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Joy is timeless: Dino’s BMW 520 E12 1977 on BBS RS
Iman Machmud

You have your regular classic BMW enthusiasts, then you have your proper old BMW nut cases, and then at the top of the tree you will have Mr. Dino RS. Never have I met personally someone with this much adoration for the humble german car. Since Dino started to drive, he has adopted several BMWs in his life. Most of them are old, but the build journal was written well in Dino’s hand.

As for where Dino’s heart lies, it is a bit hard to nail down, but he’s happy to admit that BMWs came as his first love. In the hunt for his first classic car at that time, it was German steel that stole his passion. He said to us that, ” I grew up on the back seat of a BMW,” says Dino. “Both of my parents fall in love as well with BMW. So lots of memories there. “I figured that some of the people underestimate the ability to survive with an old European cars, but I had none, none big issues to taking care of.” said Dino.

One of his projects began with this flawless BMW 520i E12 1977 Euro Spec version. Dino found this car at the first time still in pretty good shape, and without a doubt, he brought this car once negotiation price were met. If we talking about this sedan, when it was launched in 1970s, the 5-Series was tasked with building on the success of the legendary ‘Neue-Klasse’ saloons that did so much to cement BMW as a top-line motor manufacturer. It’s fair to say that it not only met those expectations but went on to carve a prosperous future for the German company. It was so successful that the current models really are direct descendent.

You can see on this page, Dino has tackled every upgrade and modification himself – especially when it comes to the wheels choice. And I’m not talking about mundane jobs here, but the sort of custom ideas that has turned his E12 into one of the coolest BMW E12 alive on the streets of Jakarta-Indonesia. In her 2nd years since, this lady has received numerous levels of attention, as Dino’s interest shift from this car to another classic german cars that he owned as well.

In the early years, Dino did a total body restorations while his eyes never closed on finding the rare and factory additional body kit on internet. Dino took the steps to bought and install the front add-on lips specially made for E12 back then. One the parts on this E12 that was uber rare is the BBS trunk spoiler that again, is specially made for this car is installed on this green E12.

The suspension received another round of changes. The first idea was to install an air suspension, but Dino said that the bag hits the inner fender though. But his desire to got a tucked wheels inside with mild drops was unstoppable. This time in the form of shortened strut housings, custom springs, and taller rear shock mounts, all helping to adjust suspension lengths to lowering the car without hassles on ride quality.

The wheels on this E12 are absolutely beauties; a set of BBS RS 212 which upconverted from 17 inch to 18×8.5 fronts and 18×9.5 rears, in low offsets – filling out the E112’s guards and tucked nicely, with a bit of a pulled and rolled. The wheels are absolutely transformed the whole look of the car, and other people’s perspectives on the car and what it represents. Gold faces, slanted lips, decent drops are definitely win, win, and win.

Another big step that being taken to this car was the Stromberg Double carburetors on the engine side, along with the upgrades on ignition and exhaust system, Dino was able to meet great power gains in his E12 compared to stock power.

As Dino lived in the car to and from work and on the weekends, the decision to make things a bit more comfortable for himself and passengers was made without sacrificing his dreams on this E12. The original front seat were taken out and changed to pristine Recaro LS 81 classic seats while the door trims still untouched, but it’s definitely matched perfectly with the presence of Recaros. The excitement of hunting season was generating its result to Dino that obtained the classic BBS 3-spokes steering wheels for his lady. After all, with the car in a raised position, its aesthetic is reserved and classic, the Dino’s proper taste provides an era-correct look to an otherwise understated car.

In our eyes personally, Dino has shown its shines and loves to this car. As one of only a few who have taken an E12 down the path he has, his car perfectly represents the ways that how wheels, originality, passion, and endless efforts can accentuate an otherwise flawless car. And to cap it all off, Dino tells us that he has bagged 7-Series that still being restored which we hope that he can share with us in the future. Why? Because it’s simply that we’re eager to say the least. If you ask us, more people now should get into this style of modification with their old school ladies – it’s vintage perfection.

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