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A beautiful legacy: Timothy’s Mercedes Benz W123 200E on Riddler wheels
Iman Machmud

We are always interested to hear how someone got into a cars is no exception. Especially that if we hearing how people first got interested in classic’s. It’s a pretty good chance that there is a nice story involved into their builds. For some it may be because of their first ride in one, perhaps the exterior of a certain model, the sexy growl from the tail pipes or the inheritance cars that owned by someone special within their families. For Timothy though, the story has started when he visits his family in Cirebon-Indonesia back then.

Timothy wasn’t necessarily an enthusiast from the get-go, but that eventually changed. The 1983 200E Mercedes Benz W123 you guys see in this article was originally his lovely grandfather’s car. It was their family’s first benz and Timothy admits that while he didn’t really care for it at first, but once his grandfather passed away, it quickly grew on him to taking care of this car.

His grandma, approximately 1.5 years after his husband passed, she asked Timothy if he able to taking care of this car. Without doubt, he agreed to bring this lady with him and the restoration process began. At that time, the condition of this car was alarming. Rusts everywhere and far from a “pristine” word. Timothy brought this car to Akasia garage and ordered them to bring back this car to its glory. To accomodate the lowrider look that Timothy always dreaming of, he ordered a custom air suspension from Akasia garage to achieve the looks that you can adore it in this article.

Just as he’s tinkered with the height toward the air supension system, he’s gone through numerous sets of wheels too. The current set is Riddler in 17 x 7″ et 0(F); 17 x 9.5″ et -5 (R). The chrome centers and high polished lips strengthen the overall looks on this beauty lady.

While Timothy is not sure what’s next for the future, we are sure that his car has been added to that list of well-done W123’s on your mind.

PROPERINCH work: A Scandinavian Masterpiece – Andy’s Bagged Volvo S90 960 on Schmidt TH-Line
Muh. Sofiandry

All cars has it’s own story to their owners. Every car has a background and rich history with its respective owners. Whether it was a garaged queen that was taken out only on the weekends, or a college student’s car, it was completely unique and mirrored that single person. This goes exactly for Andy and its bagged S90 as well. From the reasons why a swedish car became his single option to joy with and a long story about his built to achieve broad acknowledgement from many car enthusiasts. This article is a video teaser from our brother Arief @properinch, and make sure you’ll wait for the full feature of it.