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PROPERINCH work: Adhimas’ Atlantis Blue E36 on OZ Alleggerita
Muh. Sofiandry

We thought Adhimas got it right in his quest to find what is “just right”. The same chosen vehicle, BMW E36 had to accentuate his soul to play with another E36 but in different style. The tight racing soul of the OZ Alleggerita gave a clean and aggressive daily car without looking over-done and the lines had to flow with the stance. Prior experience with stanced E36 with Carline Dynatech made the another aggressive E36 is a perfect choice to shown people of those two different styles. It was just right. See the video teaser of Adhimas E36 feature that lovely made by Arief @properinch. It’s worth to watch.

PROPERINCH work: A Scandinavian Masterpiece – Andy’s Bagged Volvo S90 960 on Schmidt TH-Line
Muh. Sofiandry

All cars has it’s own story to their owners. Every car has a background and rich history with its respective owners. Whether it was a garaged queen that was taken out only on the weekends, or a college student’s car, it was completely unique and mirrored that single person. This goes exactly for Andy and its bagged S90 as well. From the reasons why a swedish car became his single option to joy with and a long story about his built to achieve broad acknowledgement from many car enthusiasts. This article is a video teaser from our brother Arief @properinch, and make sure you’ll wait for the full feature of it.