Our Team

The Man

Alwafi Auzan

Photographer – Editor

A passionated and humble brother that undertake the car photography for his best. He is also the young generous of OEM Honda addict that reflects on his daily lady. Together with him, our pride and passions to accommodates more on Indonesian car’s scene will be bigger than before.

Daniel Bramantyo

Public Manager – Events & Media

Daniel finally joined us together along with his passion in Indonesian stance scene. Within his organization skills and owning a stanced car too, Daniel help us here to bring more works on this site. This guy currently works publicly for any general enquiries of features in this site to our beloved readers and also managing in upcoming events.


Photographer – Medan Region

Raised in Medan – North Sumatera. Earned his photography skills together along with his good self-learning ability. Owning a stanced Honda Genio to personalized his passions on stance culture. Fadhlin will become our team, brother, and photographer for Medan – North Sumatera area. Hopefully, all stanced ladies in Medan will be featured beautifully through his eye.

Iman Machmud

Writer – Editor – Photographer

As a writer, photographer, editor, and also as older brother for www.ladyonwheels.com, I had dreams to gather together with friends and family of Indonesian Stance to bring this scene for international level. In ladyonwheels, I was sitting as photographer with experiences in not only photography but digital illustration & videography as well.

Muh. Sofiandry


Fian is a young-talented guy from Indonesia. He has been in photography and more in clothing line for currently 3 years. He also studied at Bina Nusantara in Jakarta-Indonesia. To supplement his self-taught photographic skills, he received a lot of inspiration from another brothers in ladyonwheels.

Arief Rahman Pratama

Videographer – Editor

Arief is a talented guy from Indonesia. He has loved videography so much. He was also graduated from one of best state university in Bandung-Indonesia. As a self-taught videographer, humble, and nice brother, we believe that he will add another touch in our coverages.

Vincentius Vitto Savero

Photographer – Jogjakarta region

Vitto has joined us couple months ago when we need someone capable to doing a photoshoot in Jogjakarta area. He was very experienced in landscapes and street photography makes us wondering why don’t we take this gem with us together.

Dedek Nuhok

Videographer – Medan region

Dedek has joined us couple months ago when we need someone capable to doing a great videoshoot in Medan area. He has very pleasant colors taste and style for a car makes us wondering why don’t we take this another gem with us together.

Who’s next?