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Mobiloka.com present: Jakarta Meet Up 2015 – Part 1
Iman Machmud

The Jakarta Meet Up 2015 group has been together since 2014 to unite a unique, proper, and quality enthusiasts in an event. It has held last year with numerous people and cars together, simply said the event that sponsored by Mobiloka.com has always stood out in car enthusiasts mind. With an ever-growing number of enthusiasts each year in Indonesia, the event has kept growing as well, and also a goodness of changes has been made to accommodate the loads. Even though the plan was to organise group with only limited to 300 enthusiasts, that plan was quickly ruined with numbers of people who want to be a part of this glorious event, even only as a visitors.

As the sun began on Saturday morning of April 25, many members were ready for the pre-meet up at Plaza Senayan Jakarta for joining a convoy to the venue at Flavor Bliss, Alam Sutera, the participants headed to grab some coffee and breakfast while several media took their appearance with. Winding weather and cool morning air made for an amazing drive after grouping in pre-meet session. Because it was a weekend, and Plaza Senayan shopping center as such no customers, there was always a time for doing a short photoshoot that we had done prior the convoy began. Luckily the rain hasn’t come yet at that morning, which encouraged participants and visitors alike to their time chatting and wandering around the cars to marvel some of the tasteful modifications.

Hoods were popped, wheels were cleaned, engines were revved, and all sounds were very fascinated. While everyone at the event that brought to us by Mobiloka.com had clearly put a lot of time to traveled from several cities, an effort to their pride and joys, a few stood out from the crowd which several of them will be announced to get an achievement from this event later on. Final said for this part 1 coverage, this article wasn’t the end of our great time last week. As the sun began to raise more and clouds seemed darker, the fire of joys was lit once again when the organizer announced that we had ready to go. Enjoy our Jakarta Meet Up Part 1 coverage, if you couldn’t find your car up here, probably they will appear on the part 2 photos and video of this coverage shortly.

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-7

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-12

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-32

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-33

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-34



volvo cover video

PROPERINCH work: A Scandinavian Masterpiece – Andy’s Bagged Volvo S90 960 on Schmidt TH-Line
Muh. Sofiandry

All cars has it’s own story to their owners. Every car has a background and rich history with its respective owners. Whether it was a garaged queen that was taken out only on the weekends, or a college student’s car, it was completely unique and mirrored that single person. This goes exactly for Andy and its bagged S90 as well. From the reasons why a swedish car became his single option to joy with and a long story about his built to achieve broad acknowledgement from many car enthusiasts. This article is a video teaser from our brother Arief @properinch, and make sure you’ll wait for the full feature of it.

BMW E90 LCI SSR SP3-Abdee Faishal-indonesian stance-BMW-indonesian fitment-ladyonwheels-COVER

When the solution is simple: Abdee Faishal’s BMW E90 on SSR SP3
Iman Machmud

To be honest, sometimes we strive on bringing some of the freshest OEM+ style rides around Jakarta (Indonesia) especially to your computers on daily basis, so when an opportunity arises to shoot a nice and clean BMW E90 such as this one, well of course we glad to admit it. This clean stunning E90 belongs to Mr. Abdee Faishal. Perhaps you guys remember about a purple Honda Jazz GD3 on CCW Classic that belongs to the same owner of this clean E90. The previous article toward his purple GD3 can be seen here.

BMW E90 LCI SSR SP3-Abdee Faishal-indonesian stance-BMW-indonesian fitment-ladyonwheels-1

Probably several days ago, we were lucky to have his time. Anyway, let us introduce you to Abdee Faishal. Some people called him by Bang Japran, Bang Daon, and maybe more. It wasn’t without reasons though. Funny, hilarious, humorous, etc etc always shown even when in our first met. Becoming famous and known as a creative person toward his purple Honda GD3 and high publication from almost automotive media in Indonesia didn’t meet his satisfaction. Personally, we already knew when he said that he bought a BMW E90, but we thought it was still in original condition. He said to us that he has been in love with BMW scene since 2012, and finally bought the car back in 2013. The plan was to modified the classy-clean E90 like several of his friends did. After he found a really clean shell without any dents and issues, he started the work. Abdee said, “I’m in love with this car, I am so glad to see her right now with this style.” This car was a lot of fun to drive and pulled very hard even only hold 1998 liters engine.

SSR SP3 wheels compliment the car just right. Fronts are 9.5″ wide wrapped in Toyo t1s 235/40/19) tire while the rears are 11″ wrapped in 265/35/19 set of rubber. Suspension wise, there is quite a few things going on but the coilover setup by Weitec that successfully help give this Titansilber metallic E90 the awesome fitment you see in front of you.

A set of Remus Carbon bolt on muffler gives another impression on this mid size sedan. Along with OEM body of this car, this muffler gives Abdee another joy when he pulled the engine.


Abdee kept in stock the original interior of this E90. No fancy stuffs yet, but he had plans to upgrade the interior with BMW Performance stuffs in the future.

BMW E90 LCI SSR SP3-Abdee Faishal-indonesian stance-BMW-indonesian fitment-ladyonwheels-17

BMW E90 LCI SSR SP3-Abdee Faishal-indonesian stance-BMW-indonesian fitment-ladyonwheels-25

There isn’t really much left to say about Abdee’s great looking car. OEM+, clean, and aggressive are three words that come to mind as we look at these photos, and we hope that whatever the future holds for this car, this it stays in that way.


decemberrain cargasm 2014-event-meet up-ladyonwheels-coverage-bandung-indonesia-COVER

Cargasm present: December rain 2014
Iman Machmud

We confident to say that Cargasm meet up is one of the most interesting car enthusiasts gathering in Indonesia.  Automotive enthusiasts especially from Bandung-West Java gather for a day long and we know it was never a disappointment to be a part of this meet up. As a matter of fact the word is that Cargasm even saw an increase in attendees at this latest 2014 meet up. Perhaps you wondering how they were looks in our previous partnership called Breeze of Summer, you can click here to see more. Talk about end 2014, we surprised that receiving an invitation from Cargasm guys that they want to held their 11th meetup called by #decemberrain. The good things about this event were seemed to be more rousing because several automotive shops and others such as: JAP Wheel Clinic, Allriginal Wheels, F*ck Wheel Dude, 169 Autogarage, R-Kups vape, AutoMobile Bandung, Bandung Food Trucks, and Piston Project were happy to became a great sponsors and supporters for this event. At this meetup, Cargasm open their gate to all car enthusiasts to join with an extra IDR 150,000,- fee included tshirt, F&Bs, and some voucher from sponsors. Yes, there were a handful of JDM / USDM / Stance and Fitment style present, but there were certainly not as many as people on social networks knows how good the enthusiasts in Bandung. But honestly said, our biggest disappointment is the fact that we failed to join. Heck, our friend Ardie Pichaus cheers us with his coverages and successfully cured our dumps. We’ll be dropping a coverage throughout this glorious meet up today, and we hope you enjoy these next couple photos and maybe even get some inspiration for your future builds. Big thanks to Negy Juanda and Yogie Anggada for the invitation, and of course for Ardie Pichaus for tons of images.

decemberrain cargasm 2014-event-meet up-ladyonwheels-coverage-bandung-indonesia-6

Click page number below for more photos

Delighted beginning: Steven’s Toyota Soarer
Iman Machmud

The continued growth of car culture in Indonesia is pretty intriguing one. What we featured here in ladyonwheels as just a part of that significant growth toward passion and styles by couple of people in Jakarta-Indonesia especially. In its infancy, stance and fitment style sometimes lacked its true understanding by several car enthusiasts. Basically we collected ideas from whatever we saw on the internet, and some of the styles they attempted to reproduce weren’t always what true sweet fitment culture was about.

Today, USDM, JDM, stance-fitment and OEM+ style fanatics in Indonesia starts to adapt those types styling in every single day. The lines of communication are plentiful and a lot of enthusiasts here are loved to share its knowledge, photos, video, and more whenever needed to accomplish their build. For example, do you remember Mr. Uwi Krisna with his VW Golf Mk1? He has been featured here twice because of his consistency on his build and keep sticking to fancy USDM styles. Okay, back in topic today, Toyota Soarer is one of the car that you just can’t see it every day, and really needs no words to describe just how amazing it really is. One look to this 1992 Soarer, and it’s obvious that nothing too much on this car. From the customized fender work, body kit, wheels, and snugged ride height. Everything comes together to create a nice look on this platform.

What you see on our article today might seem a bit “simple” for many of you who regularly encounter modified Toyota Soarer (especially in super wide fitment or even drift’s scene). As I mentioned earlier, in Indonesia, it’s pretty rare to see this platform. Most Soarer in here are typically a garage troves or race or drift-themed vehicles that seen on track. We’d be surprised if we woke up one day and expected to see a clean Soarer that was touched for cleanest look. It’s not like others who loved to pull their wallet limits for heavily modified Soarers, not until we met Steven and his Toyota Soarer onto our desk.

According to several reviews and facts, Toyota launched the Soarer and its Lexus equivalent in the early 1990s. It was designed in America and aimed at affluent Americans who wanted a stylish well built and fully equipped coupe. For the Japanese market, it was badged as a Toyota, the Soarer to be precise, and was conceived as a sporty model, but on the other side of the western hemisphere, it carried the Lexus badges of Toyota’s premium brand and was a luxury model. Steven’s Soarer has the quad-cam 4.0-litre 1UZ-FE V8 engine as the same engine as the Lexus had. Ive driven kind of Soarer several years ago, and it’s a silky smooth unit that is equally at home cruising around clogged city streets as it is at speed on the open road. Most Soarer for Indonesia have a four-speed electronic automatic gearbox, but the 2.5 GT-T is also available for a five-speed manual gearbox but with 1JZGTE turbo engine. Independent suspension was under both ends, with coil springs on earlier cars and airbags on later ones. What a nice revving-happy sport luxury car ever made by Toyota at their era.

But suddenly Steven said that he have not changes anything with the car yet. Its reasonable when he said that he just bought this car couple months ago, including all the mods parts. He said that when bought this car, he considered several points such as good body condition, fresh interior, and came up with pretty nice Varrstoen wheels as starter, before he begin his build to make this car looks better than its initial condition. We’ll start off with the exterior. Steven’s soarer strikes that perfect balance of being aggressive without being too off-the-wall crazy. He realised that several bodykit brands or companies love this chassis, and there are some seriously wild kits out there for these cars that transform them into something that doesn’t really look like a Soarer anymore. Best thing is the previous owner prefers the stock lines thankfully, however beefed up of course. The front and rear bumper added with custom lips, while the front fenders got some vents to draw how beast this car is. I really like how the front bumper and those vent’s fenders flow well together, their cutaway design really driving home that track feel, and the rear over fenders give it extra safe when Steven planned to order some nice wide wheels.

At the suspension system, Steven thankfully received several branded parts such as front upper arms, roll center adjuster pillow lower arms, rear camber adjuster, rear toe arms, traction rods, those came from IKEYA FORMULA brand. Paired with those stabilization parts, an ISC Coilover planted in all four fenders. Those are actually a really great bargain to start working with this car. Steven planned to change this old Varrstoen wheels in the future. This varrstoen has really nice spec,  measured at 19 9.5-10.5″ with +22 offset all around. To optimized the braking system on this soarer, the OEM Mk4 Supra brakes has been implanted well along with Project Mu brake pads.

Inside cabin, the OEM+ theme continues. The original driver and passenger seats are still preserved. Extra grips while driving comes courtesy of a Nardi steering wheel. Rests, all in good stock OEM condition. Steven also re-trimmed the interior with black color to gives a nice clean interior.

If there was one car that epitomized a simple old sport car culture in Indonesia, this Steven’s Soarer would be the good example. Steven said also that he had numerous plans to start with this beauty in the future, but now he only wants to drive it as is. Thanks for reading guys.