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Gentlemen taste: Alwafi’s Honda Jazz GE8 on Enkeis
Iman Machmud

I never wanted to publish this article today. Even he don’t want either. But there are something about this Honda GE8 that mesmerized here. Alwafi Auzan, our brother who consistently strived to give our beloved readers the nice captures through his lens, owned (again) a platform that delivered from Honda. This type of car is not a coupe, rare, convertible, or sought after, but his taste to down with a choice of wheels made us can’t resist the beauty appearance from this lady.

At the first time we saw, tons of discussing were made to make this car has the total looks package. He does not feel like it would have been very successful yet. Sometimes we feel shame for just posting up our personal cars in media. Because we were just an ordinary guy who talks about cars a lot and cannot even find the perfect and mesmerizing smile like others did in his social account. Not a good package. You see, the total package has a little bit of everything. Rich, owned some rare cars, has its own lovely name for his cars/wheels, etcThat’s more like it. So maybe no one has actually attained that all-inclusive collection of skills and attributes but if you have, just shut up and stay humble wherever you are.

Honda Fit-Honda Jazz-OEM+-Enkei Wheels-RPF1-RCS-ladyonwheels-alwafi auzan-1

Alwafi’s Honda Jazz RS does not depart from Honda’s original intent. The beautiful black finish covers the factory body lines, which are mildly augmented with a Noblesse PS Racing front. Stock emblems and badging are absent across the edges of the body and replaced with JDM red “H” emblem at front and Fit’s at rear. These changes commonly enhance the understated aesthetic rather than re-interpret the styling; a prudent choice with the common mass platforms. The cleanliness of the chassis and overall fit and finish are not by chance. Alwafi has completely prevented this GE8 from other show car styling; achieving this level of quality from the modern vehicle like this required smart taste and time.

Honda Fit-Honda Jazz-OEM+-Enkei Wheels-RPF1-RCS-ladyonwheels-alwafi auzan-2

Honda Fit-Honda Jazz-OEM+-Enkei Wheels-RPF1-RCS-ladyonwheels-alwafi auzan-3

It is said that how you carry yourself is ultimately more important than almost any other external quality. This lady equipped with the sport springs kit with proper drop and styling, it makes GE8 always has the most appropriate stance. A gorgeous, rare set of 17×8.5/9.5” Enkei RPF1 is found beneath the fenders and wrapped nicely with Yokohama A Drive R1 205/45 front andToyo T1R 215/44 rear, featuring a classic gold finish that always works well on a black car.

Honda Fit-Honda Jazz-OEM+-Enkei Wheels-RPF1-RCS-ladyonwheels-alwafi auzan-4

Honda Fit-Honda Jazz-OEM+-Enkei Wheels-RPF1-RCS-ladyonwheels-alwafi auzan-5

Honda Fit-Honda Jazz-OEM+-Enkei Wheels-RPF1-RCS-ladyonwheels-alwafi auzan-6

Honda Fit-Honda Jazz-OEM+-Enkei Wheels-RPF1-RCS-ladyonwheels-alwafi auzan-7

Honda Fit-Honda Jazz-OEM+-Enkei Wheels-RPF1-RCS-ladyonwheels-alwafi auzan-8

Honda Fit-Honda Jazz-OEM+-Enkei Wheels-RPF1-RCS-ladyonwheels-alwafi auzan-9

Honda Fit-Honda Jazz-OEM+-Enkei Wheels-RPF1-RCS-ladyonwheels-alwafi auzan-10

Honda Fit-Honda Jazz-OEM+-Enkei Wheels-RPF1-RCS-ladyonwheels-alwafi auzan-15

Another set of Enkei RCS 15″ x 6.5 et 28 front, and 15″ x 7.5 et 23 rear are definitely our favorite wheels in this Jazz. It gives a truly aggressive looks in whole package that comes with this car.

Honda Fit-Honda Jazz-OEM+-Enkei Wheels-RPF1-RCS-ladyonwheels-alwafi auzan-17

In the interior side, we found a famous Integra’s Recaro SR3 with a pristine condition. Without a doubt, Alwafi has successfully feeding this lady nicely.

Honda Fit-Honda Jazz-OEM+-Enkei Wheels-RPF1-RCS-ladyonwheels-alwafi auzan-14

Honda Fit-Honda Jazz-OEM+-Enkei Wheels-RPF1-RCS-ladyonwheels-alwafi auzan-11

Honda Fit-Honda Jazz-OEM+-Enkei Wheels-RPF1-RCS-ladyonwheels-alwafi auzan-12

Honda Fit-Honda Jazz-OEM+-Enkei Wheels-RPF1-RCS-ladyonwheels-alwafi auzan-13

Meet the legend: Benny’s E34 M5
Iman Machmud

We all love cars, even when they’re working or not in sometimes, but it’s pretty rare today to come across someone for whom their car really is so memorable and everything to them. Benny is one such man. His passion to bought back this car and saved her life for us personally is unrivalled in anyone we’ve ever met, and it’s this raw, unbridled passion for what was once a humble E34 M5 that has driven him to built one of the finest example out here in Australia, and we believe so. Subtlety goes a long way these days, the less-is-more approach often saying way more than ostentation and wackiness ever could.

BMW E34 M5-M5-E34-OEM-Benny-Perth-Australia-1

When I met Benny couple weeks ago, he said about the ethos of his build, you see – it’s not just a case of modifying and optimising, it’s effectively renewing everything that could be renewed in order to make the car stand out among the best, indeed and agreed so, as close to a “new” E34 M5 as is possible given current parts availability.The totality of Benny and his father shown up when they ordered parts and billed by thousand of dollars directly to BMW Germany, they really went all-out when build this car. To be honest, Benny and his father had done a pretty damn fine job, wouldn;t you say? The subtlety of Macao Blue hue adds to the stealthy ethos of the build, and it’s pleasantly old-school too, being the car’s original paint.

BMW E34 M5-M5-E34-OEM-Benny-Perth-Australia-2

BMW E34 M5-M5-E34-OEM-Benny-Perth-Australia-12

And once it was all buffed to perfection, the M-Parallel set of wheels with 18×9-9.5 was installed to give another OEM look of this old lady. Nowadays, a lot of people can get an inspiration from million of sources. From how you create a perfect stance-weapon, until the references of how to build a fast cars. But I felt here Benny is an interesting man – passionate, highly appraised on OEM style, intense, but a really nice guy and one with more than a few stories to tell in behind of this car. Maybe 1 or 2 years are sufficient enough for someone out there to earn reputation on the street backed up with their 4 digit wheels, a huge compressor to lift you up to the moon, and fancy paint as well, but for man like Benny, renewed everything is much more appreciable for him.

BMW E34 M5-M5-E34-OEM-Benny-Perth-Australia-5

BMW E34 M5-M5-E34-OEM-Benny-Perth-Australia-6

Perhaps some you could ask of any BMW “M5” enthusiast with the question “what is the best M5 BMW has ever produced” and probably you will get a different answer from each one. From a favorable old M5 like E28, until the last 2014 line of F10 M5, that’s why for his reason alone, I don’t even like to ask the question as I don’t think there is a conclusive answer. However, personally said, I think there is a strong argument in inferring that the most unique M5 BMW ever produced is the E34 M5. The genuine reason in our opinion was the E34 was the last 5 series to feature that classic BMW 5 series design. Specifically, the E34 5 series featured round headlamps, a classic “boxy” BMW front end, and the interior is decorated with those classic European climate control levers and dials. After the E34 finished it’s production, both the interior and exterior design of the 5 series changed forever.

BMW E34 M5-M5-E34-OEM-Benny-Perth-Australia-7

BMW E34 M5-M5-E34-OEM-Benny-Perth-Australia-8

Powered by a development of the thoroughbred 3.8-litre DOHC straight-six first seen in the M1 supercar, the E34 M5 arrived in late 89’s in Australia, but Benny said that his father imported this left-hadn-drive car direct from Germany. It was instantly sought-after by Benny and his father for its combination of prestige, power (232kW at 6900rpm) and outstandingly pure, six individual throttle, rear-driven dynamics. Coupled to a five-speed manual gearbox, the performance figures still impressed us by today. Actually in our point of view, the E34 doesn’t feel quite as threadable as the E28 and its ride, while comfortable, is appreciably firmer. But with the tauter chassis and reduced body roll comes more outright grip and you have to try harder to unstick the rear end.

kolase 2

BMW E34 M5-M5-E34-OEM-Benny-Perth-Australia-3

BMW E34 M5-M5-E34-OEM-Benny-Perth-Australia-14

BMW E34 M5-M5-E34-OEM-Benny-Perth-Australia-9


By keeping all concept in the family, Benny and his father set about refreshing and brought them back to the original one. “Firstly we started with the interior,” Benny said. “The seats themselves were retrimmed with the original Alcantara’s suede material that was also imported directly from Germany.” This M5 interior have lovely solidity about pure breed performance car, and details such as the steering position, semi-race seat, the instruments, speak of a time of uncluttered simplicity and performance.

BMW E34 M5-M5-E34-OEM-Benny-Perth-Australia-11

BMW E34 M5-M5-E34-OEM-Benny-Perth-Australia-10

BMW E34 M5-M5-E34-OEM-Benny-Perth-Australia-13

BMW E34 M5-M5-E34-OEM-Benny-Perth-Australia-4

BMW E34 M5-M5-E34-OEM-Benny-Perth-Australia-15

All of those gorgeous and passionate touches, with the right car, that’s pretty much all you need to stand out – no sense in changing things excessively for the sake of social media reputation. Benny’s E34 M5 takes a near perfect package and pretends to brought back this beast in her condition as should be. It’s a success, wouldn’t you say?

The exception for being original: Iwa’s converted Honda Estilo SR3
Muh. Sofiandry

As a prior owner of a Honda Civic Estilo (SR3) in the past 12 years ago, I can honestly say this kind of car in Indonesia are and forever will be the absolute example of how fast the stance scene has grown between mid 2000’s until today. I recall the days when I thought a set of wheels barely really flush or even sunk with my fenders and a mildly reduced wheel gap was “aggressive” and I was officially cool enough to share my ride with any friends. That was back in 1998, and the scene has transformed substantially since a lot of people right now known the satisfaction of an OEM plus build. The game gradually changed now.

honda estilo-estilo-sr3-eg6-oem-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-medan-2

Everyone knows the Civic and many of you perhaps may have owned one at one time. It is one of the world’s most popular cars. Many people know that Honda made a sporty version of the civic which took a light small hatchback and made it go faster. Honda was the king of the hot hatches in the 90s and this was the car that stood out. Hot hatches are fun to drive given their light weight, powerful engines, and nimble size. These cars were very popular in areas of Asia and Europe where small vehicles work well with the tight roads.

honda estilo-estilo-sr3-eg6-oem-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-medan-3

Iwa’s SR3 represents this evolution that I told above of because he knows very well the never ending journey to have the fully loaded OEM EG6 (Japan’s version) car as soon as possible. Iwa’s SR3 is one of the cleanest car that I’ve seen personally, and it is clearly evident he did all he could to stand out from the crowd while getting from point A to point B, in all the right ways of OEM+ modifications.

honda estilo-estilo-sr3-eg6-oem-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-medan-4

honda estilo-estilo-sr3-eg6-oem-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-medan-5

The almost famous EG6 Civic SiR needs no introduction to the legions of Honda fans out there. Although neither the first car nor the first Civic to be equipped with the notoriously good B16A DOHC VTEC powerplant, it was one of the first to provide a nimble, lightweight and agile chassis. Even today in indonesia, the car remains as popular as it was back in ’92 among enthusiasts as a cost-effective, sub-tonne, flexible pocket racer, with tremendous aftermarket parts in the market. Unfortunately for most Honda lovers in Indonesia, the sole agent honda distributor in this country downgraded its specs to be matched in Indonesia. That’s why we have SR3 version in this lovely country. And also the high revving B16B DOHC VTEC motor is not included the SR3, of course, we only powered with only D16A type of engine. This has always left a nagging question among Honda enthusiasts: what would an EG6 have been look alike? Let’s find out through Iwa’s SR3. He has changed numerous body parts to be converted into EG6. 

honda estilo-estilo-sr3-eg6-oem-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-medan-9

honda estilo-estilo-sr3-eg6-oem-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-medan-13

We have feature some kinds of Honda’s on LadyOnWheels here in the past, but one of the the most original, clean, and simply most OEM+ style still happens to be this particular one. Fadhlin, as our brother to feature in Medan area met Iwa and his lady was on very immaculate condition. Iwa told to him that the first time he bought this car was not in good condition. A huge wide body in front fenders (contest-car typically), bad body painting, etc. Iwa need something to turned his passion in OEM+ style mods within this car. After debating for quite long time, whether its would be a massive stance weapon or build for something clean and tidy OEM+ style EG6 as an output. Thanks God you’ve decided onto this way though.

honda estilo-estilo-sr3-eg6-oem-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-medan-10

honda estilo-estilo-sr3-eg6-oem-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-medan-11

The simplicity of Iwa’s Estilo SR3 is deceiving. A wonderful exercise of reserved taste the exterior has only seen an updated exterior parts such as OEM EG6 front lip, Honda Access EG6 foglamp, OEM EG6 plastic headlight, EG6 flat side lamp, mudflap, retractable mirrors, and the most astonishing one for us is the 15″ wheel cover originally from EG6 too. Together along with a helps from “16 Autoparts” in Medan, Iwa imported all of this treasure parts in some country like Malaysia and Japan as well. These kind of conversion has always been my favorite of the various options available for the Estilo SR3 to be modified, it adds aggression and agility looks while maintaining continuity with the lines of the car. Iwa also repainted this car by OEM EG6 paint catalog, Captiva Blue to gives some EG6’s essence while driving into the town.

honda estilo-estilo-sr3-eg6-oem-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-medan-22

honda estilo-estilo-sr3-eg6-oem-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-medan-19

honda estilo-estilo-sr3-eg6-oem-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-medan-20

honda estilo-estilo-sr3-eg6-oem-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-medan-8

honda estilo-estilo-sr3-eg6-oem-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-medan-21

honda estilo-estilo-sr3-eg6-oem-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-medan-14

Interior parts perhaps will be my favorite conversion in this car. As with any great build on exterior, Iwa’s SR3 has a great assortment of interior goodies that add to the experience and feeling you get from sitting in the form of factory beauty. It starts with the OEM EG6 SiR EG6 interior such as front seats, rear seats, sun visor, floor mat, until the door trim as well. You also can see Iwa changed the SR3 original cluster to EG6. All of that leads you to the beautiful scene of the EG6 perfection that added without touch of aftermarket support what will be looking too far away from factory. Everything is just right.

honda estilo-estilo-sr3-eg6-oem-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-medan-15

honda estilo-estilo-sr3-eg6-oem-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-medan-16

honda estilo-estilo-sr3-eg6-oem-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-medan-30

honda estilo-estilo-sr3-eg6-oem-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-medan-17

honda estilo-estilo-sr3-eg6-oem-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-medan-25

honda estilo-estilo-sr3-eg6-oem-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-medan-24

honda estilo-estilo-sr3-eg6-oem-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-medan-7

honda estilo-estilo-sr3-eg6-oem-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-medan-29

Iwa’s SR3 is an absolutely outstanding example of what we all have deep inside of us, passion and determination. We will be gives more attention to people both in Jakarta or other regions to looked at this kind of style that truly unbeatable in terms of understanding and passions. Final said, great works buddy. Keep it up. Just tell us if you finished your engine conversion, we will be more than glad to featured it back.