Mini SUV showdown-Suzuki Vitara 2 door-Honda CRV-Ford Escape-ladyonwheels-medan-indonesia-cover

Gentleman taste: The Mini SUV showdown
Iman Machmud

Interesting. Just one word that could describe the scene that brought to you by car enthusiasts in Medan area. These guys are extremely bored and tired watching a TV commercial, social media, clubs, etcs that showing their SUV conquering wild forest lands, while for the car lover like them pretend not to excruciated their cars. Sleek, clean and tastefully modified are their key of happiness. If you own sport utility vehicle cars and have never taken it off-road, that’s fine. You probably still have a chance to make your SUV’s shines without any enormous stupidity to scrapping your SUV down to the ground and compete with other low cars. These guys are truly one of the best example how to modified their SUV without ruining the hierarchy of a SUV.

The sun has sat down on that afternoon, together with Fadhlin, our brother from Medan went to the appropriate place to shoot this “mini SUVs”. Most of the cars here are completely rare and not your everyday daily car. Such as Chevrolet Geo Tracker 4WD, Japanese delivered Honda CR-V RD1 AWD, Australian delivered Honda CR-V RD2 AWD, and 2006 Ford Escape. Especially for these 2 gens of CR-V, the most noticeable differences between Indonesian delivered CRV was the AWD system which truly makes this car stand among its crowds. Another rare gem is the Chevrolet Geo Tracker, to be honest even though its 2 door version, most of us think this was a Suzuki Vitara version. It isn’t actually, that’s why later on the pictures below you will find a chevrolet badge in front of this beautiful lady.

Mini SUV showdown-Suzuki Vitara 2 door-Honda CRV-Ford Escape-ladyonwheels-medan-indonesia-2-9

The owner of this Japanese Honda CR-V RD1 added some persona touch to this car. A brilliant choice of Enkei RCG2 15×6.5 with +45 offset sat beautifully with Bridgestone Dueler HT 689 215/70/R15 tyres. On the interior, a Recaro L Modular Fishnet was improved this little crawler appearance.

Mini SUV showdown-Suzuki Vitara 2 door-Honda CRV-Ford Escape-ladyonwheels-medan-indonesia-2-11

Mini SUV showdown-Suzuki Vitara 2 door-Honda CRV-Ford Escape-ladyonwheels-medan-indonesia-2-13

Mini SUV showdown-Suzuki Vitara 2 door-Honda CRV-Ford Escape-ladyonwheels-medan-indonesia-2-15

This is perhaps the best touch that the owner did to this Chevrolet geo tracker. Yap, if you see on the roof, he installed a roof rack from Suzuki Vitara SWB (short wheel base) that makes the car ready for the real journey out there.

A nice touch has been added to this Geo Tracker. A pristine set of Suzuki Sport steering wheel increased the value of it’s rarity.

Realising that his car as not rare as other friends had, but with some personalisation on its looks, makes this car as special as others. This Ford Escape sits charming on YJ Wrangler wheels wrapped with BF Goodrich All Terrain tyres.

Mini SUV showdown-Suzuki Vitara 2 door-Honda CRV-Ford Escape-ladyonwheels-medan-indonesia-2-22

Similar tastes with his friend’s RD1, he installed an Enkei RCT4 18 x 9 with +35 wrapped with 235/50/R18 all around. On the exterior side, he did the rear door and rear bumper fullmark conversion and also a nice custom over-fender.

Mini SUV showdown-Suzuki Vitara 2 door-Honda CRV-Ford Escape-ladyonwheels-medan-indonesia-2-24

When photoshoot ended, Fadhlin told us that he had something special, yet bit different than today car’s scenes. Yes it is, we loved people that can appraise their car without throwing too much efforts to be so over on the internet. Lastly said, we hopes that many friends and beloved readers out there could appreciate what you already have without being pushy to your wallet and whatever platform of your car was, start with something simple because you can’t always knowing what people loves or hates about your lady.

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