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Man at his raw and wild: Kasea’s Toyota Altezza

One of the biggest splits within the automotive community in the past has been continuing argument regarding stance and performance. People believes you can either have one or the other but never both. Of course it will be amazed me how riled up some can get over this difference in opinions and the amount of hate that can be generated.


My friend named Kasih is not as old as me. Maybe I will probably die before him. He took ownership of Toyota Altezza in last year, before he could even “legally” drive though. It wasn’t just any old car, however; probably it was not the first car his father bought for him when he lives in Indonesia. This car was a learning process, as many first cars are. He is not only learning how to drive, but how to build too.





It’s quite apparent that the one aspect of the car that stands out is its stance. If you’re reading for the sole reason to blame this car for being, “not functional,” please save your words and do something productive like trying to learn other things. Kasih certainly has a good knowledge about fitment of it, and it was necessary to fit a set of proper-size Work Meister that he has.






To make the ride even more comfort to drive, Kasih was not installed any interior accecories that made this stanced lady are far from her original form. Only replacing the steering wheel with probably smaller size than the original one.

kolase 2





Maybe Kasih is not so serious for now. Despite the original interior and other fitment setups. This stanced lady will be built with fun in mind in his future.  Future plans call for a exterior setup, picking up for new wider wheels, etc. It will definitely worth to wait.

Thanks Kasih.