturday morning of April 25, many members were ready for the pre-meet up at Plaza Senayan Jakarta for joining a convoy to the venue at Flavor Bliss, Alam Sutera, the participants headed to grab some coffee and breakfast while several media took their appearance with. Winding weather and cool morning air made for an amazing drive after grouping in pre-meet session. Because it was a weekend, and Plaza Senayan shopping center as such no customers, there was always a time for doing a short photoshoot that we had done prior the convoy began. Luckily the rain hasn’t come yet at that morning, which encouraged participants and visitors alike to their time chatting and wandering around the cars to marvel some of the tasteful modifications.

Hoods were popped, wheels were cleaned, engines were revved, and all sounds were very fascinated. While everyone at the event that brought to us by had clearly put a lot of time to traveled from several cities, an effort to their pride and joys, a few stood out from the crowd which several of them will be announced to get an achievement from this event later on. Final said for this part 1 coverage, this article wasn’t the end of our great time last week. As the sun began to raise more and clouds seemed darker, the fire of joys was lit once again when the organizer announced that we had ready to go. Enjoy our Jakarta Meet Up Part 1 coverage, if you couldn’t find your car up here, probably they will appear on the part 2 photos and video of this coverage shortly.

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-Honda Vigor-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-1

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-Holden Premier-classic-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-2

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-3

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-4

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-5

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-6

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-7

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-8

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-9

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-10

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-11

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-12

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-13

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-14

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-15

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-16

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-17

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-18

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-19

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-20

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-38

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-37

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-36

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-35

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-21

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-22

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-23

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-24

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-25

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-26

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-27

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-28

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-29

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-30

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-31

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-32

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-33

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-34



Meet the legend: Benny’s E34 M5

We all love cars, even when they’re working or not in sometimes, but it’s pretty rare today to come across someone for whom their car really is so memorable and everything to them. Benny is one such man. His passion to bought back this car and saved her life for us personally is unrivalled in anyone we’ve ever met, and it’s this raw, unbridled passion for what was once a humble E34 M5 that has driven him to built one of the finest example out here in Australia, and we believe so. Subtlety goes a long way these days, the less-is-more approach often saying way more than ostentation and wackiness ever could.

BMW E34 M5-M5-E34-OEM-Benny-Perth-Australia-1

When I met Benny couple weeks ago, he said about the ethos of his build, you see – it’s not just a case of modifying and optimising, it’s effectively renewing everything that could be renewed in order to make the car stand out among the best, indeed and agreed so, as close to a “new” E34 M5 as is possible given current parts availability.The totality of Benny and his father shown up when they ordered parts and billed by thousand of dollars directly to BMW Germany, they really went all-out when build this car. To be honest, Benny and his father had done a pretty damn fine job, wouldn;t you say? The subtlety of Macao Blue hue adds to the stealthy ethos of the build, and it’s pleasantly old-school too, being the car’s original paint.

BMW E34 M5-M5-E34-OEM-Benny-Perth-Australia-2

BMW E34 M5-M5-E34-OEM-Benny-Perth-Australia-12

And once it was all buffed to perfection, the M-Parallel set of wheels with 18×9-9.5 was installed to give another OEM look of this old lady. Nowadays, a lot of people can get an inspiration from million of sources. From how you create a perfect stance-weapon, until the references of how to build a fast cars. But I felt here Benny is an interesting man – passionate, highly appraised on OEM style, intense, but a really nice guy and one with more than a few stories to tell in behind of this car. Maybe 1 or 2 years are sufficient enough for someone out there to earn reputation on the street backed up with their 4 digit wheels, a huge compressor to lift you up to the moon, and fancy paint as well, but for man like Benny, renewed everything is much more appreciable for him.

BMW E34 M5-M5-E34-OEM-Benny-Perth-Australia-5

BMW E34 M5-M5-E34-OEM-Benny-Perth-Australia-6

Perhaps some you could ask of any BMW “M5″ enthusiast with the question “what is the best M5 BMW has ever produced” and probably you will get a different answer from each one. From a favorable old M5 like E28, until the last 2014 line of F10 M5, that’s why for his reason alone, I don’t even like to ask the question as I don’t think there is a conclusive answer. However, personally said, I think there is a strong argument in inferring that the most unique M5 BMW ever produced is the E34 M5. The genuine reason in our opinion was the E34 was the last 5 series to feature that classic BMW 5 series design. Specifically, the E34 5 series featured round headlamps, a classic “boxy” BMW front end, and the interior is decorated with those classic European climate control levers and dials. After the E34 finished it’s production, both the interior and exterior design of the 5 series changed forever.

BMW E34 M5-M5-E34-OEM-Benny-Perth-Australia-7

BMW E34 M5-M5-E34-OEM-Benny-Perth-Australia-8

Powered by a development of the thoroughbred 3.8-litre DOHC straight-six first seen in the M1 supercar, the E34 M5 arrived in late 89’s in Australia, but Benny said that his father imported this left-hadn-drive car direct from Germany. It was instantly sought-after by Benny and his father for its combination of prestige, power (232kW at 6900rpm) and outstandingly pure, six individual throttle, rear-driven dynamics. Coupled to a five-speed manual gearbox, the performance figures still impressed us by today. Actually in our point of view, the E34 doesn’t feel quite as threadable as the E28 and its ride, while comfortable, is appreciably firmer. But with the tauter chassis and reduced body roll comes more outright grip and you have to try harder to unstick the rear end.

kolase 2

BMW E34 M5-M5-E34-OEM-Benny-Perth-Australia-3

BMW E34 M5-M5-E34-OEM-Benny-Perth-Australia-14

BMW E34 M5-M5-E34-OEM-Benny-Perth-Australia-9


By keeping all concept in the family, Benny and his father set about refreshing and brought them back to the original one. “Firstly we started with the interior,” Benny said. “The seats themselves were retrimmed with the original Alcantara’s suede material that was also imported directly from Germany.” This M5 interior have lovely solidity about pure breed performance car, and details such as the steering position, semi-race seat, the instruments, speak of a time of uncluttered simplicity and performance.

BMW E34 M5-M5-E34-OEM-Benny-Perth-Australia-11

BMW E34 M5-M5-E34-OEM-Benny-Perth-Australia-10

BMW E34 M5-M5-E34-OEM-Benny-Perth-Australia-13

BMW E34 M5-M5-E34-OEM-Benny-Perth-Australia-4

BMW E34 M5-M5-E34-OEM-Benny-Perth-Australia-15

All of those gorgeous and passionate touches, with the right car, that’s pretty much all you need to stand out – no sense in changing things excessively for the sake of social media reputation. Benny’s E34 M5 takes a near perfect package and pretends to brought back this beast in her condition as should be. It’s a success, wouldn’t you say?

It gets people attention, recognition, and likes: Andy’s bagged volvo 960 S90 with Schmidt TH-Line and OZ MAE

Considering how many great cars are being sent on a weekly basis, we are totally amazed at how much hate air-ride still gets and especially the fact that haters still bang on about bags not handling. We just wondering how many of those staunchly standing by that viewpoint have ever actually driven a bagged car? Ultimately, we are here to like all the different things, but we, I mean personally said that we loved euros, so why can’t we all just get along? We haven’t got time for hate or haters, apart from hating on the haters, but that’s something we can all agree on.

Volvo-schmidt-ozmae-bagged-air suspension-1

At this feature, seemingly single-handedly contributing to the downfall of Indonesian car scene is Andy, a man who has dared and consistently to loved a Volvo and dared to put air-ride on a Swedish car; time to get the pitchforks out. But hold on, don’t light those torches just yet because this is one stunning Volvo 960 S90. “I’ve always been into volvo no matter what,” Andy tells us. That love growth when he found something interesting on a Volvo; a driven pleasure, unbeatable safety, and a boxy classic look. It was completely stock and well care when he bought it and he didn’t know that he was planning to modify it until this far. But that changed very quickly when he found several astonishing and timeless wheels like OZ Mae and Schmidt. Andy also said, “When it comes to modifying I like to do with my own pleasure and taste.”

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Andy really falling in love with a volvo. According to his experience on this car, the quality ride is really smooth. Long distance cruising is an absolute pleasure. Alwafi Auzan did this photoshoot at that time, he mentioned that the seats are also the most comfortable he ever sat in. It is very spacious. Enough room for 5 and all their luggage. While Alwafi sent this set of photos, and I hopes that wishing Volvo still built these cars. Truly the best Volvo of all time in our opinion

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The first wheels that we would like to feature it out here is Schmidt TH-line. The wheels are genuinely Germany made 18 inch three piece wheels – these are actually a “one-wheels-for-all” cars. With 8.5 inch width at front, and 10 inch rear with final offset 32, this fitment is much easier to make it works on the Volvo S90. Andy found this wheels on his friend at a bargain price; he told that how excited when he saw them because he knew he could make them fit and it will be very exclusive on this car. It was truly understandable why Andy loves this wheels. The Schmidt TH-line looks absolutely awesome on this 1995 Volvo 960. Indeed, they are gorgeous wheels whichever may you look at them – classic, iconic, and the size and fitment here is absolutely on point. The boxy clean Volvo S90 shape perfectly and that orange face with polished lips are killer.

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Perhaps some of the readers here keep asking what suspension setup that he’s using. Is it static or bagged? So, now we come to the, thorny for some, issue of suspension. Andy had coilovers setup previously on the car. That was good he said, but running at the height he liked but he couldn’t get into several bumpy roads near his house though. It was pretty low but it didn’t tuck like today’s setup. The coilover setup if you really wanting a very low height will be not too practical here in Indonesia. Actually Andy could be satisfied with previous suspension setup, but “I’m getting old and 600lb springs on coilover setup were just too hard for my kids.” So finally he ended with getting an air-ride. Andy is running an Universal Air Custom suspension setup with an exceedingly tidy boot install. The whole things has been tucked away with a single compressor and medium size tank, while the controller lives happily below the steering wheel. The question come up now for Andy, is he happy with the switch from coilover to bags? Just a bit. “I’m very pleased with the setup, somehow it’s better than coils, the ride is more comfortable as Volvo should have. It also much more useable, the ride is more comfortable, I can take my family without rubbing, overall I’m really pleased.”

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The second wheels that Andy had is an OZ MAE. You have probably already spotted the wheels though. While OZ MAE design has been a runaway success for the brand, it’s not all that often that you could find this set on a Volvo. They look so spot-on though, don’t they? The mixture of flat 6 small hole surfaces, angles and curves ties the look in precisely also with the line of Volvo 960 besides the gorgeous Schmidt TH-line. It successfully gives the purposefully low Volvo a cheeky hint of aggression with 9.5 inch at front and 11 inch rear, and +30 for final round offset.

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kolase 3

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Having expended such energies in effectively creating a new look of Volvo 960 S90, the finished product is no garage-queen piece. Andy consistently used this car as his daily commuter. Because of the height flexibilty, andy can drive it everywhere safely. And that’s just the way it should be – a considered and a thorough build taste, quality parts, OEM+ style, eager safety, just enough performance to entertain when its needed, and the most important one is built to be used. Wayne of the bunch – it doesn’t need to scream it’s credentials out loud. If you know, you know.