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Mobiloka.com present: Jakarta Meet Up 2015 – Part 1
Iman Machmud

The Jakarta Meet Up 2015 group has been together since 2014 to unite a unique, proper, and quality enthusiasts in an event. It has held last year with numerous people and cars together, simply said the event that sponsored by Mobiloka.com has always stood out in car enthusiasts mind. With an ever-growing number of enthusiasts each year in Indonesia, the event has kept growing as well, and also a goodness of changes has been made to accommodate the loads. Even though the plan was to organise group with only limited to 300 enthusiasts, that plan was quickly ruined with numbers of people who want to be a part of this glorious event, even only as a visitors.

As the sun began on Saturday morning of April 25, many members were ready for the pre-meet up at Plaza Senayan Jakarta for joining a convoy to the venue at Flavor Bliss, Alam Sutera, the participants headed to grab some coffee and breakfast while several media took their appearance with. Winding weather and cool morning air made for an amazing drive after grouping in pre-meet session. Because it was a weekend, and Plaza Senayan shopping center as such no customers, there was always a time for doing a short photoshoot that we had done prior the convoy began. Luckily the rain hasn’t come yet at that morning, which encouraged participants and visitors alike to their time chatting and wandering around the cars to marvel some of the tasteful modifications.

Hoods were popped, wheels were cleaned, engines were revved, and all sounds were very fascinated. While everyone at the event that brought to us by Mobiloka.com had clearly put a lot of time to traveled from several cities, an effort to their pride and joys, a few stood out from the crowd which several of them will be announced to get an achievement from this event later on. Final said for this part 1 coverage, this article wasn’t the end of our great time last week. As the sun began to raise more and clouds seemed darker, the fire of joys was lit once again when the organizer announced that we had ready to go. Enjoy our Jakarta Meet Up Part 1 coverage, if you couldn’t find your car up here, probably they will appear on the part 2 photos and video of this coverage shortly.

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-12

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-32

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-33

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-stance-indonesian stance-indonesia-ladyonwheels-34



Jakarta Meet Up 2014 with toyo Tires Indonesia and mobiloka.com Part 2
Muh. Sofiandry

Today we bring you directly the second part of Jakarta Meet Up 2014 event coverage, brought to you by great partnership from Toyo Tires Indonesia and mobiloka.com. If you’ve seen the first part already, there is a good chance to a few of the same cars will make the appearance in Cibubur Rest Area after a long convoy from Al-Azhar Jakarta. We would like to send a huge shout out once again to all Jakarta Meet Up organizers for everything that they have done and we look forward to putting our frame again on another their quality event in Indonesia very soon.

jakarta meet up 2014-jakmeet-ladyonwheels-indostance-indonesian stance-indonesian fitment-event-indonesia-part 2-1

jakarta meet up 2014-jakmeet-ladyonwheels-indostance-indonesian stance-indonesian fitment-event-indonesia-part 2-2

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Jakarta Meet Up 2014 with Toyo Tires Indonesia and mobiloka.com part 1
Muh. Sofiandry

Probably all of you remember one of the glorious event last year that attended by myriad stance enthusiasts namely by Indonesian Stance Lover’s Meet up. A promising event that did not require a money for registration, an event that even free from super loud sound system and tremendous trophies or achievement that scattered in front of the cars to shown up. This event taught us how to having fun without profit-seeking things, and how most of car enthusiasts appreciated this event because of its flexibility. This year, Toyo Tire Indonesia and mobiloka.com interested to work in partnership with Jakarta Meet up guys and helps Jakarta Meet Up crews to creates the best gimmick for this event. Several simple achievements has granted to some of enthusiasts at the end of this event. Approximately more than 250 cars enlivened this event, all cars came with their prides and joy. All activities started from registration in Al-Azhar jakarta first before driven to Cibubur-Rest Area. The last Jakarta Meet up event still took place at the Cibubur Rest Area, but we think that for the next event, they should considering to find bigger place to accommodate the growing fitment lifestyle. Overall said, this lifestyle event went very smoothly, thanks to the great job done by the Jakarta Meet up organizers and the weather could not have been any better at that time. This part 1 article will coverage the enthusiasts when they arrived and did a short registration at first meeting point. Another article on part 2 will bring you to all happiness that they made on Cibubur Rest Area.

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The car we drive say a lot about us: Adhimas BMW E36
Iman Machmud

Again, the BMW E36 is one of those cars with a love it or hate it reputation. As the successor to E30, it had some rather large shoes to fill, especially with the E30 M3 being one of the most influential legendary cars of its time, the design that still gives any enthusiasts’ heart a flutter when it is seen. BMW’s designers didn’t fall short in the looks department, the E36 sporting a sleek and classy body from the factory. While the previous E30 sported a smaller physical size of it’s body, the E36 came bigger and with a newer production engine that much to be desired in terms of power, but kept with the balance of the car as BMW typically. Many of the aftermarket has developed for the E36 enthusiasts like our friend Adhimas that don’t need any complexities for what he did to achieve this looks. Please allow us to introduce the perfect built and deceived the numerous E36 built from others, Adhimas and his beauty E36.

From the countless photos and videos that I’ve seen, and the facts I’ve seen to from Indonesian stance friends that the level of demand over BMW E36 either the four door sedan or coupe one is very high. Stance on E36 has exploded over the last 3 years, and while the rest of us caught on, it didn’t mean that the Adhimas only sat idly by and watched. He kept on doing his research and honing his knowledge to pick in where position that this E36 should be among other E36s.

This E36 was built with the 2.0 L displacement. Some people said that this engine is underpowered. but as the BMW enthusiast, the 2.0 Liter engine is one of the strongest in its class. The M52 engine is an upgrade of the M50 engine on it’s successor E30. To reduce engine weight, it was produced with an aluminum block giving the engine with 166kg of weight. The Engine is equipped with a single VANOS, and the Vanos adjusts the timing of the valves by adjusting the position of the cam shaft relative to the drive gear.

In my opinion the M52 engine is a fast and responsive engine, with constant care and maintenance it could go up to higher mileage without getting a rebuild or overhaul. The Engine of the 320i is great and suit in tropical condition like Indonesia, provided that there are no air bubbles on your cooling system and you’re using proper coolant mixture then you don’t have to worry about overheating. Sometimes the main issue of the M52 engine is the piston “O” ring which tends to deteriorate when you reach 100k mileage, you’ll notice this when the engine is rattling and there’s a great loss of power. Starting the M52 engine in the morning really makes your day bright though, it has character, character and character. The 320i E36, it’s not the fastest car, it’s a bit outdated, it’s not the sleekest but for me as a driver it has character that no other car in its class can achieve. There are so many e36 running around the city despite its old age and I view it as a testament to its reliability and never fading character. Some people like Adhimas that loves speed of course felt unpleasant with “gift”, so he decided to stroked up the engine into 2.6 L, 328i crankshaft, and 325i throttle body.

Now we continue with the exterior side. As usual, one of the biggest changes if you modifying the E36 that you’ll notice is of course that full M-tech body kit. Adhimas also added a few small changes and additions though that many of us non-limited edition owners will easily overlook. A stage 1 lips below front bumper, and the M3 body line just to name a few.

On the outside also, Adhimas repainted to achieved a clean OEM look on his lady to spice things up a bit. The car is clean and simple, almost OEM-plus, yet it looks tough as nails rolling down the road or sitting still. It’s a classic look and Adhimas has done a great job not taking things too far, but things might change. He’s planning on changing a set of several old rubbers in exterior, which personally I’m not too keen on, but I’m sure Adhimas have a good reasons to pull it off.

While it may not be as low as most of the cars that featured here, there is no denying that it sits freaking beautiful. Adhimas choice of wheels is super awesome actually. A set of super rare Carline Dynatech that he got from Jay Euro Garage in Indonesia. Sized at 18×8.5″ front and 10″ rear. They were finished off with a the original polished condition. In order to have the wheels exactly where he wanted them to Ahimas actually had to restructuring the wheels before. The original condition was sold for 5 series offset, but as I mention above that Adhimas needs to differenciate it’s class from other E36’s, so with the help of Mr. Agung Wijaya from Jay Euro Garage, he remade those wheels special for E36’s fitment.

Adhimas took it upon himself for not repaint the wheels because the high polished look will give better enhancement to it’s look combined with the black milky paint on exterior. Adhimas also added some strutbars on engine bay and trunk to gives precision feeling when turning and speeding on this low condition.

These set of Carline Dynatech definitely works good on here though, and keep with the clean and classy body style. Despite being heavily influenced by the US scene, this E36 is special in the way it is finished. The execution is spot on, and this wheels makes for an instant mixed classic and modern no matter where you are.

While this might be one of the more subtle cars we’ve featured here, it doesn’t mean the car is any less impressive. It may not be as in-year-face, but that’s the whole point of the OEM+ style. Nothing is meant to jump out at you, but you find yourself staring, and the more you stare the more you discover. This E36 is all about subtle and detail. The factory-fresh OEM exterior, super rare wheels, simple, static stance, and detailed interior all executed to the highest degree of fit and finish are what make this car special. In interior side, Adhimas only upgraded the original steering wheel with the M3 type, and changing whole seats with the the Alcantara type one. The M3 speedometer also gives an impressions look on interior while he drive this beauty.

Adhimas E36 certainly has an impressive profile in Indonesia. Attractive, good stance, useful for daily use, very nice power, and famous platform heritage. This particular E36 is a great example of the total package and Adhimas is very happy and proud with the results. He tells us that he doesn’t have too many plans for its future other than enjoying it and hunting down another rare items for his stanced lady. Worth to be a great example though.

Thanks Adhimas.

Indonesian Stance lovers on Goodrides.co launching: Indonesian true strength – Part 1
Muh. Sofiandry

If there is one car show we would recommend you to attend in this march, it would have to be a launching of Goodrides.co in partnership with Indonesian Stance (IndoStance). Without a doubt you’ll be surrounded with a numerous kind of Indonesian stance cars and lifestyle that well rocketed since early 2000’s. Firstly said, congratulations to the launching of our fellas on goodrides.co, hopefully all your future journey will be bigger than ever. What I personally most excited to see this Indonesian Stance lover guys is a greater number of participants in every single meet up they had. We are really glad to this happy fact because according to their information that this glorious event attended by more than 350 cars. Automatically it was the biggest stance meet up in Indonesia so far. Actually we were bit late yesterday, we thought that this event will be till all night long, or at least until 6 on afternoon. But because the uncertain weather condition yesterday, a lot of cars had left the venue right before we came in. Bad luck for us actually. But we were trying to captured with our best for the rest. This coverage will be divided into 2 parts, that you guys can read through all the way down on part 1 and part 2 in our site. Big thanks to goodrides’ guys up there, really thanks to them for their kindness.



Click here for the part 2 coverages.

Thanks guys!!!