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Off time pleasure: a day with Zak’s Gramlight WRX
Iman Machmud

One thing that might be different from the Indonesian stance scene and Perth stance scene is when things like style, fitment and width wheels become something “hot” to be discussed in Indonesia today. Some guy with riveting money shows their brilliant side when they want something, including in modifying their beloved cars. Yet sometimes it becomes quite difficult to make a decision about who’s car that makes us feel amazed. It’s quite different from what I saw in Perth. For me personally, it’s pretty easy to identify. I never seen a car to be featured as “personal” here. Neither with the car’s owner as “personal” too. A bit story about us, basically during our lovely time as friends, family, and enemies between me, Alwafi, Daniel, and Fadhlin in www.ladyonwheels.com, we never care about people who is being famous now and suddenly packed up our gear to featured them. Big no my friends. We need to see a car and it’s owner as a one ultimate package. Great personality, humble, great car, great fitment, and that’s it. Today we just wanna say that we really missed for doing something toward this blog. Yeah we know, perhaps if you compared with another blog that you may now today, we are the worst ever in term of site’s updates. Being active in social media, or any kind of method to engaged all of you for stand with us, we never want to treats you like that. For me it’s because we never paid to do what we loved. Why we should be paid to do something that we loved? All of us here in this website would like to say thousand thanks to our beloved parents out there for their generosity to let us granted by some university degree. Then lets make money from that degree though. We really hate to called by photographer, or people from media, because we never work on that. It’s really absurd. Back to business guys, I forgot to introduce you, Zak Gillougley, a new friend that I met a weeks ago when I arrived in Perth because my company assigned me for handling certain jobs in here for 3 months. As I mentioned before, the stance atmosphere in here is quiet different from Indonesia. People in here are tends to built by themselves rather than go to garages or shops due to high labor cost in Perth. I met him and his lovely Subaru WRX 2004 in Instagram before, and we decided to have some fun together at weekend.

I have nothing against WRXs, but in fact, I really like the model like this car, many times considering picking one up as a stance project in Indonesia, but where I’m from, in Indonesia they’re typically built for race or JDM. Perhaps they don’t think this car is really nice to sitting as a low car. Luckily for me, Zak didn’t build this car like other typical WRX. He loves the versatility of this platform though. He wanted to separate his lady from the crowd in Perth, so he decided to play on this role. We decided to do some video and photoshoot on weekend to avoid the heavy traffic. First ran, I took some footage in Zak’s house that as you can see in the video below of this article. Personally said, I’m pretty happy with this guy. He helps me a lot to accommodate what I want for featuring him. After finishing some footage in his garage, Zak told me that he want to changed his rear tire with the new one. So we went directly to one of his friend Jayden, and met him on his shop. Most of shops and garage usually closed on sunday, but because they have been friends for long time, it wasn’t problem to open the garage even in Sunday.

Zak’s WRX represents the scene that I told before about people who knows very well how to taking care all modification within a car by himself. Zak believes in his never ending journey to have the “cleanest and most street-able car” in Perth. We all here also strive to have attention from others car enthusiasts, and the respect from everyone around you, but it takes deep understanding for you perhaps asking that why we featured such a car like this. Zak’s WRX is one of the cleanest I have seen personally in Perth, and it is clearly evident he did all he could to stand out from the crowd in all the right ways. And of course, he was very welcome to us very friendly.

Basically what Zak did to this WRX is continuing several mods that he got it from Cory Ayres as the previous owner. Most of the work that was done to this World Rally Blue Subaru involved a wheels, tires and suspension. In order to get the car sitting the way it does, Zak had to do a lot more work than a simple drop. For example, Whiteline front and rear upper strut braces to minimized the body roll when driving, Whiteline anti lift kit, and STD Coilover. After that it was time to mount the pretty aggressive wheels which were imported via Paul Nguyen from Solid Imports, here in Perth.

Zak decided to fit the WRX with 18 inch matte grey faced Gramlights 57Xtreme made by Rays. This wheels is such a sweet wheels and works well on multiple chassis. Zak went with neo chrome lug nuts from Rays, which gives a great contrast while remaining monochromic. For width sizing he went with 9.5 inches all around. Nested behind the Gramlights’s, Zak has a 5mm spacer kit, providing this WRX with bit aggressive inside her fenders. For suspension, as I stated above, Zak chose the magnificent quality from STD Coilover that really well for Subaru. Zak never thought he would choose this kind of style for his lovely subie and he even says that often times he still struggles with the idea. But often times we have to step out of our comfort zone to create something great mate. Nice works.

After finished all the matters on Jayden’s garage, our last destination is to went for photoshoot. It was really interesting for me to featured car with totally different location, situation, no securities hanging up on their motorcycle to repelled out, everything is fine here. For the exterior, this world rally blue color is actually the signature color of Subaru. To added more value on this car, Zak has added some aftermarket parts such as Ultrex Rear Boot Lip, Ultrex Halo headlights, quick release bumper kit, auto force rear door visor, rhino rack roof bars, and STI Hood scoop as well.

Even in bone stock, the WRX is no stranger to being first off the line at the stop lights. Zak’s got some nice engine mods to ensure this thing is a blast to drive around town, and even on the track (if he chooses to take it there though). Performance additions like a Empire Performance FMIC, Injen Cold Air Intake, turbo smart boost controller, turbo smart fuel cut defender, brand new TD04 turbo, Ultrex cat-less exhaust pipe, and ended with Turbo Back exhaust system. In my opinion, Zak’s WRX is running a stage 2 tune and I am willing to bet that this thing is essentially the perfect daily driver; quick and perfect for those frustrating interstate off-ramps, and at the same time, low and slow could be achieved too.

When I entered this WRX cabin for the first time, I could definitely feel the rally influence. First of all, it’s equipped with front semi-bucket rally type sport seats covered in distinct off-black knit and textured upholstery. In addition, it has a black leather-wrapped racing steering wheel and a black leather-wrapped gear selector. Both come standard in the 2004 model.

Zak would like to say thanks to his friend Jayden and Kyle Swindal for all help during his build on this WRX. Finally, I just want to say that with Zak’s WRX here, will being a good example for my fellas out there in Indonesia to appreciate on what yo have done on your car. A good or bad perceptions is still too early to determine. Do not push yourself for your friend’s arguments on your car, but push yourself to build what you dream of. At least car like Zak’s WRX are doing a good job of setting the Perth on a good path of stance scene. Thanks guys.



It’s not radical, it’s just an enthusiasm: Bintang’s Toyota Aristo
Arman Sayuti

Many people has their own ideas and passions to building a car. Clearly said that the variation of styles are endless and the way we choose are unique to every one of us here in LadyOnWheels. There will be a lot of criticisms among enthusiasts toward either cars, and it’s styles, and followed equally with quantities of fans too. Some of you and our friends here may disagree about our tastes evolve toward this following stanced-lady. Unfortunately the ugly, negative commentary often shrouds the inherent beauty of this hobby and a key element that called by the individual expression of Bintang to his Toyota Aristo.


The first aspect this car amaze you with it’s aggressive lines is the body work. The body work on this car is beautifully done and adds the necessary body lines to gives the aggressive looks perfectly. Bintang’s Aristo is slamming a set of Racing Hart CX 2-piece 19×9 et10 and 19×10 et10 powder coated with deep black. Generally speaking, Bintang’s Aristo is no different, trying to run such an aggressive wheels he let the fenders to shreds which did not required the body work at all.


The suspension of this stanced lady has equipped too with HKS Hypermax LS Coilover, and to make sure that this big lady gonna stop during the brakes, Bintang installed a set of Brembo within this Aristo.



For me, it’s an awesome fitment in front. Nice one!!!








Perfection.  That’s what we all strive for.  We want our cars to be perfect in our eyes. Perfection also seems to be the standard that EastCrew autoclub has set for their crew.





In interior side, Bintang only replaced the old speedometer with the famous brand from TRD-Toyota Racing Development brands. Everyone knows that Toyota Aristo has been created to be one of the famous luxury sedan at her era.




This relatively simple build has got it where it counts in quality, radically build on Aristo, taste, and detail with only more to come.  Beauty is found in many places, but this time I found in this lady.

Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living : Andro’s SLK

Been living on fantasy is sometimes needed. People’s behavior to be radical, criticals, or even sometimes worse. More people nowadays have their special feels inside his or her hearts toward a “things”. Yes, a things that our friends in here called these things by cars.

Several people that I known as a very passionated person in stance cars thought that this media (e.g. car) could delivering the needs of us. If you feels lonely, just kick out your throttle and drive on it wherever you want. This feeling also came up on Andro’s mind. A fresh talented young men in Indonesia feels that car is a very good media to filled an empty side on deep of your heart.

This SLK was proudly produced by Benz. Sometimes this kind of SLK is a relatively small community made up of the select few who still value these “forgotten” cars. When I first met Andro several weeks ago, he lowered as much as he could manage. It’s understandable why it’s not too popular compared with BMW’s line, but it’s been done in many different ways, time and time again, and Andro proves a challenge to make such a build stand out. However, in just the past few years, Andro’s tastes have refined substantially.

Despite of being as “forgotten cars”, Andro was influenced by the fitment-trend-nowadays. He put a very nice 2-piece Rays wheels to be slammed inside his lady. Personal said, ” This fitment was genius.”

I love his personality. He always came with a story. A bit shy in front of camera, but still, manage a lady like this need to be serious. Once you made mistakes on her‘s fitment, you will messed every single things on it.

Can you see that Guys? What a proper fitment she have had.Of course, Andro let his rear fenders got burned everytime he drives her.

There is nothing special in interior side, despite to keep them originals.

This is the last scene of this story. I would like to say big thanks to my friend Andro for giving me chance to creates a story about different way to share love in our life. Perfect fitment by the way? Indeed.