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Aino Shibikku: Reza’s Civic EF “91 on SprinthartCP
Iman Machmud

That day all started from the our weekly schedule for a car coverage in Bogor (Indonesia). All the preparations have been done suddenly cancelled because the related person abruptly cancelled this plan. Although we had little disappointment, but we remembered that there is one fine car which also lived in Bogor area. That is why at today article, we’re having a look at Reza’s daily driven 1991 Honda Civic EF Hatchback.

If you had involved as a car enthusiasts for more than a handful of years, sometimes you’ve undoubtedly run into your fair share of mixed personalities. Things like the impatient feeling, constant builder who seems to get in over his head with every project and but keep far from the finish line, to the ones who flirt with various cars, never quite finding any particular style or platforms that suits them. But then there are people like Reza, the owner of this immaculate ’91 Honda Civic EF, who figured out exactly what he wanted and had the patience to see it through.

That’s not to say he didn’t have any doubt prior to purchased this beauty. Reza has a complete resume of styles that includes a number of any Honda builds, so it’s obvious that his loyalties lie with Honda. He got his first interested in cars in the mid-’90s watching all of my friends modify their cars to become a sleek and clean restorical syle. He also believe that the Honda scene at time to time is pretty prevalent. He spent a lot of time sourcing a lot of JDM goodies and always fell in love with this civic.

Eventhough we haven’t got any pictures of the engine bay, but Reza told us that this civic still using its original D16 non-vtec engine. I believe at further stage, Reza will have plan to implant something bigger than he had done for now. The D16 engine has been ported and polished, Reza also added Cusco front bar and DC Sport rear bar to reduce the body flex. Another accesories like Blue Thunder sparks wire, Simota open filter and JTuning custom exhaust has satisfied the owner while crusing down.

Reza didn’t reveal much about the full specifications of his Civic EF, reason being that it purposefully has very few mods. But a lot of Civic EF9 JDM goodies are the essential ones that create this much impact in terms of the exterior look of the car. For such Civic EF9 original front bumper, lips spoiler, side skirts, and rear bumper, short license plate, foglamps, and Honda access trunk spoiler. Thats impressive.

Here is the most interesting point on this build, a set of HnR sportkit was installed on the front and rear. The HnR suspension provided a broader spectrum of firmness and stability compared to standard, where the rare beautiful 15-inch Sprinthart CP wheels at 6.5″ widht were added into the mix. To improve the brakes ability, Reza upgraded the rear brakes and replace it with from another Honda EF9.

Honda Civic EF-Civic Nouva-Enkei Wheels-Reza-Indonesia-ladyonwheels-8

As you can see on the interior side, Reza would loved to keep its pristine interior condition. When we looked at his interior, that was very amazing. Everything looks good and maintained well. Seriously its looks like brand new one. But lucky Reza got the original Honda CRX floor mat to add another impression on the interior side.


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