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Focus to the fullest: Raka’s converted Ford Focus RS
Iman Machmud

Perfection can be seen to define and even more difficult to done with it. Regardless, most of Indonesian car enthusiasts find themselves on the journey to achieving perfection with their suitable theme or style that they want to achieved. In spite of the most condemning commentary from other enthusiasts, or event parents, sometimes online forums can offer we are often our own toughest comments. Luckily, the endless style of modifications offers the opportunity for continuous improvement in the pursuit of our own perfection. Ford Focus has been on their own destiny towards one of the best compact city car in Indonesia. Fans of the Ford Focus often joke at the odd nature of its you-hate-it-but-later-love-it car on this today’s platform model. Although opinions on styling vary it is tough to argue against the fact that the chassis has more rigid, the brand new features refined, and the Ford Focus RS model is the most powerful line up from this model. Raka Andhitio Brian, the owner of this fully transformed Focus RS, grew fond of the body style following the magnificent Ford Focus RS to his native 4-door Ford Focus. After purchasing the car new in last two years, Raka and his best friend from FA Garage set out on a quest for Ford Focus RS exterior transformation.

ford focus rs-ford focus-work meister-white-stance-indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-indonesian hellaflush-indonesian fitment-17

Can you ever truly achieve perfection? What does it actually mean to be perfect? And who exactly is the judge of it? People will spend their entire lives trying to chase after something they can’t or hard to achieve. Raka modified his Focus for his own liking, to be the best Ford Focus RS transformation on the street. People these days gain attention by losing respect, but I can say for a fact that Raka is far from that kind of person. He is a true believer of everything being about having fun, taking risks, and and execute any details with perfect action. 

ford focus rs-ford focus-work meister-white-stance-indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-indonesian hellaflush-indonesian fitment-16

It’s hard to know where to start when describing the all-new 301bhp Ford Focus RS that became Raka’s obsession to followed. In simple terms this is the second generation of a car which cost Ford an awful lot of money at the beginning of this century, but that also did lots to restore the public’s faith in the RS brand. In the raw the RS looks like a proper thug-mobile. From its gaping grille to its 19in wheels and tyres and enormous wing, the RS leaves you in no doubt about its intentions. The transformation began with bought some original parts including doors, fenders, and almost every parts of the original exterior from Ford Focus RS by helps from FA Garage, Bandung-Indoensia. The color of Raka’s Focus is super white paint that as though Raka trying to shown the perfection details of his works. It is a very dynamic and changes quite a bit depending on the light though. It’s basically a pretty suit versatile color; Works surprisingly well on a sports hatch, but I could also see it on any other sleek stance cars out there.

If size matters, this Ford Focus has got it made. Massive 19×9.5″ and 11″ Work Wheels shrouded in sticky Toyo tires sit at all four corners. The fender enlargement is fair enough on a based of Ford Focus RS and it takes large wheels to balance the look. The 19×11″ wheels look fantastic on the car, finding the right balance between just enough lip with just enough stance looks.

ford focus rs-ford focus-work meister-white-stance-indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-indonesian hellaflush-indonesian fitment-6

ford focus rs-ford focus-work meister-white-stance-indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-indonesian hellaflush-indonesian fitment-1

Raka is one of those individuals that sets a goal and then proceeds to kick ass accomplishing it. Not one to rest on his bed, his future plans for the car are already underway with complete engine swap from Ford Focus RS and another set of wider wheels, although these plans may take a time to execute. At the end of the day, we hope that you can build your car on your way and taste, but always remember why you’re doing it and keep it in that direction. Who knows, you may end up paving the way for others to follow.


Holyfest 2014: Relieve your car sins – coverage
Iman Machmud

We’re running a bit late on sharing this photo coverage from a glorious HolyFest 2014 event with you, but better late than never. Today we’ll be taking a closer look at the car show side of HolyFest 2014. More than 100′s of cars showed up and since this event was a collaboration with us, modificartion, and gettinlow.com. We got to play a part as media partner for covering this event. This event basically started from many ideas in the past from our social group, and when we decided to use idiom ‘HolyFest’, we immediately think that this event will be really awesome and perfectly match to be held in fasting month. We have never done a meet up/car show in the beach before, so I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to meet some awesome people and also share my love for cars with other enthusiasts in Ancol Beach City-Indonesia. When the time rolled around to get everything organized we were extremely excited while we have no idea what to expect. Yet, you can scroll down your mouse to see the images below regarding the magnificence participants and their lovely rides to relieved their sins in HolyFest 2014. Don’t forget to check each page in this article to see more ladies within this event. Thank you so much for your participation this year, and hopefully we can see you in another HolyFest series event next year.

The ultimate used of joy: Okki’s Honda Civic FD1
Iman Machmud

Now we’re taking you to a city that we are starting to love much, Jambi, which located in Sumatera Island of Indonesia. This feature has been in the works for weeks now, not only because of the 4000+ miles that are between us but also the chance barrier. What’s important is that we finally have just enough information and photos to share with you all, our lovely readers. You’re looking at one of our best friend in Jambi, Okki Praja and his slammed Honda Civic FD1 that he improvised every chance he gets. We’ve been through to his car last year, and you can refresh your mind to see his previous build here. Everyone agree and believe that this kind of platform is one of the best stance weapon that will ever had. Subtle exterior looks, plenty of aftermarket parts, and tremendous source of style in internet that you can’t resist to modified it. If this boosted blue FD1 doesn’t satisfy your needs, we seriously do not know what will.

So, why almost Honda Civic line are a favorite among people who loved mods (especially the ones in high school and college) and throughout the younger crowd? It does have the looks, striking and appealing looks. It has the really good sex-appeal, that brand appeal from a Honda and that one can blend well inside the lifestyle with a Honda in every country that you knew before. Maintenance costs are attainable and fuel consumption is friendly to the daily allowance. And as we mentioned earlier, for those car enthusiasts, the Civic is a modifiers dream, therefore they can simply purchase aftermarket parts at affordable prices to have cool rides and those parts are obtainable.

Here is how it all went down. Okki’s old paint were no longer exist, so he started to look at other color options. Okki contacted several paint shop and ended with custom blue paint by De Beer, because nobody had these paint especially on FD’s. Finally Okki was able to work out a great deal on repaint his lady and he ended up by adding Mugen RR bodykit to be implanted on his new color. He knew that he was in for some body work to make them fit the way he wanted them to. After several months, he added more touch on his lady off. From putting carbon trunk, custom spoiler lips, and his innovation on fender work to gave more impression. He now has beautiful paint and perfect fitment on his FD and he can’t be happier than this.

The wheels are another important point on the car. Almost as great as the shiny exterior, there is no denying that the old three piece BBS RS wheels are a bold choice. But bold is what this car is all about. The intricate design, and 100% mesh design brings another taste to who starring at this car. Sized up at 17×9 up front, and a steamroller sized 17×10 in the rear. Okki also added Skunk camber kit to allow tyre tucked inside the fenders. Now when it comes to impressive fitment on FDs, we’ve seen it all, and Okki’s FD1 certainly will duke it out with the best of them. His fender lips are most certainly resting between the wheel lips and tires. While plenty of stance cars roll on comfy pillow bags, this lady sits on static custom suspension at each corner. He explains, “this suspension actually allows me to drive hard the car and pull it out” said Okki.

Positive indecision: Dimas Kebot’s W210
Iman Machmud

Indecision is a biggest problem for many car enthusiast. Especially when you already in love with one legendary platform such as BMW, and when you try to spin around to another platform, those indecision feeling will dominate your mind. That was happened to one of our friend namely by Dimas Kebot. He recently sold his beauty BMW E36 to try his luck on another platform. He said to me that he want to challenged his self to have better fitment scene on this W210 than the previous E36. Bigger offset wheels? of course he could do that on this W210 than his E36. With all of the part options available to automotive enthusiasts, it can get pretty hard deciding what we really want. Enthusiasts are constantly buying, selling, and trading parts with the hope that we can own something a bit more rare or valuable than what was already planned or purchased. The chances are as soon as you find your next addition, something else will catch your eye and send you right back where you started. With that said, I’d like to introduce Dimas Kebot out of Search Auto club and his stunning fitment on Mercedes Benz W210.

This photoshoot actually done after I finished with Hasya’s W211. Anyway, I would not regret that this W210 was so stunning at my first met three weeks ago. A beauty of big bodied sedan combined with nice width wheels will give you a big impression for someone who loves fitment. Dimas was lucky that found this 1996 W210 still in pristine condition.

Soon after buying the W210, Dimas Kebot jumped right into the build and even bought another optional OEM parts of body kit and rims. The W210 is a beautiful car to begin with, but when you add or completing another parts from another Benz tuner house, you will end up with a car on an entirely different level. With that said, Dimas dressed his W210 in a beautiful add on Brabus kit with OEM side blinker and perfectly match S-Class front grill. 

I know that some might not agree but I’ve always believed that the wheels make or break the car. No OEM+ build is complete with out a clean set of width wheels. With the clean silver body, Dimas was going to need a pretty incredible set of wheels. I’d say he made the right choice with the beautiful Japanese brand, Work Durandal in 19×9.5 and 11 inch in a shinning silver finish. The wheels are a bit aggressive and sharp but they do a great job of breaking the smooth look from rest of the car. I can’t keep my eyes off of them personally though. Awesome fitment as always.

As you can see Dimas always travelling with two beautiful ladies in his life. From now on, he will be accompanied with beautiful W210 and his lovely girlfriend. Seemed that his girl felt comfortable enough to ride along with this kind of fitment. Surprised!!!

In interior side, Dimas installed a genuine climate control and voice command for his lovely W210. The rest of interior has left in original and pristine condition.

I guess there could be a couple of morals to this story. First, try to looking for numerous knowledge before you decided to try another platform. Don’t act too soon before you are really understand all the obstacles that you will face in the future. Secondly, don’t waste a time trying to cut corners. If you have an idea as to what you want, do what it takes to get exactly that and don’t settle. Big thanks to Dimas Kebot for building such a jaw dropping ride and wasted his time to be featured here. Thanks again guys.

Passion for fame: Hasya’s Mercedes Benz W211
Iman Machmud

Everywhere when you drive today, there is a quite big possibility that you will see this kind of Mercedes. Without being rude or disfigure it’s class since it has been used by one of the taxi’s company to become their premium lineup transportation. One of the best selling sedans in the world, yet there is not even one that would ever make you consider doing any sort of tacky and heavily mods to it. It seems that people behind this W211 will consider to plays in a good role in modifications, without being extremely modified. Well guess what, on last three weekends ago, I met Hasya from Search Auto together with Dimas Kebot and his beautiful W210 will got some photoshoot for our articles. I decide to shoot this beauty W211 first than Dimas W210 later on. What I’ve found here, i just tried to justify my self that this kind of platform does not require long lists of aftermarket parts to be shine. Just play with several combinations of wheels, then you will be great. At least for us though. Now perhaps I will crawl up in your brain and erase all of those negative thoughts about disfiguring this kind of Benz as a mass transportation that you’ve ever had about Mercedes Benz W211. I’ve seen so many great form of W211 in since 2006 in my life. From adding some high expensive wheels, until the most popular and always made people gasped is W211 that running on airs. Actually W211 is one of my favorite platform in mercedes benz as daily stance platform. We will show you what being open minded and willing to step out of your comfort zone can achieve you. With that said, please step into Hasya’s W211 who challenged himself to create something out of the ordinary and be brave to slammed his W211 on static form all the way down. 

There are way too many W211 E-Class on the road now to the point that perhaps it is getting a bit boring, but there are solid reasons for this as the car truly feels and behaves like a luxury car should, apart from this particular model getting a bit noisy at high speed. Actually some of my friends told to me that this car sometimes create noise at above 140 km/h. I don’t know why, perhaps the problem came from the interior parts itself. But anyway, you will find more noise sound come from behind your doors even the speed below 100 km/h. Yes because it a massive bumpy road, this beauty’s fenders kissed the stretching tires and made some noise. Well of course, that clearly wasn’t a factory fault. 

So what makes Hasya’s W211 so special to be featured here? Is it because of friends? His exclusiveness? His super slammed car? The answer is big no for us. When it comes to aggressiveness, presence, and in-your-face attitude, it makes us in love with you and your ladies. It’s the overall package of how everything came together on this car that make it what it is, and not just one part that puts it over the top for me. The black paint, OEM+ body work, static, great choice of wheels, and his attitude work so well together, and everything plays off one another, and makes this W211 one of the cleanest around Jakarta-Indonesia.

Let’s start off with my personal favorite thing about this car. The W211 front end. For me its definitely popped up its classy character and of course because this car is facelift version, it does have different headlights from the older version, the W211 for me is a reserved beauty in itself. On the exterior, Hasya don’t added any aftermarket or optional parts onto his W211. Fitment addiction typically.

Fitment wise, the Work Gnosis GS2 wheels look right at home on this W211. It’s just such a classic modern wheel and quite versatile as Japanese brand sitting on euro platform. Hasya went with the standard silver polished face color, matched with polished lips and hardware. The monochromic wheel coloring works with the overall simple theme modification of this car. For sizing, the front wheels measure in at 19 x 9.5″ et 20, while the rears are 19 x 11 et 21. The specs are pretty much great here allowing the car to sit quite nicely. But in my personal opinion, it will be great if you lifted the rear suspension higher than this. To get better fitment of course.

w211-mercedes benz w211-work gnosis gs2-stance-benz-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-13

Hasya assures us that he is done with this W211, and will change his mind to continue building another benz, W210 that will be finished in a couple months. Till next time Hasya.