The Kuningan City: Federal Mobil Lubricants:”Urban Klub Pt 5″ with Euro Retro Enthusiasts & VanKulture Indonesia
Iman Machmud

The enthusiasm of car and automotive culture in Indonesia is growing aggressively in recent years. Innumerable events have sprung up in various scales, ranging from college-style contest, the launch event of a new car by their manufacturers, to the automotive event which has been recognized internationally. One of the key factors that contributes well in strengthening the automotive scenes in Indonesia is a solid community. Due to the numbers of car club which has emergence rapidly in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta, it’s resulting in a limited space that can accommodate them to gathered in a meet-up. Currently the area required is not necessarily a large space/field or the outdoor parking lot, but inside of shopping mall is one of the solution that can possibly counts. Seeing the enthusiasm …

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The Preface: RoadStar Run 2016

We miss you. Indeed, those are the only words which suits well to describe our feelings in LadyOnWheels to just be able to press the shutter button on our cameras, changing lenses, making new friends, adoring someone’s wheels setup, even to share a single story regularly here in this website. It seems that at the end of this year, safely to assume that there are tremendous and quite time-consuming activities, ranging from family, girlfriend, works, businesses, to the study matters. Luckily, at August this year, we tried to revenge our guilty and pushing ourselves to recreate what we’ve done last year, is a Road-Star Run. It was nothing fancy, no games, no ticket fee, no door prizes, no trophies, it was just a …

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