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Honda Civic EF-Civic Nouva-Enkei Wheels-Reza-Indonesia-ladyonwheels-COVER

Aino Shibikku: Reza’s Civic EF “91 on SprinthartCP
Iman Machmud

That day all started from the our weekly schedule for a car coverage in Bogor (Indonesia). All the preparations have been done suddenly cancelled because the related person abruptly cancelled this plan. Although we had little disappointment, but we remembered that there is one fine car which also lived in Bogor area. That is why at today article, we’re having a look at Reza’s daily driven 1991 Honda Civic EF Hatchback.

If you had involved as a car enthusiasts for more than a handful of years, sometimes you’ve undoubtedly run into your fair share of mixed personalities. Things like the impatient feeling, constant builder who seems to get in over his head with every project and but keep far from the finish line, to the ones who flirt with various cars, never quite finding any particular style or platforms that suits them. But then there are people like Reza, the owner of this immaculate ’91 Honda Civic EF, who figured out exactly what he wanted and had the patience to see it through.

That’s not to say he didn’t have any doubt prior to purchased this beauty. Reza has a complete resume of styles that includes a number of any Honda builds, so it’s obvious that his loyalties lie with Honda. He got his first interested in cars in the mid-’90s watching all of my friends modify their cars to become a sleek and clean restorical syle. He also believe that the Honda scene at time to time is pretty prevalent. He spent a lot of time sourcing a lot of JDM goodies and always fell in love with this civic.

Eventhough we haven’t got any pictures of the engine bay, but Reza told us that this civic still using its original D16 non-vtec engine. I believe at further stage, Reza will have plan to implant something bigger than he had done for now. The D16 engine has been ported and polished, Reza also added Cusco front bar and DC Sport rear bar to reduce the body flex. Another accesories like Blue Thunder sparks wire, Simota open filter and JTuning custom exhaust has satisfied the owner while crusing down.

Reza didn’t reveal much about the full specifications of his Civic EF, reason being that it purposefully has very few mods. But a lot of Civic EF9 JDM goodies are the essential ones that create this much impact in terms of the exterior look of the car. For such Civic EF9 original front bumper, lips spoiler, side skirts, and rear bumper, short license plate, foglamps, and Honda access trunk spoiler. Thats impressive.

Here is the most interesting point on this build, a set of HnR sportkit was installed on the front and rear. The HnR suspension provided a broader spectrum of firmness and stability compared to standard, where the rare beautiful 15-inch Sprinthart CP wheels at 6.5″ widht were added into the mix. To improve the brakes ability, Reza upgraded the rear brakes and replace it with from another Honda EF9.

Honda Civic EF-Civic Nouva-Enkei Wheels-Reza-Indonesia-ladyonwheels-8

As you can see on the interior side, Reza would loved to keep its pristine interior condition. When we looked at his interior, that was very amazing. Everything looks good and maintained well. Seriously its looks like brand new one. But lucky Reza got the original Honda CRX floor mat to add another impression on the interior side.


honda estilo-estilo-sr3-eg6-oem-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-medan-1

The exception for being original: Iwa’s converted Honda Estilo SR3
Muh. Sofiandry

As a prior owner of a Honda Civic Estilo (SR3) in the past 12 years ago, I can honestly say this kind of car in Indonesia are and forever will be the absolute example of how fast the stance scene has grown between mid 2000’s until today. I recall the days when I thought a set of wheels barely really flush or even sunk with my fenders and a mildly reduced wheel gap was “aggressive” and I was officially cool enough to share my ride with any friends. That was back in 1998, and the scene has transformed substantially since a lot of people right now known the satisfaction of an OEM plus build. The game gradually changed now.

Everyone knows the Civic and many of you perhaps may have owned one at one time. It is one of the world’s most popular cars. Many people know that Honda made a sporty version of the civic which took a light small hatchback and made it go faster. Honda was the king of the hot hatches in the 90s and this was the car that stood out. Hot hatches are fun to drive given their light weight, powerful engines, and nimble size. These cars were very popular in areas of Asia and Europe where small vehicles work well with the tight roads.

Iwa’s SR3 represents this evolution that I told above of because he knows very well the never ending journey to have the fully loaded OEM EG6 (Japan’s version) car as soon as possible. Iwa’s SR3 is one of the cleanest car that I’ve seen personally, and it is clearly evident he did all he could to stand out from the crowd while getting from point A to point B, in all the right ways of OEM+ modifications.

The almost famous EG6 Civic SiR needs no introduction to the legions of Honda fans out there. Although neither the first car nor the first Civic to be equipped with the notoriously good B16A DOHC VTEC powerplant, it was one of the first to provide a nimble, lightweight and agile chassis. Even today in indonesia, the car remains as popular as it was back in ’92 among enthusiasts as a cost-effective, sub-tonne, flexible pocket racer, with tremendous aftermarket parts in the market. Unfortunately for most Honda lovers in Indonesia, the sole agent honda distributor in this country downgraded its specs to be matched in Indonesia. That’s why we have SR3 version in this lovely country. And also the high revving B16B DOHC VTEC motor is not included the SR3, of course, we only powered with only D16A type of engine. This has always left a nagging question among Honda enthusiasts: what would an EG6 have been look alike? Let’s find out through Iwa’s SR3. He has changed numerous body parts to be converted into EG6. 

We have feature some kinds of Honda’s on LadyOnWheels here in the past, but one of the the most original, clean, and simply most OEM+ style still happens to be this particular one. Fadhlin, as our brother to feature in Medan area met Iwa and his lady was on very immaculate condition. Iwa told to him that the first time he bought this car was not in good condition. A huge wide body in front fenders (contest-car typically), bad body painting, etc. Iwa need something to turned his passion in OEM+ style mods within this car. After debating for quite long time, whether its would be a massive stance weapon or build for something clean and tidy OEM+ style EG6 as an output. Thanks God you’ve decided onto this way though.

The simplicity of Iwa’s Estilo SR3 is deceiving. A wonderful exercise of reserved taste the exterior has only seen an updated exterior parts such as OEM EG6 front lip, Honda Access EG6 foglamp, OEM EG6 plastic headlight, EG6 flat side lamp, mudflap, retractable mirrors, and the most astonishing one for us is the 15″ wheel cover originally from EG6 too. Together along with a helps from “16 Autoparts” in Medan, Iwa imported all of this treasure parts in some country like Malaysia and Japan as well. These kind of conversion has always been my favorite of the various options available for the Estilo SR3 to be modified, it adds aggression and agility looks while maintaining continuity with the lines of the car. Iwa also repainted this car by OEM EG6 paint catalog, Captiva Blue to gives some EG6’s essence while driving into the town.

Interior parts perhaps will be my favorite conversion in this car. As with any great build on exterior, Iwa’s SR3 has a great assortment of interior goodies that add to the experience and feeling you get from sitting in the form of factory beauty. It starts with the OEM EG6 SiR EG6 interior such as front seats, rear seats, sun visor, floor mat, until the door trim as well. You also can see Iwa changed the SR3 original cluster to EG6. All of that leads you to the beautiful scene of the EG6 perfection that added without touch of aftermarket support what will be looking too far away from factory. Everything is just right.

Iwa’s SR3 is an absolutely outstanding example of what we all have deep inside of us, passion and determination. We will be gives more attention to people both in Jakarta or other regions to looked at this kind of style that truly unbeatable in terms of understanding and passions. Final said, great works buddy. Keep it up. Just tell us if you finished your engine conversion, we will be more than glad to featured it back.



Wise to resolve, patient to perform: Bobby’s Civic EF9
Muh. Sofiandry

It’s been a long time ago, I’ve personally addicted to car articles since what seems like the stone age. Even before I knew the technical details of what I was looking at, I had a few favorite cars that always seem to catch my attention at the past. The Honda EF9 or for an Indonesian market it was often called by Civic Nouva was among the top of that list. And Bobby Dalimunthe & his civic that fully EF9 SiR II converted have most certainly got my attention. In fact, its hard to look away. Thanks to our brother Fadhlin that spoon-feed our eyes with his photos below that explained a lot to you guys the meaning of build of perfection within this Civic EF.


A perfect or great car build can seem so narrow at times in Indonesia. Sometimes it because we often find ourselves working towards only with a single goal without even considering another possibilities of another goal exists but just only past the plentiful goals that already done by another people. For some of us, our ultimate goals can begin to seem impossible to realize. The mountain grows taller as the ascent begins; its peak becomes shrouded in clouds of impossibility. Of course, there are some people out there who accept the challenge and forge through life’s obstacles in car modifications or restorations such as time consuming when hunting down some very rare parts in their ardent quest to achieve their wildest dreams. But to be honest, a people with those description above sometimes came from older people, or occasionally more mature’s mind that without doubt to run those goals.


This car basically was one of the best honda platform that been created since 1987. Generally said, the EF or 4th Generation ‘Grand’ Civic was launched in September 1987 for the japanese domestic market. The EF9 Civic SiR however did not feature in the starting line-up in that launch. This model was famous in its own way, with a unique feature lovingly called the ‘power bulge’ by enthusiasts. With a 0-100kph time in the low 8-seconds range, the car was quite widely recognised by performance enthusiasts. Still the general consensus was that it was a “nice preppy little car” but true respect as a serious performance car was still not coming its way.

And since September 1989, Honda signifies the arrival of a great legend, the EF9 Civic SiR. This car is the one that finally brings respect and I would say even ‘fear’ among enthusiasts because the SiR badge signifies the use of the mighty B16A 160ps DOHC VTEC engine. While the EF9 was not the first Honda to use a VTEC engine, it was the first Honda to wear the SiR badge and this badge has since gone on to become a greatly respected and loved badge among Honda enthusiasts even today. There were 2 versions of the EF9, the Civic SiR and the Civic SiR-2. The Civic SiR is actually the ‘bare hones’ version. Besides the 160ps B16A mated to a 5MT (auto versions are not available), the SiR features a ‘manual’ air-cond, front and rear disc brakes, front and rear double wishbone suspension, front and rear anti-roll bars and semi-bucket front seats and optionally a viscous coupling LSD. The EF9 SiR-2 adds sunroof, ABS, power windows, powered side mirrors and various other such features. The badge SiR was not just an only a badge though, there are few option differences between the “stock” one or the Honda Nouva for Indonesian market. It is really different in numerous parts for all side of this type.


If we talk about the man that very patient when hunting down some SiR II parts into this civic nouva, it should be belongs to Bobby. Probably in your mind now he should already have sufficient maturity to run all this dreams. You guys probably wrong. This guy is still a student of one of the high school in Medan-Indonesia. Tastefully man? Yes indeed.

With numerous patient, Bobby felt that those affords when converting our local Honda Nouva into SiR II version will not be wasted. He tried to gather all of his spirit to continuing and finished this project. Perhaps some of you could not see anything different or special within this car. Try to google out, and define the differences between our local Civic Nouva and SiR II version one. You will find that the SiR II version definetely showing up those masterpiece body line from Honda at her era.



Similar with the exterior conversion, whole set of interior already replaced by the SiR II version. I told you before that Bobby are not wasting his time to saving only for branded JDM things or aftermarket ones, but he totally sacrificed his time to finding the whole interior set from SiR II version in pristine condition to be converted on his own. Most would agree that although Civics tend to have a pretty bad rep nowadays, they still deserve respect. But this Nouva deserve more than that. It’s priceless.





The Civic SiR II comes from the factory with a B16A Vtec motor. To gives a perfect finish of this build, Bobby eliminate the old rusty engine and converted into B16A1 (obd) engine. With all of the aftermarket additions such as ORD header, Stage 2 Toda Racing flywheel, Exedy Clutch, etc, this car will definetely a sleeper beast within Medan roadway.


Most enthusiasts would agree that wheels are a pretty important feature in a car build. Well, at least both of fitment or OEM+ guys agreed. Bobby made a great choice with his most recent set, Wedsport TC05′s with flat white faces. These Wedsport fill the fenders wonderfully with an 16×7 inch all around.



This EF9 wasn’t built overnight. It’s actually been many days in the making and its far from over. A lot of people work hard in life and don’t have anything to show for it. It’s better to stay waiting for what we want than run with what people suggest to you”, says Bobby. You’ve got our respect mate.



honda stream-honda-enkei-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-23

To hell with the choice consequences: Yogi’s Honda Stream
Iman Machmud

In the Indonesian stance oriented scene, it is common to see a variety of different types of cars from mostly sedan sitting extremely low, hunkered down on a set of super wide new wheels or the memorable wheels like OZs, etc, with undersized and stretched tires, that rub almost constantly even when gliding even over perfectly smooth roads. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with that. We personally love a great fitment with some jargon like “neck-breaking” within that cars and causes some normal people to shake their heads as disbelief reaction. But we also know that some portion of our friends, viewers, or visitors, including my self feel the opposite way, especially with a purposefully classy rare OEM modified like this Honda Stream. Well, some of you perhaps couldn’t see anything special or rare things in this mid MPV, I bet you all wrong guys. This what I called a perfection. Some men that I know really care about the rare OEM parts, but most of them felt that originality ain’t give you pride than a set of high price tag of exclusive wheels or aftermarket things. But to be honest, we do care and can’t wait to dig more about their experience when hunted down the rare items to be installed in their lovely car. If there ever was a perfect combination of irrefutable class, passion, and fitment, I would suggest this Yogi’s Honda Stream to be the example model for it.

If we talk about this mid MPV from Honda, personally said I really like this 7-seater car. It is a very comfortable car. If you are a family of four and on occasions have to transport some large items with, this car more than suit your needs. You can get a lot in it for sure. With four/five passengers, it isn’t as spacious in the luggage department as a Chevrolet or Mazda however as the rear seats take up more depth I think, but they are proper comfy seats. The load space is shallow (top to bottom) compared its competitors, but similar too many estates, but it is long, which is very useful.

The Honda Stream in Indonesia probably most of their usage are properly suit with the main purpose of Honda when made this platform. But for Yogi, his mind came with a lot of ideas that inspired with the JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) type of Stream in Japan. The exterior of this car was truly magnificent with the numerous parts from Japan version. Thanks to online interaction and media in internet to the JDM scene of Japan that has brought Yogi and his attention to find the alternative way for modified this lady on the right track. But as the stance enthusiast, Yogi felt that this Stream need to be lowered too. That was the interesting point when we saw Yogi’s car and we not found any reasons for not to respect his works on this beauty.

The naturally low, wide lines of Honda Stream have been amplified to fit Yogi’s tastes. Together with The Private Garage, a shop located on Bandung that gather together with Yogi to provides all the exterior things such as RN3-5 front bumper until the rear bumper itself. To maximized the front end look, Yogi installed the Stage 21 front lips and also the genuine JDM Honda Access Tailgate for RN1-3 facelift. Some exterior parts are carbonized too, such as: custom hood, side mirror, door garnish, bumper lists, and rear tailgate as well. And several parts substituted the original one flawlessly like the wiper blade and the JDM red emblem in front and rear too. Those installed items in exterior in my opinion are requisite items for a proper JDM enthusiast.

honda stream-honda-enkei-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-12

I have tried to drive my friend’s Stream couple months ago, basically The Stream’s engines need plenty of revs to give their best, but becoming very noisy in the process. They’re not coarse, though, and the cabin is quiet enough at motorway speeds, despite some wind and road noise. When I said in the beginning toward perfection word, Yogi has been remove the limitation of his mind to upgraded the engine of this car with Dastek Unichip Type Q as the piggyback to the ECU,Simota Carbon open filter and J’S Racing Muffler. From this three simple combination the drive impression of this car was back to normal. Perhaps I forgot to mention that at the rear of cabin was installed by simple audio system to accompany him when driving in Bandung’s street way. So the engine sector need to be upgraded bit to get well balanced power.

honda stream-honda-enkei-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-7

honda stream-honda-enkei-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-5

honda stream-honda-enkei-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-21

The lists of rare OEM parts of his modifications was too long to write up. But at first glance this car looks like it belongs to someone with plenty of prior knowledge and experience in terms of car modifications and a series of builds on their resume. Don’t get me wrong about Yogi being a humble-novice. This car was built with a clear-cut goal in mind and I personally feel he took the time and effort and made this a well planned and flawlessly executed plan.

honda stream-honda-enkei-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-6

honda stream-honda-enkei-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-1

honda stream-honda-enkei-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-14

honda stream-honda-enkei-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-18

To outfit his car with some nice shoes, Yogi called upon The Private Garage too to acquired his need, where at the end, he decided upon Enkei RPF1 type RC. Now there are very few things I love this Enkei with a subtle offsets, he chose to run with an appropriately wide 18×8.5″ and 18×9.5 in the rear. The mesh faces of the Enkei RPF1 type RC look very clean in silver paint especially with the major polished lips that surrounds the face. To brought Yogi achieving this fitment now, he installed only a H&R Lowering kit for this MPV to lower and stiffen the ride. Other suspension components such as Brembo disc brake and Project Miu coating Lug Nut to improve the quality of his suspension as well.

honda stream-honda-enkei-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-15

honda stream-honda-enkei-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-20

Of course, my personal favorite aspect of this Honda Stream is the interior. Easily visible with the clear window tint, the gorgeous Holy Recaro in interior quickly commands your attention. The Recaro Sport Artista sits beautifully with the carbonized interior trim of this Stream. With a heavy contrast to the deep black paint and Recaro interior components make the balance of this car is just right. The package comes together with flawless execution, absolutely wonderful. Beauty is found within.

So there you have it, Yogi’s concept of beauty and simplicity. For him, beauty is all about clean, slammed, and rare OEM parts in all the right places. It may not be the lowest thing on the road, but again it does have character; which is more than what can be said about a lot of cars out there today. This car would still get respect from us and that right there above is the recipe for a good build of this beauty. Perhaps many people said this car isn’t sparkled as other stance fellow, but we are not assuming when write this sentence down that this in one of the greatest Honda Stream that we have met so far.



A winner never stop trying: Ronald’s Integra Type R
Iman Machmud

We can’t even begin to tell you how excited we are to share this awesome DC5 Integra Type R with you! Honestly, we are not a masher to a high expensive coupe car to be featured. It wasn’t too challenging for us to be featured. We loved to featured a simple look of a daily car along with the owner’s passion and stories behind. But anyway, this lady belongs to our best friend Ronald Ardiles who is representing the city of Surabaya-Indonesia to the fullest. With so many sport coupe cars out there it’s literally gotten to a point where many of them are starting to look very much alike. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but we all know the importance of having a car that stands out from others. Ronald definitely did a great job by taking of that influence from both the “function” as well as the “form” crowd. Our team Alwafi and Daniel recently met up with Ronald who well managed our visits to get some shots for us.

From what we’ve discussed, Ronald always learning to have a high quality form and function from his lovely DC5. Many people nowadays always looking for a sport coupe that runs by RWD system. Yes because it gives more driving excitement for some people. But for men like Ronald, being a Honda lover for a long time was never dissapointed him. Ronald always learning from the best, and do the best for what he owned.

Ever since he can remember he has always had a soft spot for this lady. He tells us that when he was kid he loved to dreams Honda and admiring all the Honda’s coupe lineup. Ronald really “had a thing for speed“, it was always about driving a clean and fast coupe around town and modifying it to improve it’s looks even on now squared-fitment form.

Ronald repainted this lady with championship white form SpiesHecker to gives a clean JDM look.

As you can tell by now, nothing makes us happier than a beautiful lady that sits just right on her four fenders. This car actually have a minimal mods but truly on her maximum sexiness. It’s hard to believe that these Integra are already more than 5 years old, it seems like it was just yesterday when they first hit the streets. It sits on F2 Coilovers with KYB struts and rocks a set of Regamaster′s in 17×8 & 17×9 with Toyo tires.

On engine bay, Ronald had satisfied with the original performance given by this Integra Type R version of engine. He only changed the original header to DC Sports to have better flow performance. An Exedy clutch set was replaced the original one to guarantee of the power distribution onto front wheels.

There was no major changes in interior side, just rewrapped the top ceiling with Alcantara suede and everythings still on the original look.

We would like to say thanks to Ronald for sharing his Integra DC5 with us and also helps us a lot when visited Surabaya last 2 weeks. Thanks Ronald!!!