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3rd Annual Cargasm Indonesia: The Downtown Cruise
Iman Machmud

There are few things that mixed better than the old industrial location and 100-plus tastefully modified cars. There were some old school love, others much more modern, and you have the makings of the perfect car show. With a nice typical cool weather in Banding, West Java, the “Gudang Persediaan PT. KAI” at Bandung hosted the 3rd annual Cargasm_ID meet namely by The Downtown Cruise which fully supported by Bank BJB on December 17th last year and offered small bursts of relief with random breezes that made their way past every conceivable type of the modified vehicles here. Some adhered to strict, period-correct restoration guidelines for an old school cars, while others incorporated modern-day style and diverse scenes. The good thing, (and always a good thing about Cargasm meet) is every cars was well represented and the turnout was seriously overwhelming. Having always attended a number of Cargasm events over the past years, it’s apparent the car quality scene continues to improve.

Please scroll down this article to find all the noteworthy cars that you can only find on The Cargasm. We also would like to say thank you for the chance that has given to us and for all of the participants as well. Be sure that you won’t missed this event next year.

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