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Cargasm present: December rain 2014
Iman Machmud

We confident to say that Cargasm meet up is one of the most interesting car enthusiasts gathering in Indonesia.  Automotive enthusiasts especially from Bandung-West Java gather for a day long and we know it was never a disappointment to be a part of this meet up. As a matter of fact the word is that Cargasm even saw an increase in attendees at this latest 2014 meet up. Perhaps you wondering how they were looks in our previous partnership called Breeze of Summer, you can click here to see more. Talk about end 2014, we surprised that receiving an invitation from Cargasm guys that they want to held their 11th meetup called by #decemberrain. The good things about this event were seemed to be more rousing because several automotive shops and others such as: JAP Wheel Clinic, Allriginal Wheels, F*ck Wheel Dude, 169 Autogarage, R-Kups vape, AutoMobile Bandung, Bandung Food Trucks, and Piston Project were happy to became a great sponsors and supporters for this event. At this meetup, Cargasm open their gate to all car enthusiasts to join with an extra IDR 150,000,- fee included tshirt, F&Bs, and some voucher from sponsors. Yes, there were a handful of JDM / USDM / Stance and Fitment style present, but there were certainly not as many as people on social networks knows how good the enthusiasts in Bandung. But honestly said, our biggest disappointment is the fact that we failed to join. Heck, our friend Ardie Pichaus cheers us with his coverages and successfully cured our dumps. We’ll be dropping a coverage throughout this glorious meet up today, and we hope you enjoy these next couple photos and maybe even get some inspiration for your future builds. Big thanks to Negy Juanda and Yogie Anggada for the invitation, and of course for Ardie Pichaus for tons of images.

decemberrain cargasm 2014-event-meet up-ladyonwheels-coverage-bandung-indonesia-6

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Enkei Enthushiast Year End Gathering 2014
Iman Machmud

Discussing the quality of a rims from time to time can be hard, as different rims are built for different purposes, whether its for track performance, looks, or for certain purposes. As a wheel’s lover, sometimes we spend the most time thinking about its toughness, the resistance to bending and other forms of damage, then the model of spokes or dishes will be our next point. We bet all of you here already know how great the Enkei brand is. From the timeless design of RPF1 which moderately famous within car enthusiasts in the world, until the latest Enkei wheels likes RC-G4 and RSM9. Even one of our favourite classic wheel, Compe type still exists on their official website. Enkei is one of Japan’s most respected wheel producers for a very great reason, they simply make good and strong wheels. According to some reviews on internet, Enkei wheels tend to be very good-looking without being flashy, and the understated designs contain many features that we think of as anti-impact technology. For example, Enkei makes spokes that are flush or near-flush with the face of the wheel, which prevents an impact from destroying the rim by folding the outer rim over against a spoke. But back in topic now, what you will see in this article is not about how this community do a test on how good the Enkei is, but they gather together, known each others, look after this community, as a car enthusiasts. If we can narrowed my sentence before, they were a family who loved and believed in Enkei wheels. Please scroll down this article to see our coverage in one of the most joy and respectful event in 2014, Enkei Enthusiast Year End Gathering 2014.

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Ladies event: Cars’n’burgers by Jakmodfest – The most awaited vibrant
Muh. Sofiandry

Here is one of the most awesome event that held by our friend @jakmodfest named by Cars’n’Burgers. We had covered their first Jakmodfest event last year and that event become one of the most memorable event for the Indonesian stance lovers. Cars’n’Burgers held in Ancol-Jakarta, Indonesia. This is not your typical car show where they offered a huge opportunity to not only show off what you have done with your car, but you can grab some nice burgers as well at their booth during your good moment at this show. That’s exactly why we chose to cover it here on our site and feel proud to become on of their media partners. As you look through the photos below, you will notice there is little bit of everything for everyone. Our brothers Alwafi and Daniel told that there were also another their great gimmick show likes Car Limbo, Beat the Bumps, etc. With that said, let us know what you think about this event by scrolling down all the pages in this article. The videos of this event can be seen at the latest page of this article. In the meantime, we proudly gives you our coverage toward Cars’n’Burgers event.

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Ladies Event: Modifikasi Plus – ARTOMOTIVE Part 1
Muh. Sofiandry

Most of you have heard of the name Modifikasi Plus magazine by now, but for those who haven’t just yet, they are basically one of great automotive printed and online media in Indonesia that everlastingly put their efforts to featured many car enthusiasts, automotive products and lifestyle as well. Modifikasi Plus together with great sponsorships from Gading Auto Show, Chemical Guys Indonesia, Provision HID, Amazon Protection, Mirza Autocare, TOP 1 Oil, Icon Tshirt ID, Gettinlow.com and many more. They has made their first appearance right here on the form of ARTomotive car contest and meet up event that held at La Piazza Kelapa Gading in 15 June 2014. We have not only kept in touch with those friends, but actually built a really good relationship as exclusive media partner for this glorious event. ARTomotive consists of showing off your pride and joy, as well as having some serious fun in the middle of venue as you’ll see in the second part of our coverage. This first part will be featured some cars on meeting point location before went to the real venue at La Piazza. Today we are going to be sharing just a few photos from the roll-in but stay tuned as there is a lot more coming up.