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PROPERINCH work: Adhimas’ Atlantis Blue E36 on OZ Alleggerita
Muh. Sofiandry

We thought Adhimas got it right in his quest to find what is “just right”. The same chosen vehicle, BMW E36 had to accentuate his soul to play with another E36 but in different style. The tight racing soul of the OZ Alleggerita gave a clean and aggressive daily car without looking over-done and the lines had to flow with the stance. Prior experience with stanced E36 with Carline Dynatech made the another aggressive E36 is a perfect choice to shown people of those two different styles. It was just right. See the video teaser of Adhimas E36 feature that lovely made by Arief @properinch. It’s worth to watch.

volvo cover video

PROPERINCH work: A Scandinavian Masterpiece – Andy’s Bagged Volvo S90 960 on Schmidt TH-Line
Muh. Sofiandry

All cars has it’s own story to their owners. Every car has a background and rich history with its respective owners. Whether it was a garaged queen that was taken out only on the weekends, or a college student’s car, it was completely unique and mirrored that single person. This goes exactly for Andy and its bagged S90 as well. From the reasons why a swedish car became his single option to joy with and a long story about his built to achieve broad acknowledgement from many car enthusiasts. This article is a video teaser from our brother Arief @properinch, and make sure you’ll wait for the full feature of it.

The rolling diaries car: Bey’s Mercedes Benz W114 on Rial Mesh Type A
Iman Machmud

A scarce innovation, every business or even culture depends on it. From huge industries, companies, magazines, websites, pretty much everything thrives on a great innovation. We’re constantly wanting the newest and latest innovation, or something unusual that will comes out coincided with several boring stuffs. Simply said, innovation is generally a good thing as it means moving forward. The Indonesian car scene certainly thrives on progression, innovation and publications. We are striving to bring the features on what’s new or on something interesting. When it comes to the classic culture, there is lots of innovation going on. As classic US style becomes significantly popular, Mr. Bey with his infallible Mercedes Benz W114 is working hard to innovate its own take on the art of classic-sedan customization and standing on top.

Basically this feature occurred when our brothers Alwafi Auzan, Daniel Bramantyo, and Arief from @properinch invited to the annual Cargasm meet up in Bandung-Indonesia. For those haven’t seen Cargasm coverage, you can click here to begin. We have seen several classic cars in that great meetup, ranging from an old school Mini Cooper, Datsun, and also this beauty Benz that seized our attention. After we finished all duties to captured a car’s heaven in Cargasm meetup, we decided to calling Bey and asked him to be featured as well.

Basically the classic Mercedes Benz W114 is an interesting platform to work with. Its style lends itself to a diverse selection of potential directions. Mercedes Benz attributed much of the classy design inspiration for the W114 to the 70’s finest people who demanding a luxury on their lifestyle. The new generation, mid-range Fintail replace- ment surfaced in 1968, but was more than a re-shell. Mercedes don’t do thing by halves, so in came an all-new chassis type with styling like the ‘65 250/280 plus new semi trailing rear suspension and revised engines and more, including coupe versions. These cars may have been extremely expensive when new at 1970’s, but as a cultured classic are now as cheap as chips. Cheap isn’t a reason for Bey to not driving a Mercedes Benz, he consistently drive several line of Mercedes Benz cars since he was young. Owning a classic W114 this day makes Bey stands among other friends and competitors.

Bey from ASALVO autoclub became quite familiar with the concept of hard work during the build process of his 1975 Mercedes Benz W114. With a helps from FA Autoworks-Bandung, this garage said that Bey’s W114 was in good shape, but still requiring considerable attention before it could be deemed roadworthy. Due to the fancy plans for the vehicle, Bey asked Franky, the owner of FA  Autoworks  to repaint her lady with Orange color from Sikkens. Needless to say, actually his plan did not fit the definition of what one would call a ‘factory restoration’ in term of paint, but definitely this classy Benz easily recognized as timeless roadstar with this looks.

Despite the clean, factory appearance of the Benz, the exterior of this classic W114 has been modified extensively as well. The front and rear lightsis converted to one from a American W114 model for an updated look. An almost brand new all body lists, seals, and chrome bumpers is also present, adding strength to the overall looks of her. With those exterior combination, the car looks really great, far from the truth that this platform is suitable to be collected by the old fashioned people.

In the interior side, Bey contrived to let them in original condition. Seemed Bey wants to shown up his fancy side only on the exterior, nothing in interior then. When it comes to FA Autoworks, the interior side is far from perfect condition, with torn leather, dirty untidy panels, and the interior in  a bit disarray, it was time for a complete restoration inside the cabin. The dash was removed and wrapped with black leather as the instrument panel cable was also repaired. Details ranging from the steering wheel to the switches were polished,painted, and re-wrapped to achieve a comfort and classic looks. Like magic, an old ratty interior soon became one that emanated with craftsmanship and Bey was able to focus on the fitment and wheels option for his lady.

Determining the best wheel offset to produce a certain look is not important for this kind of car, however, sometimes Bey put more efforts to find the best looks of an old school wheels rather than addressing on choosing the big negative offset. In order to attain his desired wheel, a Rial Mesh Type A wheels with 16×8″ size all around chosen to filled all guards. Unlike another popular modern chassis, aftermarket suspension solutions are not plentiful for the W114. A combination of custom suspension are employed to provide the stance.

Lastly said, Bey would like to express thanks to FA Autoworks, Cargasm friends, and ASALVO autoclub for all their workmanship and support throughout the years. In essence, the result is much better than his expectation. Bey built this W114 with the intentions to change the negative stigma about an old fashioned people that sometimes follows the W114 and to change everyone’s opinion of this car. We feel Bey succeeded, and we love that people are taking notice to his car and it’s getting the attention it deserves.


Jakarta Meet Up 2014 with toyo Tires Indonesia and mobiloka.com Part 2
Muh. Sofiandry

Today we bring you directly the second part of Jakarta Meet Up 2014 event coverage, brought to you by great partnership from Toyo Tires Indonesia and mobiloka.com. If you’ve seen the first part already, there is a good chance to a few of the same cars will make the appearance in Cibubur Rest Area after a long convoy from Al-Azhar Jakarta. We would like to send a huge shout out once again to all Jakarta Meet Up organizers for everything that they have done and we look forward to putting our frame again on another their quality event in Indonesia very soon.

jakarta meet up 2014-jakmeet-ladyonwheels-indostance-indonesian stance-indonesian fitment-event-indonesia-part 2-1

jakarta meet up 2014-jakmeet-ladyonwheels-indostance-indonesian stance-indonesian fitment-event-indonesia-part 2-2

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Jakarta Meet Up 2014 with Toyo Tires Indonesia and mobiloka.com part 1
Muh. Sofiandry

Probably all of you remember one of the glorious event last year that attended by myriad stance enthusiasts namely by Indonesian Stance Lover’s Meet up. A promising event that did not require a money for registration, an event that even free from super loud sound system and tremendous trophies or achievement that scattered in front of the cars to shown up. This event taught us how to having fun without profit-seeking things, and how most of car enthusiasts appreciated this event because of its flexibility. This year, Toyo Tire Indonesia and mobiloka.com interested to work in partnership with Jakarta Meet up guys and helps Jakarta Meet Up crews to creates the best gimmick for this event. Several simple achievements has granted to some of enthusiasts at the end of this event. Approximately more than 250 cars enlivened this event, all cars came with their prides and joy. All activities started from registration in Al-Azhar jakarta first before driven to Cibubur-Rest Area. The last Jakarta Meet up event still took place at the Cibubur Rest Area, but we think that for the next event, they should considering to find bigger place to accommodate the growing fitment lifestyle. Overall said, this lifestyle event went very smoothly, thanks to the great job done by the Jakarta Meet up organizers and the weather could not have been any better at that time. This part 1 article will coverage the enthusiasts when they arrived and did a short registration at first meeting point. Another article on part 2 will bring you to all happiness that they made on Cibubur Rest Area.

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