Group Coverage : The Golfie Brotherhood
Iman Machmud

If you love cars, especially Euros, VW Golf in all generation is the lady to go. These cars belongs to several friends that abusing his golfie lady and still surfacing in your favorite forums & social networks.

You see, the guys have been loving this Golf for more than a years now and know exactly what to do to put on a great appearance of his ladies.

But it’s not just the show itself that makes this meet-up so special, it’s all the meets, jokes and all just good times that go down before & after the actual photography session itself.

But, we’ll save that for some other time and just focus on capturing the Golfie brotherhood below itself in this coverage brought to you by our photographer Iman. Without doubt, let’s get into the photos guys!!

















Special thanks to Yuga and his friends to came over and brings the whole passionate momment in our week.

Cheers  ; )




Ladies Specs :

VW Golf Mk VI

Stage 1 Bluefin Reflash, ABT Rims, APR Carbonio Intake, Akraprovic Exhaust, Eurojet Boostmeter, Eibach prokit Springs


VW Golf Mk V

Custom Suspension, Brembo Brakekit Cover, Lenso D02 18″, Accelerra tyres front, Dunlop tyres back, Xenon Headlamp & Foglamp, LED Light Licence Plate OEM Volkswagen RCD 510


VW Golf Mk IV

Exterior :

Boser Hood with emblem, US Front rubstrip, US Amber side marker, OEM Tow Hook, Front Aero wiper (R32 Conversion kit),

Rear wiper aero polo conversion kit, HID 4300K, OEM Long antenna, GTI “I” Red emblem

Interior & ICE :

Pivot Turbo timer, defi boost gauge, autometer digital volt meter, pioneer deh-7650, a/d/s 236 speaker, JL W3V3 12″,

Cadence Ultrashock a4 4ch, LM Audio 2200D Monoblock

Rolling Stock :

O.Z. Futura 17 8.5-9.5 et 30-15, 205/45-215/45 tyres, Coilovers, Under control rear sway bar, under control prototype front under, axle swaybar, POLO 6n strut mount

Engine :

Undercontrol strutbar, forge split-r dv, forge boostpipe, samco & autobahn88 vaccuum line,

NeuSpeed Open Air Intake, N249 customized, AUDI TT Coil-pack, IK-22 spark-plugs,

2.5″ straight turbo muffler, ABT Chipped up tuning.

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