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Japanese Wheels Meet Up 2015-JWMU2015-ladyonwheels-japanese wheels-indonesia-scientia square park-summarecon digital serpong-event coverage-part 2-cover

Iman Machmud

If you haven’t made your way to Japanese Wheels Meet Up 2015, you’ll be disappointed. It’s the heaven-like of Japanese wheels culture where you’ll find lots of performance Jap wheels to the shiny deep size wheels and more. If you haven’t seen the part 1 of our coverage, make sure you visit this link. One of the things we enjoy about going to JWMU 2015 is the broader range of cars with their own specialties. From the modification trends, to what’s popular, how people acts, good surroundings, excellent venue and things to eat. We found it all very promising for the future events and the concept of this event makes the show that much more enjoyable and speical for us compared to others. So here the part 2 coverage which just a selection of random things we found interesting that you probably won’t notice unless you actually come to the Scientia Square Park by yourself.


Ladies event: Cars’n’burgers by Jakmodfest – The most awaited vibrant
Muh. Sofiandry

Here is one of the most awesome event that held by our friend @jakmodfest named by Cars’n’Burgers. We had covered their first Jakmodfest event last year and that event become one of the most memorable event for the Indonesian stance lovers. Cars’n’Burgers held in Ancol-Jakarta, Indonesia. This is not your typical car show where they offered a huge opportunity to not only show off what you have done with your car, but you can grab some nice burgers as well at their booth during your good moment at this show. That’s exactly why we chose to cover it here on our site and feel proud to become on of their media partners. As you look through the photos below, you will notice there is little bit of everything for everyone. Our brothers Alwafi and Daniel told that there were also another their great gimmick show likes Car Limbo, Beat the Bumps, etc. With that said, let us know what you think about this event by scrolling down all the pages in this article. The videos of this event can be seen at the latest page of this article. In the meantime, we proudly gives you our coverage toward Cars’n’Burgers event.

Click another page below to see more photos and videos at the end of this article

Muh. Sofiandry

Here we go for the second part of Euro Fest 2014, a great event that proudly made by guys from ModifiCARtion. Big thanks again to them for helps us relaxed our eyes for such really cool event right there.



EuroFest 2014 – Modificartion: An impressive Indonesian euro showcase part I
Muh. Sofiandry

This EuroFest 2014 is the second event we covered that proudly made by friends from ModifiCARtion, and  of course it most definitely won’t be the last. On Saturday two weeks ago, they made a fascinating event called EuroFest 2014. The amount of quality and variety that EuroFest 2014 has to offer is simply incredible. Held like never done before in the Ancol Beach Mall Jakarta-Indonesia, with the participants close to 250 cars approximately attend this spectacle event. What makes this event so special you are asking? Besides all the awesome rides that you’ll see in the pages below, the event featured those cars to stand and parked at front of the beach. Bravely said, this is the first event that really held in front of beach coast. Enjoy our photos below that captured by our brother Alwafi Auzan by dividing this coverage into 2 separated parts. And last said, we would like to say big thanks to ModifiCARtion gus for taking care of us and gives us chance to felt the glorious joy right there. See you in the next event guys.

Volvo-wagon-Eurofest 2014-Modificartion-event-eurofest-ladyonwheels-coverage-stance-indonesian stance-5










































ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-meetup-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-80

Indonesian Stance Lover Meetup: An Indonesian momentous stance journey – part 2
Iman Machmud

Here is a meetup that proves towards Indonesian Stance Lovers. In the part 1, we’ve coveraged the ambience and happiness when they were on first meeting point in Al-Azhar Jakarta-Indonesia. It’s rather big if you want to talk quantity for this gathering, so that assured there were plenty of really cool rides there. More importantly, it’s all about catching up with friends, making new friends and just talking cars with people you have so much in common with. Lets refreshed our joy again.

The convoy started from Al-Azhar to Cibubur rest area. It was a long, long, and long convoy of Indonesian stance meet ever. Even Ahmad and other friends in this family overwhelmed to the large number of participants.

The access to the final meetup place had bogged down for a while because basically we were not reserving a place before. We just planned for looking a large space parking area to stopped down and make some joy together. But after several minutes, all participants found their parking space.

And now you can see how big this crowd is. We really had a goodtime together. Walking around other participant’s cars, and stop while looking or asking some questions to the owner of the cars that you happy with. So why I called them a family? And starting from now on, I bet you will think to become a member of their family.

Gustavo’s Mark X has been one of the jewel on that show. and we’ve made him an article that you can see it later on.

Alwafi’s faithful lady. 

ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-meetup-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-62

ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-meetup-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-57

ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-meetup-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-69

Ahmad and friends basically didn’t have any special plan to gives the special achievement or seriously valued the participant’s cars. But they just wanna have some fun while have in mind to gives the highest appreciation to the participants.

This are the “winner”. Don’t be wrong with it. This achievements are not giving without compromises, they are seriously looking for the best appearance, fitment, wheels, and your passion in stance as well. Congratulation for the winners!!!

ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-meetup-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-72

ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-meetup-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-73

As time goes down. One by one people leaved this memorable place for Indonesian stance journey. After saw this show, I have an optimist mind that from now on, Indonesian stance family will start to growing bigger and more solid. Personally said, I really proud to all of our brothers in Indonesian Stance to make it happen. for made it real.