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The all-stars: Japanese wheels meet up 2015 – Part 1
Iman Machmud

The 6th of December 2015 was the date that makes us believe that there are still a bunch of people who respect on the originality of a wheel. This event was not full of new participants while most of them are consistently joining the similar events that held during 2015. The event like Enkei Enthusiasts, WedsPeople, and the newest one is RaysNation. Those 3 events successfully gathered all wheels enthusiasts to find their true place in this scene. From sports car, sedan, and SUV they loved to join the event series in 2015. It was a perfect start to a Sunday morning, the sun was up, weather was perfect and to top it off, awesome wheels and cars. The atmosphere down at Scientia Square Park – Summarecon Digital Centre, Gading Serpong is very relaxed. Cars of all sorts were in attendance, ranging from old school japs to modern. Much like the last the quality of cars, as well as the general vibe, was incredible.

The Japanese Wheels Meet Up 2015 is a GREAT car enthusiast day celebration of modern and classic motoring. A fantastic mix of cars, wheels, and people together with the energy and passion of motoring enthusiasts. It offers the visitor exquisite tastes of the broader range of Japanese wheels selections, tantalising a vibrant passion of Japanese wheels and quality vehicles on this era. If we remember the first Enkei Enthusiasts event that we still can see several participants wearing a knock off or replica wheels. We are not trying justified their act, but we believe that Enkei Enthusiasts, WedsPeople, and RaysNation were trying their best to reduce the presence of cars participating with replicas. It doesn’t mean to act arrogantly, but as true car enthusiasts, we can define “enthusiasts” word by yourself as what’s best. Do not lie to yourself that you never wanted a set of original wheels, but if you keep using word “expensive” behind it, then you can start sorted out how to achieve that.

Please enjoy the tons of images below that brought to you by Alwafi Auzan, and please check @properinch video works on this event as well while we working on part 2 series of this coverage.

Japanese Wheels Meet Up 2015-JWMU2015-ladyonwheels-japanese wheels-indonesia-scientia square park-summarecon digital serpong-event coverage-7

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W210 stance fitment-HRE-Euro Enthusiasts Run-Ladyonwheels-Mercedes Benz stance-Mercedes Benz Fitment-BMW stance-BMW fitment-indonesia-indonesian stance-cover

A classy night out: Euro Enthusiasts ID exclusive run
Iman Machmud

The Euro Enthusiasts ID (an abbreviation of Indonesia) is one of the strongest and most diverse European car scene in Indonesia today. After seeing their Instagram and looking at photos from several cars, it was clear that there were no reasons for not joining their night run this last month. It would be more than well worth to attending. Being greeted by quality modified european cars that mostly dominated by mercedes benz once arrived already met my expectations of this meet up. One of our brother Alwafi and Daniel assigned to join their invitation. Walking around the cars and looking at the cars up close, it just kept getting better and better. So many quality cars joined this run, ranging from rare coupe W210 Benz, until saw in person the cleanest Toyota Supra that belongs to one of our friend here; everything was somewhat satisfied. Although several stopping place weren’t too good to be captured, but it was a great show and meetup from Euro Enthusiast ID with great vibrant people and plenty of good vibes car. We will definitely try and attend again next of their run, but for now, enjoy the photos. Special thanks to Euro Enthusiasts ID that invited us to ride along together their crew. What a good interesting moment guys.



Muh. Sofiandry

We’re back with the second part of ARTomotive Car Meet coverage part 2 and this time around we’ll be taking a look at some of the photos made by our brother Alwafi Auzan. As mentioned before in part 1 coverage, perhaps Modifikasi Plus magazine will held ARTomotive meet annually in the beautiful place like La Piazza, Indonesia to engage and bringing together some of the finest cars has to offer. Don’t think anything else needs to be said about this event so we’ll just let the photos do the talking for us. Don’t forget to check out the first part of our coverage in here and make sure to go through all photos in this part by scrolling down on the bottom of this post. See you next time.

Ladies event: Exclusive DAMN (Decade of Modification Nation) cars meet up in Jambi-Indonesia
Iman Machmud

Jambi is one of the city in Indonesia that growth rapidly in terms of car modification nowadays. With all the source and great garage limitation for having some great aftermarket products for car or even an original OEM parts, the car enthusiasts in Jambi would much rather keep their pride and joy locked away in their faith and passion in modification rather than getting stuck for just driving it down the road on the weekend as a standard car. Last month, on 30 May 2014, one of respectful car community called Exclusive organized the car modification and meet up event at once of their 10th anniversary. However, thanks to the the Exclusive club as event organizer as well for facilitated us to become one of media partner of this event. Thanks also for all of accommodation and kindness given to one of our brother Alwafi Auzan during his visit to Jambi. With very limited time to arranged this event, guys from Exclusive finally could show off what they having been building for days to the public without getting hassled by the any major problems. Basically this year the Exclusive crew has delivered astonishing car event in Jambi and perhaps they can making another successful event in the future. Having just a little over approximately 100 entrants along with good food and music, the day was perfect apart from the little cloudy weather that we had at the beginning of the event. In addition, we are very glad to be part of Jambi automotive scene and we can’t wait to do more things together in the coming years.

When first time Alwafi visited Jambi, perhaps it will be as remarkable moment for him. He told me that he found tremendous of beautiful scenery during his works in Jambi. A photo of one of the traditional food in Jambi is the first photo that he sent to ladyonwheels line group. That’s why I felt at that time that he treated with good hospitality from Exclusive guys out there.

I would like to say personally to one of our good friend in Jambi, Okky Praja Setya, the owner of the well known slammed civic FD from Jambi that you can see his previous article in here. He is the head of Exclusive club in Jambi-based. Alwafi felt really glad when Okky picked him up with his stance FD. What a great day with sleek car though. We have re-featured Okky’s FD1 when during our visit, which all the results and articles can be found later on in ladyonwheels.com.

indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-indonesian hellaflush-damn exclusive jambi-car meet up-contest car-jambi-indonesia-4

Yes, we know that they’re a bit way behind from other big cities in Indonesia on some of good quality build and kind of style, but we believe that they will be more motivated for build a car without too much details and spent huge money on it to get recognition from other car enthusiasts. It’s still better than none. We finally have a little something to hold you off. That something is a quick look at Exclusive DAMN (Decade of Modification Nation) event that our brother Alwafi attended recently. While most of the cars were “contest” themed, there were also plenty of great stance styles to choose from as you’ll see in the photos below. Looking at these photos one thing we have noticed is just how far some of these cars will go to stay unique, especially in the “stance” world. Basically we’re not here to judge, but we would love to hear your opinions. Enjoy the rest of photos below. Congratulation again for Exclusive DAMN event, and don’t forget to keep inspiring people in Jambi. See you guys on your next event in Jambi. 


indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-indonesian hellaflush-damn exclusive jambi-car meet up-contest car-jambi-indonesia-23



Iman Machmud

We are back with day 2 coverages of SCOTY-Street Car Of The Year event through our photos below. And this time around we are also include a short video that regained your memory through Jakmodfest event couple months ago. The trademark of Jakmodfest’s event that was very interesting for Indonesian stance friends were Car Limbo and Beat the Bump. We were also able to get a few photos of the cars parked on the day 2 and also participated on Car Limbo, so make sure you scroll down and check them all out. We would like also to say thousand thanks to SCOTY event that let us to coverage one of the best outdoor car’s show and meet in Indonesia. Thank you also for supporting Indonesian stance friends.

SCOTY-scoty-indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-Honda Ferio-Volk Rays TE37 Wheels-hellaflush-indonesia