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BMW E46-318i-Sedan-Saloon-BBS-Recaro-KW Coilover-Hendi Wibisono-Orient Blue-ladyonwheels-COVER

Timeless Roadstar: Hendi Wibawa’s Orient Blue BMW E46 on BBS RG 152
Iman Machmud

The 3 series BMW hold a special place in the hearts of many enthusiasts in the world. For some reasons, they seem to have that special something that just gets under your skin, a feeling like you’re being just a little bit sporty or classy every time you take one for a drive. This reputation was quickly earned way back in early 1974 when E21 series was first launched. Featuring a class-leading shark-face design, a light-weight chassis and strong power plant, it was a package that really rewarded the driver who was willing to put the effort in back then.

It should come as no surprise then that they have built up massive phenomena and crowd of followers around the globe over the years. You can easily spot BMW fans straight away when you meet them, talk to them, reading their list of previous rides, and so on. Couple weeks ago, for the countless time we’ve been friend with Hendi Wibawa. A man that known previously with his build on Kia Sephia now incising his taste on this BMW E46 sedan. Hendi’s previous bavarian ride was an E90 series, the fifth-gen successor of 3 series BMW that sat pretty on bronze TE37 wheels before he decided to put on the market for some reasons. But at the time when this article will online, we’ve heard sad news from him said that this car has been sold due to another E46 interest. We are eager to watch his move on different E46. But let’s discuss his “past” lady here.

Hendi E46-1


BMW E46-318i-Sedan-Saloon-BBS-Recaro-KW Coilover-Hendi Wibisono-Orient Blue-ladyonwheels-2

Last year in 2015 he found a good shape of last E46 generation that powered by N46 2.0 engine. To date the car has made 114 hp at the rear wheels, pretty decent power for his daily we guess. The purpose of this car was to build a good daily commuter with tastefully modified on some vital sectors that enhance its look and exclusivity. Some of car enthusiasts that we know lately are easily throwing tons of money spent to increased their social status, grabbing people’s attention, act likes a walking prophet which proclaiming that they worth to be followed. Excessive flares, an ear-destructor sound system, super wide wheels that make your car looks like road yacht, are the most common scenes that we’ve seen till now every day in our timeline. Personally said, we cannot blame your fantasy to follow what you dreams of in terms of car modification. There are tremendous countries with heavy mods and good looking cars that many people around the world eager to follow their builds, US’s car scene is a good example. Those “stance” trends with excessive drops and wide wheels are truly amazing in their scene. But what we’d like to show here in LadyOnWheels is much easier but sometimes tricky too.

BMW E46-318i-Sedan-Saloon-BBS-Recaro-KW Coilover-Hendi Wibisono-Orient Blue-ladyonwheels-4

We personally don’t know how to appreciate our Indonesian car market since back then. There are lots of car manufacturers are downgrading their product as price wise reasons. So we’ve lost lots of optional items which is ridiculously good or functional, but due to downgrading, we found none then. Hendi Wibawa and couple other enthusiasts out there are hunting down all necessary parts that should be in the car thoroughly. That is the part that we said previously is a tricky one. You need to be patient on what you looking for, being a single-hearted person to receive a fact that those “missing” parts are damn expensive. Seriously, this kind of enthusiast is not for faint-hearted person. It’s just not as easy as you can order your chromey seamless tank for your air suspension, or revealing your exhaustion from your easy effort.

BMW E46-318i-Sedan-Saloon-BBS-Recaro-KW Coilover-Hendi Wibisono-Orient Blue-ladyonwheels-7

Let’s talk about the exterior of this car. Basically the E46 was developed as a replacement for the BMW E36 chassis. The styling of the E46 was seen as an evolution of the extremely successful previous generation 3-series. Maybe some people will think that this car was just an ordinary neat or presentable car, but Hendi put lots of efforts to accomplish his mission in rebuilding the beauty this Orient Blue lady. Hendi replaced the old worn headlamp with brand new OEM E46 330i projector headlamp, to adorn the exterior he added the JDM version of M-sport front and rear bumper, followed by the OEM E46 M-sport side skirt and ducktail, he also got a nice pair of OEM E46 retractable side mirrors. It’s all just the matter of taste.

BMW E46-318i-Sedan-Saloon-BBS-Recaro-KW Coilover-Hendi Wibisono-Orient Blue-ladyonwheels-9

BMW E46-318i-Sedan-Saloon-BBS-Recaro-KW Coilover-Hendi Wibisono-Orient Blue-ladyonwheels-6

It was then on to the wheels, and there is no debating on this one. An uber rare set of BBS RG 152 forged that some people known as one of the BBS WTCC set measured at 18×8.5 all around with +20 front and +16 rear. Luckily, Hendi has a great friend from Auto Distro garage which known as a heaven for rare wheels and car items lately to source this set for him. To be honest, all BMW series will always looks match, even need BBS wheels – full stop. Being used to a somewhat more modern car, Hendi knew something had to be done to the suspension, which at the time of purchase the suspension felt a bit tired. He installed a quality set of KW Coilover to increased his driving pleasure with this lady. The subsequent lowering effect also worked wonders for the looks of the car, giving it a far more aggressive stance.

BMW E46-318i-Sedan-Saloon-BBS-Recaro-KW Coilover-Hendi Wibisono-Orient Blue-ladyonwheels-5

BMW E46-318i-Sedan-Saloon-BBS-Recaro-KW Coilover-Hendi Wibisono-Orient Blue-ladyonwheels-3

BMW E46-318i-Sedan-Saloon-BBS-Recaro-KW Coilover-Hendi Wibisono-Orient Blue-ladyonwheels-11

BMW E46-318i-Sedan-Saloon-BBS-Recaro-KW Coilover-Hendi Wibisono-Orient Blue-ladyonwheels-12

BMW E46-318i-Sedan-Saloon-BBS-Recaro-KW Coilover-Hendi Wibisono-Orient Blue-ladyonwheels-10

BMW E46-318i-Sedan-Saloon-BBS-Recaro-KW Coilover-Hendi Wibisono-Orient Blue-ladyonwheels-18

BMW E46-318i-Sedan-Saloon-BBS-Recaro-KW Coilover-Hendi Wibisono-Orient Blue-ladyonwheels-19

BMW E46-318i-Sedan-Saloon-BBS-Recaro-KW Coilover-Hendi Wibisono-Orient Blue-ladyonwheels-17

Here is the cockpit review of his E46. When many people spent too much money on cheapy carbon fiber body kits, half-cabin sound system, and other “cool” stuff. Hendi preferred to add his quality taste on sourcing the Recaro Sportster CS which originally made by Recaro for Mini Cooper John Cooper Works. For those who unfamiliar with this seat, please do not try to google it and asking how much is it worth. This seat is definitely a top notch choice for timeless gentlemen. Another rare thing that he successfully sourced is the OEM E46 original center console which still equipped with a complete phone set.

BMW E46-318i-Sedan-Saloon-BBS-Recaro-KW Coilover-Hendi Wibisono-Orient Blue-ladyonwheels-16

BMW E46-318i-Sedan-Saloon-BBS-Recaro-KW Coilover-Hendi Wibisono-Orient Blue-ladyonwheels-15

BMW E46-318i-Sedan-Saloon-BBS-Recaro-KW Coilover-Hendi Wibisono-Orient Blue-ladyonwheels-14

BMW E46-318i-Sedan-Saloon-BBS-Recaro-KW Coilover-Hendi Wibisono-Orient Blue-ladyonwheels-8

BMW E46-318i-Sedan-Saloon-BBS-Recaro-KW Coilover-Hendi Wibisono-Orient Blue-ladyonwheels-13

Naturally, we wish Hendi the best of luck with his upcoming new project and would like to say thank to him for allowing us to shoot his lovely ride.


Honda Accord CR2-Tittle

The wild air: Sultan Agung’s Accord CR2 bagged on Work Durandal
Iman Machmud

It all started when we went to Cargasm December Rain Part 2 event which held in Bandung, West Java. Lots and lots of good cars with their own taste and appearance filled the spacious provided space by the organizer. During the event, we saw a lot of good and proper car laying their frame with the infamous air suspension system that boomed lately in our scene. We picked Sultan Agung’s Accord CR2 to represent one good example from the event.

Honda Accord CR2-Work Durandal DD-Airmaxx Suspension-Asalvo Indonesia-Ladyonwheels-Indonesia-12

Sultan basically loves cars and it doesn’t matter what makes, he is definitely all over it. When we first looking at this car, what a breath of fresh air this amazing looking CR2 is. Shortly said, after Sultan decided to put his love to this lady, he gave this car to FA Autoworks as one of the most reputable auto body shop in Bandung to date. His decision to stay in original paint color for us is a big yes. “I think the color suits the body perfectly.” Sultan said. It really does look good in our opinion. At FA Autoworks, Sultan decided to add a custom Modulo bodykit to gives a sharper and aggressive looks which includes add on lips, sideskirts, ducktail, rear bumper, and custom roof spoiler.

Honda Accord CR2-Work Durandal DD-Airmaxx Suspension-Asalvo Indonesia-Ladyonwheels-Indonesia-9

If we share a bit about this Honda Accord, basically Honda has managed to maintain viability after five decades of success and has continued the trend with the launch of the 2013 model of the Honda Accord CR2. This new Accord has been dubbed innovative, class and luxury driven. Adhering to Honda’s typical five-year generational life cycle, the Accord was fully redesigned for this CR2/CR3 model that launched since 2013. We had expected that this incredibly popular car got larger, sharper and more powerful. We believe this time Honda went a bit more aggressive with the styling. This new Accord was more daring, with its sleek and sharp look giving it the presence of a more upscale prestigious sedan.

Honda Accord CR2-Work Durandal DD-Airmaxx Suspension-Asalvo Indonesia-Ladyonwheels-Indonesia-6

Honda Accord CR2-Work Durandal DD-Airmaxx Suspension-Asalvo Indonesia-Ladyonwheels-Indonesia-11

Honda Accord CR2-Work Durandal DD-Airmaxx Suspension-Asalvo Indonesia-Ladyonwheels-Indonesia-3

Honda Accord CR2-Work Durandal DD-Airmaxx Suspension-Asalvo Indonesia-Ladyonwheels-Indonesia-8

One thing we all know is an aftermarket wheels and suspension will gives your car new life, and for Sultan, he is interested on installing the air suspension to give this beauty the best possible looks. A set of Airmaxx sits perfectly fine with this Accord to accompany a gorgeous set of Work Durandal DD 5.2 with 19×9.5 +25 front, and 19×11 +21 at rear. To accomplish his mission on this lady, the face of Work Durandal DD has been repainted to gold polish color. The presence of gold on four wheels completely changed our perception that silver polish is the only color to go for a black car. Sultan did a really good job on this car and now what do you think?

Honda Accord CR2-Work Durandal DD-Airmaxx Suspension-Asalvo Indonesia-Ladyonwheels-Indonesia-5

Honda Accord CR2-Work Durandal DD-Airmaxx Suspension-Asalvo Indonesia-Ladyonwheels-Indonesia-10

Honda Accord CR2-Work Durandal DD-Airmaxx Suspension-Asalvo Indonesia-Ladyonwheels-Indonesia-7

Honda Accord CR2-Work Durandal DD-Airmaxx Suspension-Asalvo Indonesia-Ladyonwheels-Indonesia-1

Honda Accord CR2-Work Durandal DD-Airmaxx Suspension-Asalvo Indonesia-Ladyonwheels-Indonesia-2

Honda Accord CR2-Work Durandal DD-Airmaxx Suspension-Asalvo Indonesia-Ladyonwheels-Indonesia-4


Japanese Wheels Meet Up 2015-JWMU2015-ladyonwheels-japanese wheels-indonesia-scientia square park-summarecon digital serpong-event coverage-cover title

The all-stars: Japanese wheels meet up 2015 – Part 1
Iman Machmud

The 6th of December 2015 was the date that makes us believe that there are still a bunch of people who respect on the originality of a wheel. This event was not full of new participants while most of them are consistently joining the similar events that held during 2015. The event like Enkei Enthusiasts, WedsPeople, and the newest one is RaysNation. Those 3 events successfully gathered all wheels enthusiasts to find their true place in this scene. From sports car, sedan, and SUV they loved to join the event series in 2015. It was a perfect start to a Sunday morning, the sun was up, weather was perfect and to top it off, awesome wheels and cars. The atmosphere down at Scientia Square Park – Summarecon Digital Centre, Gading Serpong is very relaxed. Cars of all sorts were in attendance, ranging from old school japs to modern. Much like the last the quality of cars, as well as the general vibe, was incredible.

The Japanese Wheels Meet Up 2015 is a GREAT car enthusiast day celebration of modern and classic motoring. A fantastic mix of cars, wheels, and people together with the energy and passion of motoring enthusiasts. It offers the visitor exquisite tastes of the broader range of Japanese wheels selections, tantalising a vibrant passion of Japanese wheels and quality vehicles on this era. If we remember the first Enkei Enthusiasts event that we still can see several participants wearing a knock off or replica wheels. We are not trying justified their act, but we believe that Enkei Enthusiasts, WedsPeople, and RaysNation were trying their best to reduce the presence of cars participating with replicas. It doesn’t mean to act arrogantly, but as true car enthusiasts, we can define “enthusiasts” word by yourself as what’s best. Do not lie to yourself that you never wanted a set of original wheels, but if you keep using word “expensive” behind it, then you can start sorted out how to achieve that.

Please enjoy the tons of images below that brought to you by Alwafi Auzan, and please check @properinch video works on this event as well while we working on part 2 series of this coverage.

Japanese Wheels Meet Up 2015-JWMU2015-ladyonwheels-japanese wheels-indonesia-scientia square park-summarecon digital serpong-event coverage-7

Please click page numbers below for more photos

Gentlemen taste: Alwafi’s Honda Jazz GE8 on Enkeis
Iman Machmud

I never wanted to publish this article today. Even he don’t want either. But there are something about this Honda GE8 that mesmerized here. Alwafi Auzan, our brother who consistently strived to give our beloved readers the nice captures through his lens, owned (again) a platform that delivered from Honda. This type of car is not a coupe, rare, convertible, or sought after, but his taste to down with a choice of wheels made us can’t resist the beauty appearance from this lady.

At the first time we saw, tons of discussing were made to make this car has the total looks package. He does not feel like it would have been very successful yet. Sometimes we feel shame for just posting up our personal cars in media. Because we were just an ordinary guy who talks about cars a lot and cannot even find the perfect and mesmerizing smile like others did in his social account. Not a good package. You see, the total package has a little bit of everything. Rich, owned some rare cars, has its own lovely name for his cars/wheels, etcThat’s more like it. So maybe no one has actually attained that all-inclusive collection of skills and attributes but if you have, just shut up and stay humble wherever you are.

Alwafi’s Honda Jazz RS does not depart from Honda’s original intent. The beautiful black finish covers the factory body lines, which are mildly augmented with a Noblesse PS Racing front. Stock emblems and badging are absent across the edges of the body and replaced with JDM red “H” emblem at front and Fit’s at rear. These changes commonly enhance the understated aesthetic rather than re-interpret the styling; a prudent choice with the common mass platforms. The cleanliness of the chassis and overall fit and finish are not by chance. Alwafi has completely prevented this GE8 from other show car styling; achieving this level of quality from the modern vehicle like this required smart taste and time.

Honda Fit-Honda Jazz-OEM+-Enkei Wheels-RPF1-RCS-ladyonwheels-alwafi auzan-2

It is said that how you carry yourself is ultimately more important than almost any other external quality. This lady equipped with the sport springs kit with proper drop and styling, it makes GE8 always has the most appropriate stance. A gorgeous, rare set of 17×8.5/9.5” Enkei RPF1 is found beneath the fenders and wrapped nicely with Yokohama A Drive R1 205/45 front andToyo T1R 215/44 rear, featuring a classic gold finish that always works well on a black car.

Honda Fit-Honda Jazz-OEM+-Enkei Wheels-RPF1-RCS-ladyonwheels-alwafi auzan-6

Honda Fit-Honda Jazz-OEM+-Enkei Wheels-RPF1-RCS-ladyonwheels-alwafi auzan-7

Honda Fit-Honda Jazz-OEM+-Enkei Wheels-RPF1-RCS-ladyonwheels-alwafi auzan-9

Honda Fit-Honda Jazz-OEM+-Enkei Wheels-RPF1-RCS-ladyonwheels-alwafi auzan-10

Honda Fit-Honda Jazz-OEM+-Enkei Wheels-RPF1-RCS-ladyonwheels-alwafi auzan-15

Another set of Enkei RCS 15″ x 6.5 et 28 front, and 15″ x 7.5 et 23 rear are definitely our favorite wheels in this Jazz. It gives a truly aggressive looks in whole package that comes with this car.

In the interior side, we found a famous Integra’s Recaro SR3 with a pristine condition. Without a doubt, Alwafi has successfully feeding this lady nicely.

Honda Fit-Honda Jazz-OEM+-Enkei Wheels-RPF1-RCS-ladyonwheels-alwafi auzan-12

Honda Fit-Honda Jazz-OEM+-Enkei Wheels-RPF1-RCS-ladyonwheels-alwafi auzan-13

W140-S320-Mercedes Benz-Indragoin-Lorinser RSK-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-euroretro-cover

As it should be: Indragoin’s S320 W140 on Lorinser RSK
Iman Machmud

To be honest, most of us all here have guilty pleasures. These can include songs, films, or even cars that we admire from afar but never admit to. It’s same like we did. But why guilty pleasures? Well, it’s because we either feel bad or just massively embarrassed about liking the thing in question. When you really think about it, it’s just peer pressure, that rocky issue we thought we left in the childhood. Mr. Indragoin, the owner of this stand-out W140 explained” I think people just get bullied into keeping or modifying their car in a certain way.” The owner of this beauty lady never really been to get deeper into social media or forum before. He said the netizens are really quick to tell you what you can and can’t do to particular modern models. Everyone has their own different taste. In simply said, believe or not, according to Mr. Indragoin from Euroretro Enthusiasts, there are still some people think that he did a wrong way of his modification and taste. You guys may decide in mind after scrolling all photos below.

W140-S320-Mercedes Benz-Indragoin-Lorinser RSK-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-euroretro-1

At first glance when Alwafi Auzan sent us the photos of this car, it appears to be a tidy example of a big-black bodied luxury sedan, sitiing nice and low over a set of classic rims. It’s a looker, that’s for sure. This W140 S320 packs way more beneath those simple body panels than a casual glance could ever hope to reveal.

When Indra searching for a hope to find an immaculate W140 in Indonesia, he was never spinning around his dream onto different platforms such BMW, Jags, etcs. When he found this lady in overall 9/10 condition, the step one he did into this project was to strip and clean it. We all dream of owning that perfect, rust-free classic but the chances of finding “the one” are too slim and far from perfect.

You might not think that with a kind of this simple style, Indra will go with fancy wheels and massive drops and trying to name himself a VIP. Actually this W140 has got a hell of a lot of style and plenty of attention has been paid to how the car looks, the end result of Indragoin’s S Class being the perfect blend of OEM focus and fitment style. Equally as stunning as his paint condition is the old-but-gold Lorinser RSK 3 piece wheels measured in 19×9.5″ front and 10.5″ rear.

W140-S320-Mercedes Benz-Indragoin-Lorinser RSK-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-euroretro-12

Indra found this S320 built up in very good condition. Some sort of cool interior features like moonroof, cool box, and built up climate control air-con panel been installed previously. All mechanical works perfectly fine.

W140-S320-Mercedes Benz-Indragoin-Lorinser RSK-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-euroretro-9

W140-S320-Mercedes Benz-Indragoin-Lorinser RSK-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-euroretro-11

W140-S320-Mercedes Benz-Indragoin-Lorinser RSK-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-euroretro-7

W140-S320-Mercedes Benz-Indragoin-Lorinser RSK-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-euroretro-17

W140-S320-Mercedes Benz-Indragoin-Lorinser RSK-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-euroretro-13

W140-S320-Mercedes Benz-Indragoin-Lorinser RSK-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-euroretro-16

W140-S320-Mercedes Benz-Indragoin-Lorinser RSK-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-euroretro-15

We 100% agree when someone say this is not the first modified S Class in the world. But the way in which it was all executed plus all the additional mods, it’s pretty safe to assume that this is how W140 as should be.