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The balancing act: Bagged Akram Tabrani’s Volkswagen Scirocco on Rotiform TMB
Iman Machmud

A few years ago we saw a Volkswagen Scirocco entering our Indonesian market gloriously. Then we were fairly certain that at that point, considering their body shape, performance, and class, this lady will be hit the sales for short period of time. Akram Tabrani, an old friend that now living in Adelaide can’t keep his deep desires to own this car. It is almost 2 years of ownership, there are lots of personalisation has been taken to keep his desires on. Clean might be a word we use far too often on this site but it’s the perfect word to describe Akram’s Scirocco because it looks simply amazing without the need for a wild body kit, loud paint, or even an excessive camber that’s practically horizontal.




Once Akram was introduced to altered ride heights with the air, known power up kits, good wheel fitment, then he knew exactly how he wanted to build this lady. Building off the words of clean and properly lowered, he succeed perfectly at putting together a car that draws people’s attention whenever he cruises the streets with this beauty blue. To enhance the great body lines of this TSI scirocco, Akram added a carbon diffuser and rear spoiler from Osir.



Just like other enthusiasts, Akram has focused almost all of his modification efforts into ride height and wheel fitment. The impressively 18×9.5/10.5 Rotiform TMB wheels fill the fender wells while the Airlift performance “Slam Series” were occupied to build a good safe stance and also do their best to keep undercarriage from hitting the ground and tire from hitting fender. As a one of the regular racing driver, the braking system has received good upgrade. The Endless MX72 brake pad along with the Goodridge brake line were trusted to balance the upgraded engine performance of this lady.






Then when you want to go somewhere, it can be a bit disappointing. The 1390cc 4-cyclinder petrol lump under the bonnet is quiet, civilised, frugal (VW claim 5.3litre/100km outside town) and works well through the semi-auto 7-speed box. But it doesn’t quite go like it looks. That is why an upgraded engine is a must for this Scirocco. Akram did Mcchip-Dkr stage 2 reflash on the ECU, it successfully unleashed the engine potential to the next level along with Militek downpipe, APR Carbonio air intake, upgraded exhaust, throttle controller, Forge twin-cooler, DV and the canister cover.



The complete package is delightfully understated, blending everything that made this Scirocco special with everything even the most fanatical only could dream up. With the perfect charm and sleeper looks attitude, Akram Tabranim has built one truly fun VAG to drive, track, and show.


The RC 4×4 ROHUL’s little journey

Dear readers, to wrap up your enjoyable weekend, we would like to share the joy of being a 4×4 guys. This community is Medan (Indonesia) based friendship which has been established for quite sometimes due their similarity in 4×4 passion. They began their journey last month from Medan straight up to Riau area. Tremendous obstacles, fun and friends during their trip will be a pleasure to watch from footages that filmed beautifully from our brother @dedeknuhok.  It’s worth to share.

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-COVER

Chasing perfection: M.Farizi’s Toyota AE101 GT Conversion on Wedssport
Iman Machmud

Muhammad Farizi’s family has experienced a decade-long journey with this known 90’s toyota sedan. His family bought this toyota AE101 because of they had an impression on it’s sporty shape back then and fully believe on the reliability of this car. Yet in the car’s current form, after countless parts-hunting years and pains, Farizi took back this beauty to streets in what is his version of the perfect JDM AE101 GT style. This year we just realized that Farizi loved AE101 so much. Most people thought that this car was the previous first owned car that we featured couple years ago. Most people thought that he did a repaint job on it. Farizi confirmed that the car that you guys see it now was totally different car. You can see his old AE101 here.

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-25

If you’re an crazy-minded person of Toyota, or spend any amount of time on the automotive forums, you’ve no doubt seen the term “old-school” used to describe everything from mid-90s wheels to aero kits, and even an older chassis. With more than 20 years now firmly planted under its belt, the ’90s chassis has earned the right to bask in the beloved glow of “cool oldies”. In 1990s, this car was nicknamed as Toyota Great Corolla for Our Indonesian market. After having found great success in the sale of their big sedan Lexus, Toyota then introduced their first automotive offering: the mini-Lexus. With the model being sold around the world and with multiple variants which includes a sedan, hatchback, coupe, and station wagon variants. Produced from 1991-1998 worldwide, it was one of Toyota’s successful vehicles.

After Farizi got this corolla, all the things that installed on his previous AE101 been installed here. It was too much to list all the convertion parts that he did. But one thing we know for sure that it ain’t cheap either. Some people thought that whats good about this car? No fancy stuffs,etcs. Save your opinion while you scroll down all of the images below. We are pretty sure that you will be amazed to see the car that perhaps you think it was effortlessly done.

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-24

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-29

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-19

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-16

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-26

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-22

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-23

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-6

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-5

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-4

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-3

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-2

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-1

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-32

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-12

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-13

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-14

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-11

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-10

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-33

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-27

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-31

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-20

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-28

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-8

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-7

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-34

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-35

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-15

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-21

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-18


Aurora Blue paint job, OEM AE101 TRD2000 grill, OEM AE101 World Class Front Bumper, OEM AE101 G-Touring front lip, OEM AE101 G-Touring Side Skirts, OEM AE101 G-Touring Rear Spoiler, OEM AE101 Koito Headlamp, OEM AE101 Koito Bumper lamp, OEM AE101 Koito Side Corner Lamp, OEM AE101 Koito Rear Lamp & Reflector, OEM AE101 Rear Bumper, OEM AE101 Door VIsor, OEM AE101 Retractable Mirror, OEM AE101 Rear Disc Brake, OEM AE101 Nihon Giken Foglamp, OEM AE101 GT Twincam 16V Decals.

Engine & Performance:

Stock Engine 4A-FE 1600cc, OEM AE101 Strutbar, Ultra Racing Rear Strutbar, Ported & Polished, Reamered Throttle Body B 60mm, 3S-GE TB Coin, Reamered Plenum Intake, Kansai Header 4-2-1, MSD External Coil Blaster, Tomei Fuel Press, Lightweight Flywheel, Adjustable Pulley, Custom Oil catch tank, koyorad radiator, FGK Fujitsubo Muffler

Chassis & Wheels:

Wedssport TC-05 16×7 Et 33, Toyo DRB 204/45/16, TRD Springs, KYB Exel G Struts.


Recaro LS Modular String Headrest, OEM AE101: Rear seats, GT Panel, Multibox, Cup Holder, Burger Tray, Manual Arm Rest, Manual Clean Box, JDM Sun Visor, Flares, Cover Tweeter, Electronic Toll Collection, Conlight, Footlamp, GT Floor mat, Rear Maplight, Air Purifier+Switch, Trunk Cover, GT Red Stitch Gear Boot, OEM Celica GT Steering Wheels, TRD Leather Shift Knob, TRD Short Shifter, Alpine Head Unit.

Bonny-BMW E30-BMW M40-Hartge-Indonesia-ladyonwheels-COVER

Timeless Beauty: Bonny’s BMW E30 318i on Hartge
Iman Machmud

We totally forgot from when we start adoring the simplicity of a car. Then it always come to the question that why is simplicity so alluring? It is not a simply keep adding lots and lots of either necessary or unnecessary parts to your car. It’s alll about dedication and taste. When every piece is in harmony with its core they will enhance it rather than distract it. This opinion can be linked to the car modding scene too. While the majority of car enthusiasts are fought up in pushing the limits and adding this or that to grab attention and more likes, it’s refreshing to see some unaffected by this habit. Bonny Prima and his BMW E30 1991 is a one of a few who choose this today road less traveled.

Bonny-BMW E30-BMW M40-Hartge-Indonesia-Ladyonwheels-1

Bonny-BMW E30-BMW M40-Hartge-Indonesia-Ladyonwheels-2

This 1991 E30 318i was bought a year ago for him. Actually Bonny went to see it with small to no intention of actually buying it but after a while he knew it that she would be bought. It still had the original BMW gray metallic factory paint, it was very, very well-maintained, had healthy bodywork, and even had pristine interior condition, now “What more could you want!?” Bonny said.

Bonny-BMW E30-BMW M40-Hartge-Indonesia-Ladyonwheels-3

Next on the list was to refresh that factory paint. So the car was fully detailed, which brought the exterior back to a much more youthful state. Bonny also spent a great deal of time figuring out what wheels to go with at this time. Besides we know him as BMW enthusiasts who owned another timeless BMW inside his garage, we also fallen in love on how Bonny spent his time and efforts to make this lady loaded with all Hartge. For the wheels choice, Bonny sourced a rare set of Hartge Design C, one-piece construction with 17×8.5″ all around. The outcome of this combination left us speechless and it’s made quite an impression on the social media already as well.

Bonny-BMW E30-BMW M40-Hartge-Indonesia-Ladyonwheels-4

Bonny-BMW E30-BMW M40-Hartge-Indonesia-Ladyonwheels-5

The lists of Hartge will start with it’s rare bodykit. For some people, you must thought that the exterior remains fairly stock like others. The full Hartge bodykit started from front, side skirts, and rear bumper were the only items that differenciated this car from other E30s. Rumour that we heard from Bonny that he spent most of his time sourcing this pristine Hartge kit long before he found this E30. Another details given by the Hartge front and rear badgess and also Hartge heckspoiler.

Bonny-BMW E30-BMW M40-Hartge-Indonesia-Ladyonwheels-6

Bonny-BMW E30-BMW M40-Hartge-Indonesia-Ladyonwheels-7

Bonny-BMW E30-BMW M40-Hartge-Indonesia-Ladyonwheels-11

Bonny-BMW E30-BMW M40-Hartge-Indonesia-Ladyonwheels-12

On the interior side, Bonny put his taste on Hartge as well which shown by the classy Hartge door pin right after you open her door. A US MPH instrument cluster was also added to this car, along with the OBAC 6 buttons, OBC check controls, maplight mirror, and the classy Recaro LX Spectrum replacing both front seats. To enhance the audio quality, He installed a Pioneer DEH – X3650W, Carrozeria 4 way rear speakers and Virtue design subwoofer.

Bonny-BMW E30-BMW M40-Hartge-Indonesia-Ladyonwheels-13

Bonny-BMW E30-BMW M40-Hartge-Indonesia-Ladyonwheels-14

Bonny-BMW E30-BMW M40-Hartge-Indonesia-Ladyonwheels-16

Bonny-BMW E30-BMW M40-Hartge-Indonesia-Ladyonwheels-15

Bonny-BMW E30-BMW M40-Hartge-Indonesia-Ladyonwheels-9

It just goes to show that well thought-out modifying and keeping things simple can grab just as much attention as a car with every part that has been changed on it. In the end though it’s really how the Hartge style has been executed and this E30 has pulled it off brilliantly.

Bonny-BMW E30-BMW M40-Hartge-Indonesia-Ladyonwheels-10

Bonny-BMW E30-BMW M40-Hartge-Indonesia-Ladyonwheels-19

Bonny-BMW E30-BMW M40-Hartge-Indonesia-Ladyonwheels-17

Bonny-BMW E30-BMW M40-Hartge-Indonesia-Ladyonwheels-8

Bonny-BMW E30-BMW M40-Hartge-Indonesia-Ladyonwheels-18