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Riverside works: An emotion in motion-Arie’s bagged crown

It’s been two weeks ago since we have actually got excited over a stance-passionated cars in JakModFest‘s event in Jakarta-Indonesia. In this industry, sometimes you will see the same people every week at the same car meets-up in your city, who most likely compete at the same shows. You meet by the same style cars until suddenly, you meet the magnificent one. A lady that truly lives up for being a stance-neckbreaker.


We have always been a big fan of OEM-plus styling, and my first encounter with it was most certainly the Europeans cars such as Mercedes and BMWs.  While the origins of the style could be traced elsewhere, the Euro Lady certainly put it in the forefront.  Now, the level of perfect modification details coming from Japanese big bodied car with the best luxury saloon at her era.


I met Mr. Arie, a truly VIP-artist on last three weeks ago. Why an artist? He consistently plays on VIP’s role in every single cars he had. Being bagged is a must for his passion.


Together he came with Reza and his crown lady as well. Mr. Arie’s lady has the perfect balance of OEM and custom mods. To my knowledge, this is one of the best 11th gen of Toyota Crown that I have seen in Jakarta.  All the parts are still OE, and if talk about having VIP’s blood, in the end though, everything worked and just look at the results on our frames in this article.


A very nice set of Work Durandal has been fitted well. The stance of this car is what’s really impressive and definitely is what first caught my eye when I first saw photos of it.  The car’s height is slammed via an Universal Air-ride kit.  The kit is centered around a 4-gallon tank and two 480C Viair compressors.  Much like the car, the air kit is simple, and most importantly it works perfectly in his lady.  There are plenty of fancy air-ride kits out there that are really complex which is really cool, but that leaves a lot more to go wrong.  Mr. Arie drives this lady every day!! The fitment is absolutely on point, and the wheels suit the car perfectly.







There’s nothing fancy in interior side. Like I said above, we do love an OE’s car. Still equipped with the original parts as is.




This fitment is horny-able in our opinion.





If you missed Reza’s bagged crown, you could see it here, and If you think your car has what it takes to be on our site make sure you email us at ladyonwheels@gmail.com. Make sure you include a few photos and your spec list as well as any other information we should know about you or your lady. We’re always looking for cars to be featured.


Riverside works: A consistency period – Reza’s bagged crown
Muh. Sofiandry

Now finally I found a big bodied Japanese on last Sunday afternoon to be featured. I was falling in love and appreciating properly done this style very much. I am pretty sure this sexy lady below has inspired us in here more and more. One of the things I find so intriguing on “this” side of the scene is her attention to details. With that said, not all of the guys who are into the whole “VIP” side of things have “true” VIP cars. Window curtains, tables hanging off the rear view mirror and also all things toward Garson’s brands do not make a VIP car, rather everything from the way a car sits, down to small details such as all original parts still equipped properly on the car, maybe some stereo, and even sits on airs. It’s the chassis & ultimately the consistency for loving this kind of style that separates a proper VIP Style from others that just inspired.

There’s no denying that the Japanese VIP’s scene has come a long ways in the last decade. Whether that’s due to the popularity of stance and wheel fitment, or the fact that a lot of the VIP platforms are becoming more affordable is up to debate until now. On several years before, Indonesia concerned more on this kind of style though. Several cars like all generations of Toyota big bodied lady has played an importance role in many modification contests a long time ago. As far as the presence of stance and hellaflush comes to this era, the name of Mr. Reza Harianto and his friends from Akasia Garage is always recognized by any in the scene as one of the most respected VIP crews, and his 11-gen Toyota Crown may be one of the hottest VIP cars here in Indonesia until right now.

Cars associated with VIP style usually have common characteristics, such as high end wheels with excessive amounts of dish with low offsets that sit flush with the fender, exhausts that stick out past the rear bumper, a full bodykit or lip kit, glossy paint and a lowered ride height usually by air suspensions. It is not uncommon to see extremely negative camber on many VIP style cars. And the traditional colors of VIP Style cars are usually black, white, grey and silver.

Of course VIP cars are all about the stance and wheel fitment, and Reza’s crown-lady does not disappoint in this category. Exclusive wheels, fat lips, a smidge of poke up front, and a nice amount of tuck in the rear, all the boxes are ticked on this one. The VIP iconic Work Varianza F2S measure in at 19×10 up front and 19×11.5 out back with offsets of +15 in front and +5 at rear resulting in more dish than a deep-dish pizza. Loved it mate!!!

To achieve th VIP ride height, Reza went with a tried and true air suspension setup using Universal Air that fabricated on Akasia Garage properly. There’s so much debate going on now about air vs static, but it’s hard to argue that Reza didn’t make the right choice by fitting air on his lady. The stance and fitment is just so on point and keeps with the whole VIP theme.

We done this shot on Sunday afternoon. Actually we have more surprises, but I thought it will be good if we set up more stories behind this well known VIP’s guys in Indonesia.

Reza has a lot more up his sleeve for this daily driver and some exclusive info tells us that there will be more added parts like entailing a full interior build with classy touch and a an engine swap perhaps for those hoping for more performance out of these fitment builds. I always look forward to writing or reading the next feature on this one of a kind VIP’s lady. Basically I have made a short film for this lady, but for the sake of video goodness, I would like to ask you for wait a bit. Because we are not having only one massive VIP’s lady, it means, we have TWO on this.

Thanks!!! And keep watching us. It will be more to come.

A short story of our loves and passions

It was approximately one year since we opened this blog. A lot of things that have an impact as big major change to us here in LadyOnWheels. We never thought if we could love this “works” before. If the word “works” was interpreted correctly, then of course a works must carry certain benefits such as money, prestigious, and so on. But however, as time passed by, we were never trying to get money from this works. The phrase “When Indonesian treats car like lady”, in our opinion these phrase was not just a gimmick that we wanted to convey in this blog. LOVE, we do love the car that have brought us until this far. Because we assume that treating a car is the same as treating a women. The next question is: “Can you do a ruthless things only to get the money from women that you loved??” And bravely shout here: Big NO for the money from the works that we loved to.

Actually we make this article to shows who we are here in LadyOnWheels. Maybe it’s just a review of what we’ve done in the last week. Last week was the long week for our team, very tired though, but also very interesting. Obviously what we are doing so far is not too away from the photography of  the stance and hellaflush cars. For us, the presence of words “stance” and “hellaflush” has brought great changes to the car modification in the world and also our works respectively. It can be seen along with the increasing number of cars which apply these kind of style. Last week for example, we met Alvi, the owner of stanced Honda Freed. We covered his lady last week, and it was a special day for me especially, because all of our team was on there too. Baply, Fian, Arman, Daniel, and including me was there. We talked so many things, about new wheels, styles, stanced car, new stance issues, etc.

In Sunday morning last week, our adventure began by the arrival of Alvi and his stanced lady. As always, we feel very proud and honored that has chosen to covered and done the photography session with his lady. It was just one word, which is “WOW!!!”. The modification style likes “stance” and “hellaflush today is commonly used by sedan. There are some people who are very love these style like on kind of MPV or SUV. But those number is not as much as a sedan.

After long conversation, we decided to start a photography session in the Alvi’s lady. On camera vision, I felt pretty satisfied with the works that was done by one of our partners, namely Rotors Wheelstore that creats magic on this Honda Freed.The results is flawless.

The guy with white t-shirt is Baply. He is one of our designer and also content writer in LadyOnWheels. The left one named Daniel Bramantyo, he owned a stanced Suzuki Swift that you can see his lady below later on. Our story actually was not a perfect as other’s fairy stories. We always learn to provide a good articles for our lovely readers every weeks. We always seek from Stance|Works as our guidance, our teacher, and inspirational media that we loved today. Thanks to them that gives us chance to be representatives of Stance|Works Indonesia.

One of our precious moment is when the S|W’s approval came to our inbox. Several requirements were needed to complete along with their approval. Started from the blog’s layout design, color tone editing, and soul that they have planted in every works that they had. Stance|Works always successfully creates magic in every works. As a junior and also their fans, we are very far to achieved their soul, but we believe LOVE that buried inside will brings us to provide results like them.

After we’ve done with Alvi’s lady. We decided to captured a whitey-stanced Suzuki Swift that belongs to one of our lovely team, Daniel Bramantyo. The result of our works is attached below.

Baply always asked to me when we could featured all team’s lady that we built so far. I think the result of our builds is far from “nice” words. If we compared to several cars in here, it was practically brings me down. But we promise that we will show to all of you later on how we treats our ladies.

That we called works within solid team. Me, Fian, Arman, and Baply always helps each other to find the proper scene for our works. We loved to share anything about LadyOnWheels. We are striving to achieved the looks that we loved to. Those guys never left me alone when do the photoshoots for friends in here.

We also done several rolling shot to those ladies. Making a videos for them to provide a short teaser for Jakmodfest. Those activities also in order to support Jakmodfest’s event that will be held on June 29th next week. Pretty tough day right..But story still goes on.

This one of the behind the scene before we cropped a bit, removed our car’s door that we used to shoot this moving shot. For the rolling shot like this, it was quiet difficult though. Not every scene is succeed when we capturing the rolling shot. Internet is the biggest resource ever to know about every single things in photography. We still learn from the best. A lot of forums, blogs, websites that provide further information toward rolling shots. Let’s learn together guys. We loved to share everythings in here.

Finished!!! Finally we have finished the Sunday morning sessions. We finally say goodbye to Alvi and hopes that could meet him again in Jakmodfest. Unfortunately we should say goodbye too to Daniel because he should accompanied alvi back to their place in east Jakarta area.

We went home after the sunday morning sessions. We took rest a bit in home and started to sleep while dreaming a very good ambience that we taken for Haikal’s AMG E28 that afternoon.

My phone ranging besides me when I slept away with a dreams. The phone calls from Haikal awakened me that afternoon. After that, I looked out of the window and smiles to the wheather on that afternoon. And together again with the team met Haikal in Alam Sutera, and again, we striving to creats magic on his classic lady.

This second photosession probably one of the shortest time that we have while featuring a lady. It was not more that one hour to captured all the moments through photos and footages. We have explained in Haikal’s thread before that the glorious rain helps us to creates magic-soul in these session.

I sat on Serena’s baggage while always open when I shoot this car. Rainy day, Frosty night, and together along with Haikal as my new friend succesfully made a precious moment for our photography experiences.

Again we had finished our last session that day. We said goodbye to our beloved friend Haikal from Search Autofamily that inspired us until today from his AMG’s E28 lady.

Armed with little power that we have, Arman wanted us to accompany him went to Cyber Hair in Alam Sutera. He felt that his hair was too long, he needed to cut a bit of his hair. Fian was also interested to do the same thing. Finally, either Fian and Arman was decided to changes their hair style before we went back home.

Baply was act like a professional hair stylist on that night. Actually he felt envy to them. Why, because his hair is too curly to follow this nowadays hair trends. Bad luck for you Baply.

That’s all folks. That a whole story of one of our precious moment with LadyOnWheels. The most interesting and the most importance when we running LadyOnWheels is we loved to have new friends in every single week. We are not money oriented here. We just do whatever we like for free now within all of past and also upcoming activities together as a team in here, on LadyOnWheels.




Rainy Day, Frosty Night & Friend : Haikal’s AMG E28
Arman Sayuti

The BMW E28 has become an famous utilized platform in the stance and fitment scene in Indonesia nowadays. With simple suspension modifications, and old wheel and tire packages, this lady can go from an average weekend cruiser to a very good example toward stance & hellaflush perfection.

Haikal from Search Auto owns this eye greeny-catching lady, and has incorporated his own unique style through the use of a set of wheel from AMG which means its come from different car brand, and it has been over the past one years to build an attention as daily driver. This lady really shows up to all of us here that how nice is this platform is.

The BMW E28 BMW 5-Series was made between 1981 and 1988. It replaced the BMW E12 in 1981 and was replaced by the BMW E34 in 1989. E28 Production started in July 1981 and ended in December 1987. The E28 was still sold in North America as a 1988 Model Year car while Europe received the E34 in early 1988. (Source: Wikipedia)

The fitment on Haikal’s E28 is devastating; with the original fenders sitting just millimeters flushed from the lips of the wheels. In order to achieve this pretty stance, a custom static suspension were bolted in, with custom spring rates to keep the frame from smashing into the ground, and the wheels from making contact with the still old and original body. 

Here in LadyOnWheels, we could not resisted a kind of lady like Haikal’s. A humble and modest person that clearly shown along the appearance of this car. We have started a photography session in the afternoon typically. Sometimes we feel lucky with those timing though. It’s quite surprising when my pray to shoot a stanced E28 during rainy day occured. We could see why we loved rain when photograph this lady. 

Taking a look at the exterior, it is kept relatively simple and clean. This lady retains its sleek lines and intended sophistication with the addition of an OEM bumper and front lip, OEM side skirts, and an OEM factory paint I guess; which only add to the aggressive stance and simple nature of the car, without taking away from its factory appeal. Haikal finished off the exterior with a several rare parts such as wing, and the turn signals, front bumper, etc.

Obviously given Haikal’s choice of work, it was pretty rare for us to go with AMG’s flagship wheel line, in a BMW. This wheel is a very clean 5 spoke dished design that is topped off by nicely being step lippped. Finished with original polished faces, they complement the lines and color scheme of Haikal’s stanced-lady perfectly. It’s just nice when seeing this old lady from behind. Trust me.

The interior side was nothing being modified, all originals. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get more photos of the interior because as you can see above, it’s RAINING!!! Love it. I was waiting for this moment for a year. I really want shoots a classic BMW in while raining.

The cloudburst and twilight comes together when I featured this lady. I was thinking at that time, should I stop? Or should I push the limits of weather sealing of my camera to featured a classic BMW on the moment that I have been waiting for a year.

However, Haikal tells us he definitely intends to added something to his lady in the near future. Hopefully in the future once this car sees some aesthetic changes we will have the opportunity to feature once again. Sorry if I leave you guys with a ton of photos, I just want to share to you how happy we are, and how we treats Haikal’s car like lady.


Rotors Wheelstore works: A turning point – Alvi’s Honda Freed
Muh. Sofiandry

Keeping things simple gets harder and harder when your platform are not supports your nowadays stance style. The Honda Freed is one of prime example of that as Honda’s guy knew they had to designed this car as a middle-up comfortable family car. Now I won’t pick sides and choose one over the other, but pay close attention to the differences between this Freed to other Freeds,I said it was awesome. On Alvi’s hand, this mini MPV are magically change to what we called by stance-lady. Of course staying true to the Honda’s MPV tradition; futuristic and long headlights are a given, but now, I would like to show the fancy sides of this platform becomes a very nice stance scene.

Start off with what most have already spotted, the wheels being a 8.5″ on front and 9.5″ rear with staggered set up of SSR. These wheels were found luckily on Rotors Wheelstore. Going with a simple fitment with dramatically dropped the body down, gives Alvi’s lady best scene ever in this brand. The wheels are shiny enough to show off and catch your eyes. No wide body needed, just perfect calculation on offset and with huge experience from Rotors Wheelstore.

On last Sunday, actually we had several photography sessions. On the morning, Alvi comes with his hellaflush lady together with our lovely brother and team, Daniel Bramantyo. We discussed everythings about our world. About stance, hellaflush style, and several topics that I realized this kind of moment was our interests.

About on past ten years ago, people pretend to avoid using shiny-chrome-finished wheels on white color. A lot of people said it’s not a perfect combination though. But now world changes, fitment is more important than ever. When you successfully harmonized your fitment’s character, and a lot of eye outside there will be watching you.

From the left : Alvi, Baply, and Daniel. Sometimes I feel proud of their generation. Their capabilites in automotives are not in moderate low level. They earned its knowledge more of less are from their friendship. Friends is a best media to share your knowledge and also learned more about many things. For example in this stance matters, in early 20’s, some of them already mastered every fitment in cars. Alvi is one the example of my quotes above, with his passions, he succesfully turning this mini MPV become an stance-artist. 

I did test on his Freed last time. I challenged Alvi to let me, Baply, and Daniel ride together with his sexy lady. I doubt that his fitment is only for him and his real girl, in other words, an extreme fitment like this sometimes take not more than 2 passengers on it.

And surprised for me, this car are equipped with the custom static suspension that makes bit bouncy when meet bumpy roads, but no rubbing at all. Even with 4 passengers though.

There were no major changes in interior side, just bit accent on centre mirror to shown up the Alvi’s interests.

In the future, Alvi hopes to lowered more his car or find another interesting parts to add more value in his lady,  we are not sure of when we’ll hear more later on, but this Freed is definitely one of the car that we keep on the radar.