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Optimism from narcissism: Angga’s E30 BBS RS
Angga Raditya

Through this year we have seen loads of builds some favoring form and while others went for function. There are a lot of car enthusiasts across our lovely country-Indonesia that would rather have more in “form format” over the “function format”. Well one of our friend, Angga Raditya, the owner of this struggles-built E30 M40, would have to disagree and show people why they should choose the sleek-but-functional over form for him selves. For fellas as international readers out there, we are really sorry for dished up these article in our native Indonesian language because believe me that this story will be more fun to read in native form. I would welcoming Angga Raditya to present his passion in this page. Read it out guys.


Originally written by: Angga Raditya

Di tengah-tengah jenuhnya E30 yang modifikasinya kayak template (setidaknya menurut gue pribadi), gue pengen cari yang lain. Enggak M-Tech, enggak Recaro-an, enggak ini, enggak itu. Pengen beda. Lagian sudah banyak banget E30 yang maksimal di Indonesia. Makanya gue browsing internet dan ketemu info kalau E30 itu punya interior merah yang namanya Cardinal Rot. Gue langsung suka dan gue yakin belum banyak yang pakai warna ini.


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bmw e30-e30-m40-bmw-bbsrs-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-8

bmw e30-e30-m40-bmw-bbsrs-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-2

Berhubung gue berteman baik dengan bos Vertue Concept, Edy, gue tantangin buat konversi interior E30 gue, dari abu-abu jadi merah ala Cardinal Rot. Edy pun dengan senang hati meladeni. Walaupun banyak yang bilang sayang banget karena bahan interior gue orisinil. Tapi gue tahu kualitas pengerjaan Vertue Concept pasti bagus, jadi menurut gue bakal worth it. Nappa Edelweiss Stigma warna merah langsung membalut interior, dan gue lebih puas dengan kondisi seperti ini. Cocok sama gue, yang selalu pengen punya ciri khas. Gue narsis, dan gue bangga.

bmw e30-e30-m40-bmw-bbsrs-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-11
Interior kelar, gue bingung mau ngapain lagi. Gue nongkrong lagi sama teman-teman gue di daerah Bintaro, sambil makan sate. Dari situ gue iseng tanya ke teman gue yang pegang BBS RS 16x(8,5+9,5) inci. Boleh enggak barrel nya gue bayarin? Tanpa diduga, doi mau melepas barrel nya ke gue. Wah ini dia, bakal hits velgnya kalau pakai barrel doi. Karena kesibukan kerjaan gue, baru beberapa bulan barrel ini bisa terpasang. Dan proses pemasangannya enggak gampang, karena 2 set ban 195/50R16 gue bocor samping semua pas ditarik. Alhasil gue beli ban baru dengan ukuran 205/45R16 dari Accelera Alpha. Masalah ban beres, tinggal pasang adaptor, ukuran 25 mm di depan dan 32 mm di belakang.

bmw e30-e30-m40-bmw-bbsrs-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-12

bmw e30-e30-m40-bmw-bbsrs-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-13

Spek velg gue setelah ganti barrel, offset¬nya menjadi 16×9 inci offset 35 di depan dan 16×9,5 inci offset 41 di belakang. Sudah pasti mentok dalam, makanya kudu adaptor. Final offset setelah adaptor menjadi offset 10 di depan dan 9 di belakang. Spakbor mesti gue gerinda sedikit biar bebas gesrot. Konstruksi suspensi trailing arm E30 di belakang membantu gue dengan camber otomatis¬nya, membuat lebar 9,5 inci nyemplung aman di dalam spakbor. Yang depan enggak masalah, seimbang sama fitment belakangnya.

bmw e30-e30-m40-bmw-bbsrs-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-14


bmw e30-e30-m40-bmw-bbsrs-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-18

Buat ducktail alias heckspoiler, gue pakai Hartge yang sejatinya buat E30 generasi awal, yang masih M10. Ducktail ini dari teman gue, katanya daripada nganggur di rumah mendingan dipakaikan ke mobil gue dulu. Rejeki? Amin. Ducktail Hartge punya juntaian tinggi, sehingga buritan gue juga harus eksotis buat imbangin. Karena itu gue pakai muffler tip dari Sebring yang gue custom lagi. Bentuk knalpot ala DTM cukup mainstream di penggemar E30, makanya gue custom. Gue lagi suka banget sama JSutai, maka knalpotnya gue bikin ala JSutai. Kromnya dimatikan, ampelas, gue siram hitam dan gue tambahin aksen hijau turquoise pakai cutting sticker.

bmw e30-e30-m40-bmw-bbsrs-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-19

bmw e30-e30-m40-bmw-bbsrs-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-20

bmw e30-e30-m40-bmw-bbsrs-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-21

bmw e30-e30-m40-bmw-bbsrs-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-22

bmw e30-e30-m40-bmw-bbsrs-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-23

bmw e30-e30-m40-bmw-bbsrs-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-24

bmw e30-e30-m40-bmw-bbsrs-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-25

bmw e30-e30-m40-bmw-bbsrs-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-27

bmw e30-e30-m40-bmw-bbsrs-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-30

bmw e30-e30-m40-bmw-bbsrs-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-32

bmw e30-e30-m40-bmw-bbsrs-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-35

bmw e30-e30-m40-bmw-bbsrs-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-28

bmw e30-e30-m40-bmw-bbsrs-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-36

bmw e30-e30-m40-bmw-bbsrs-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-37

bmw e30-e30-m40-bmw-bbsrs-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-43

bmw e30-e30-m40-bmw-bbsrs-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-39

And the result is, I am satisfied with my E30. Dan sejak itu, BMW kesayangan gue ini enggak melulu keluar garasi. Bukan karena ceper, atau ada kerusakan. Tapi karena A/C-nya enggak dingin. Gue malas pakainya. Occasional only. Hahaha… Well, that story of my E30. What I got from my E30 was, narcissism can bring you to optimism, which can lead you to be creative.


Wise to resolve, patient to perform: Bobby’s Civic EF9
Muh. Sofiandry

It’s been a long time ago, I’ve personally addicted to car articles since what seems like the stone age. Even before I knew the technical details of what I was looking at, I had a few favorite cars that always seem to catch my attention at the past. The Honda EF9 or for an Indonesian market it was often called by Civic Nouva was among the top of that list. And Bobby Dalimunthe & his civic that fully EF9 SiR II converted have most certainly got my attention. In fact, its hard to look away. Thanks to our brother Fadhlin that spoon-feed our eyes with his photos below that explained a lot to you guys the meaning of build of perfection within this Civic EF.


A perfect or great car build can seem so narrow at times in Indonesia. Sometimes it because we often find ourselves working towards only with a single goal without even considering another possibilities of another goal exists but just only past the plentiful goals that already done by another people. For some of us, our ultimate goals can begin to seem impossible to realize. The mountain grows taller as the ascent begins; its peak becomes shrouded in clouds of impossibility. Of course, there are some people out there who accept the challenge and forge through life’s obstacles in car modifications or restorations such as time consuming when hunting down some very rare parts in their ardent quest to achieve their wildest dreams. But to be honest, a people with those description above sometimes came from older people, or occasionally more mature’s mind that without doubt to run those goals.


This car basically was one of the best honda platform that been created since 1987. Generally said, the EF or 4th Generation ‘Grand’ Civic was launched in September 1987 for the japanese domestic market. The EF9 Civic SiR however did not feature in the starting line-up in that launch. This model was famous in its own way, with a unique feature lovingly called the ‘power bulge’ by enthusiasts. With a 0-100kph time in the low 8-seconds range, the car was quite widely recognised by performance enthusiasts. Still the general consensus was that it was a “nice preppy little car” but true respect as a serious performance car was still not coming its way.

And since September 1989, Honda signifies the arrival of a great legend, the EF9 Civic SiR. This car is the one that finally brings respect and I would say even ‘fear’ among enthusiasts because the SiR badge signifies the use of the mighty B16A 160ps DOHC VTEC engine. While the EF9 was not the first Honda to use a VTEC engine, it was the first Honda to wear the SiR badge and this badge has since gone on to become a greatly respected and loved badge among Honda enthusiasts even today. There were 2 versions of the EF9, the Civic SiR and the Civic SiR-2. The Civic SiR is actually the ‘bare hones’ version. Besides the 160ps B16A mated to a 5MT (auto versions are not available), the SiR features a ‘manual’ air-cond, front and rear disc brakes, front and rear double wishbone suspension, front and rear anti-roll bars and semi-bucket front seats and optionally a viscous coupling LSD. The EF9 SiR-2 adds sunroof, ABS, power windows, powered side mirrors and various other such features. The badge SiR was not just an only a badge though, there are few option differences between the “stock” one or the Honda Nouva for Indonesian market. It is really different in numerous parts for all side of this type.


If we talk about the man that very patient when hunting down some SiR II parts into this civic nouva, it should be belongs to Bobby. Probably in your mind now he should already have sufficient maturity to run all this dreams. You guys probably wrong. This guy is still a student of one of the high school in Medan-Indonesia. Tastefully man? Yes indeed.

With numerous patient, Bobby felt that those affords when converting our local Honda Nouva into SiR II version will not be wasted. He tried to gather all of his spirit to continuing and finished this project. Perhaps some of you could not see anything different or special within this car. Try to google out, and define the differences between our local Civic Nouva and SiR II version one. You will find that the SiR II version definetely showing up those masterpiece body line from Honda at her era.



Similar with the exterior conversion, whole set of interior already replaced by the SiR II version. I told you before that Bobby are not wasting his time to saving only for branded JDM things or aftermarket ones, but he totally sacrificed his time to finding the whole interior set from SiR II version in pristine condition to be converted on his own. Most would agree that although Civics tend to have a pretty bad rep nowadays, they still deserve respect. But this Nouva deserve more than that. It’s priceless.





The Civic SiR II comes from the factory with a B16A Vtec motor. To gives a perfect finish of this build, Bobby eliminate the old rusty engine and converted into B16A1 (obd) engine. With all of the aftermarket additions such as ORD header, Stage 2 Toda Racing flywheel, Exedy Clutch, etc, this car will definetely a sleeper beast within Medan roadway.


Most enthusiasts would agree that wheels are a pretty important feature in a car build. Well, at least both of fitment or OEM+ guys agreed. Bobby made a great choice with his most recent set, Wedsport TC05′s with flat white faces. These Wedsport fill the fenders wonderfully with an 16×7 inch all around.



This EF9 wasn’t built overnight. It’s actually been many days in the making and its far from over. A lot of people work hard in life and don’t have anything to show for it. It’s better to stay waiting for what we want than run with what people suggest to you”, says Bobby. You’ve got our respect mate.



The personal built: Jay Euro Garage’s E39
Iman Machmud

As many fellows and fans of the Indonesian Stance scene, all of us here at this blog are given such an amazing opportunity to see dozens and dozens of beautiful and sometimes incredible fitments on cars on their daily basis, but we’ll be honest with you when we say that only a few cars (but many actually) can really make us scratch our heads and wondering if we had a beauty lady like that. Sometimes when we found the incredibly low car, and the owner of those insanely low car felt that he or she already in a way to define his/her self as great stance or fitment, we just described it as useless way though. You don’t need to act like a despondent guy who think about a trophies and pride when you had only a millimeter gap between road and your front bumper. But perhaps some guys out there felt that trophies on a contest or car show for winning a category like “too damn low” champion can intriguing people to appraised your car higher. Some said yes, but I bet some just lie when appraised your work. Act as natural as you can toward your beauty lady when modifying them is the essence of all. Most of the car show winner in some category will increase their popularity among social media like Instagram, Path, etc. But believe me, it’s hard to stand up as a champion again for the next event though. Why, because other participants that on last event had beaten by your car in certain category will throw out more money to modified their ride and come back to next event as a champion. Come on guys, that is a pretty shame life. We are here to share together with all of you and help you out to gaining your subconscious toward how beauty and happy if you have a car with slightly classy modified without sacrificing the function of those car it self as daily basis ride. Talk about gaining popularity with these style? For show man it’s absolutely tasteless, but for us, its fully of taste.

If we’re talking static, proper clearance, and less rubbing fenders against the wheel barrels when going over any dip or bump, super rare wheel, flawless lady, neck breaking, finger pointing fitment here guys!!! I would like to shared to you this classy magnificent BMW E39 528i that belongs to our friend Agung Wijaya from Euro Garage. One of the guys that somehow pulled our lust into eyegasm for their works. What’s even more bad ass is that he was able to combine a super sexy and rare wheels that not many of you would ever expect. Of course it’s not an Ferrari, Aston Martin, or perhaps new expensive line up of BMW, it’s just an ordinary E39. Please allow us to show you how Jay (Agung Wijaya) do it to his lovely beauty, where there is no excuse for having any kind of plural set of wheel, but not a brand new expensive wheels though.

If we discussed about E39 it self, for me it one of the best car in the world because many people has laid claim to thanks to superb handling, powerful, refined engines and great build for this platform. If you can afford it, you’ll never want another vehicle. Sure, the entry-level 520i was quite under-powered, but it still offered straight-six engine refinement, while the 528i and 530i version were near-perfect for me as daily basis ride. It had a unique blend of chassis agility and six-cylinder sweetness in a fully equipped package able to accommodate five in refined comfort that no other carmaker could match. Even its great rival Mercedes-Benz couldn’t match it for dynamics. By the way, the BMW E34 really brought BMW to the attention of the BMW lovers in the world. Here was a good-sized car they could afford, at a pinch, if they were doing well. It’s now 20 years old, but Jay felt it was still popular and great basic to lend down those super rare wheels into this car. The E39 had lots to live up to when it was launched in 1996. Unlike the models that followed it the E39 was a mild evolution of the E34, which was wonderfully elegant with clean lines and perfect proportions. The E39 was sleeker and smoother, but it retained the elegance that keeps the E34 looking fresh even today. There were new headlights and a new grille at the front, a smoother roofline and a stubby tail reminiscent of the smaller 3-Series. It was a car that looked good from all angles, a modern classic and a worthy successor to the great E34.

Turning his attention to the exterior, the original Aspen Silver metallic still shining beautifully in this car. Jay also picked up a full M-tech body kit as meant for an OEM of M5 Bodykit and it successfully fitted it to his car well. The other attention goes to M5 style folding mirror in both side. And all the exterior parts are finished by the Eisenmann Muffler in the rear of this car.

The built against bought argument is so touchy topic as the form vs function argument. Both sides will argue to the death over which is the “correct” way to go about building your car. There are good and bad examples on both sides. On the built side, you have people who shouldn’t be allowed to touch a wrench let alone go about building a car. On the bought side, you have the air-heads with more money than brains who have no clue what’s done to their car let alone any style. While for us here, the “do-it-yourselfers” take pride in showcasing what they’ve poured many hours of blood, sweat, and tears into, the guys who can write the big checks to shops should take a little pride in knowing that they have that much loose change to spend. Being in wheel’s business for since year ago and always made a satisfied testimonials or comments from his customers already make this man proud about his achievement so far. But in some day, he felt that he really need to built a great piece of work to show more his capability of great fitment-maker. “Its time to built for my own good.” Jay said.

I’ve been saying it over and over, sometimes these days your wheel game just isn’t cool unless your rocking double-digit widths front and rear, and offsets so far in the negative that a government stimulus wouldn’t bring them into the positive. When I first saw pics and specs of these Felgenschmiede sudhessen FS6, my jaw hit the floor, and then I took a peek in my garage and looked at my several wheels (which many have said are rare and aggressive) and suddenly felt insecure about the manliness of my specs for my lovely old trusty cars. Damn guys, even I have tried to googled this wheels, and its resulting with all of german languange review that I couldn’t understand. I’ve seen some crazy rare wheels in my time, but these are certainly up there and are not just built as a ordinary wheel. Felgenschmiede sudhessen FS6 measure up at 18×10 in the front and 18×11 in the rear, wrapped with 224/40/18 and 245/40/18 set of tires.

The last bit that Jay had to address was the suspension. Instead of tackling a crazy static setup with custom combination suspension, he went with a more conventional coilover setup by using the FK Streetline Coilover. The setup is simple, but it works because the stance and fitment are absolutely on point.

There’s so many sources now to learn how to achieve great fitment on your car because of the internet to see all sorts of different cars and builds, and thousands of places for people to tell you how you should do things.  But really, the only person you need to listen to is yourself though. Take advice, but don’t let someone tell you how to build your car. Just know that if you really want to build a car, you will got to stick it out. It’s not as easy as it looks, especially something of this caliber here. If you’re determined though to follow your dreams, the sky’s the limit. Thank you for Agung Wijaya or Jay from Euro Garage to show and share his great built toward his beauty E39. Agung Wijaya also would like to say thousand of thanks to Mr. Sigit Prasetyo for his helps to built this magnificent E39 and also his garage EuroGarage at the past.

Check out also the simple video that we’ve made for him too.

Continue to reach out: Riefki’s Lorinser W210
Iman Machmud

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve had any chance to taking photos of Indonesian stance cars on LadyOnWheels. Many personal business that I’ve should taking care with. From preparing for the birth of my 2nd little girl, clean up the mess that caused by several garage that I’ve been trusted before, rearrange for new garage to finish all those old ladies, etc. After felt that I need some imaginery rest of my mind, I remember that my friend, Riefki from My Wheels garage have something that needed by my eyes. Yes, I remember that his stunning E320 Avantgarde has changing her shoes onto crazier wheel’s spec. Probably most of you guys remember on his style before, with classic Alpina wheels, OEM style looking with proper body drop, all of his past can be see here. This stanced lady has gone through a couple of new changes which I will show you over the next few minutes.

Clean and simple is the pattern that I’ve loved here, than Riefki daily driven E320 is executed flawlessly. I’ve seen this car throughout many 2013 show season and also in Instagram though, Riefki has made changes to this lady to keep it fresh, but this latest alteration seems to be the best for this style yet. The color way of the burgundy red on grey interior just works so well, it says enough without saying too much. Let’s finding together what makes this car become one of the most stunning W210 in Indonesia.

Riefki picked out the exterior work very well to create a clean looking Benz. The Brabus bodykit added to the classy look of the W210 body in addition to balance the aggressive stance look of the car has with those 12 inch wide wheels. Riefki do enough to break up all the elements on the car without looking “overdone”, but it just a several opinion or speaks from us. In my opinion, stance-style modification is all about the right balance of your car’s ingeredients.

During this photoshoot, I’ve brought my wife to go along me within her pregnancy. Thanks God she understood when I asked her to add more location for Rieki’s lady.

My last spot of photoshoot still located nearby our meeting points. Fortunately the weather that day was smiling to us. After setting up the classic song for my wife on her iPod, then I continued my last scene for Riefki. Anyway, the interior of Riefki’s W210 is very clean indeed. Just like the exterior, the interior flows together, blending new with old touch of grey mercedes leather. One of the most refreshing things about classic cars are their simple interior layouts with elegant output too. But Riefki seemed dont satisfied with it, he changed several elements from her mercedes sisters such as OEM e430 AMG interior, E55 AMG miles speedometer cluster, OEM Navi.2 headunit, etc. And other interesting visual factor on both interior and exterior was the OEM Sunroof of W210. 

With the body sculpted to perfection, it was time to bring it closer to the ground. You should know that simple suspension setups really don’t make the cut anymore when it drops like this W210, and believe it or not, Riefki trust on Eibach lowering kit made for W210. A set of Eibach with some custom spring-works (perhaps) to keep the wheels and tires from banging into the fenders. To aid in the copious amounts of lowness, maybe Riefki has his special mods to treat the W210 suspension onto this height.

Now the most interesting thing that immediately caught my eye on this E320 would definitely be the great contrast between the burgundy red paint to the mounted original rare Lorinser RSK II. I immediately falling in love with this sexy set of wheels, Riefki got an impressive and original 19×9 inch, et +5 and 19×12 inch, et 0 specs that he wanted and it was damn sexy as hell. Several months ago, Riefki found this set of wheels and intended to selling it on his shop, but finally the destiny of this rare Lorinser changed from selling goods become a precious set of shoes of this W210.

Riefki thought out to create something dramatic that perhaps could be appreciated by all W210 owners, something that has tons of solicitation and could show off his creative talents. But Riefki has done more than that he has created a modern day classic. He like took a blank media and created something timeless in an effortless way.

The final proof of greatness: Maulana’s Toyota Yaris
Muh. Sofiandry

Being standing out in Indonesian Stance scene media such as Instagram, etc is what we all want in last 2 years, but sometimes very few people can attained. Have a proper set and style to put your works in social media like Instagram and twitter to grab some attention from other friends. Its very common now. Budget is sometimes obscured us to get what we want. Some people think that passion is more important driver to reach the final outcome. Thankfully, only one of these reasons apply to this simply stunning beauty Toyota Yaris. Yet, because he has tremendous reason for being passionated in stance and fitment style. I’ve got this photo directly from our brother Fadhlin in Medan-Indonesia. Thanks for your pre-christmas gift from Medan’s brother. Anyway, standing out is exactly what this lady does now when Maulana, the owner of this beauty lady started to repaint her body and get wider lips for his set of wheels.

Maulana repainted her body with something browny to achieve the classy look on his Toyota Yaris. He got a Marrakesh Brown from SpiesHecker. From the stunning image that our brother sent to us, I can summarized that this Yaris are really on track with what we loved in Indonesian stance scene. Nifty paint or an OEM paint perhaps, gorgeous drop height, and classy choice of rims.

To have a proper drop like this, Maulana have no reasons to take a chance on using a custom suspension setup. He trust BC Coilover V1 series to slammed the wheels inside fenders. The most interesting point on this lady was a choice of a set of OZ Futura wheels. This wheels probably the most famous wheels in last two years. Many people started to rebuild this 3-piece wheels with their wants to suit with any fitment of their cars. Its arguably that this OZ Futura is suit to any car’s platform. Maulana got the original size in 17, 8″-9″ width, but he felt that those size is too safe in his lady. So he ordered a set of 3″ lips to suit what he wants to.

In interior side, Maulana has rewrapped his seat with suede leather. To gives him good visual looking from outside of the car, he installed Webasto sunroof on top of this lady.

Thanks for sharing Maulana. Hopefully we can seek more stance-passionated friends in Medan-Indonesia just like you. If you lived in Medan area and have a story that you think could be shared in here, please contact us directly at ladyonwheels2012@gmail.com or you can contact @fadhlin23 on his Instagram account.