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You could learned anything from friends: Historical twincams of Adhi KZ, Doddy, & Dhana
Iman Machmud

Basically, I hate to see this article been uploaded. When you ask me why, of course, personally I feels pity when goodtime moment that we had several weeks ago dissapeared along with this uploaded article. I really enjoy the whole things of both the photographs obtained, as well as the quality time that made me enjoy every second of time with them. A few weeks ago, I’ve been contacted by one of good friend, Mr. Dhana, he informed me that the restoration of his toyota twincam have finished. After showing couple images as reference examples for our article elections, with no doubt, I agreed after seeing the photos of his stanced lady and heard good historical stories about that car which from the first hand-owned recently. Dhana asked my permission to invited two more of his friends, whereas those people are not a new face Indonesian mods, Doddy and Adhi KZ. I did not wait too long to say yes to that request though. After meeting at a place that was promised, Me and Alwafi were glad to see them together. I’m sure all of you are very familiar with Adhi KZ, the man that long enough to play in Indonesian stance, and also as my personal assessment, he was one of the people who consistently played with only one car.

I split with my brother Alwafi Auzan to conducted photography sessions for those three cars that I liked transcendentally. I decided to shoot Doddy’s Twincam as an opener. Doddy’s lady is quite special by the way. Perhaps you still have some collection of past automotive magazines, then you will know that this car is no less-painful in mastering stance along with Adhi KZ’s Twincam. However, Doddy admitted bored with stance style, then he decided to make a major change onto this lady.

Sometimes a decision can be very difficult to be taken, toward our environment, kindness relationships, and the nowadays development of information through social media networks makes it harder to leave what we profess in our current modification style. It all starting from the believeness of power that can be generated by his default engine, Doddy immediately thought shortly by installing a turbocharger on his lady. The generated power I think it quiet big enough as daily ride in town though. First time when I read the article about him in one of the automotive printed media, I was amazed by his ability toward his understanding of stance and fitment in less-space fenders like Twincam, but now it does not change those amazing feeling to see what he has been done till this date.

Then let’s take a look on the ace. I trust and believe that the existence of Adhi KZ in Indonesian stance is quite phenomenon. Things that make this man known nowadays is not because he has an expensive luxury car, or perhaps wearing an expensive set of branded aftermarket wheels, but somehow this Twincam is really charm. It is undeniable fact also that the progress of Indonesian Stance in the past also filled by the sight of this Twincam at every edition of magazines that I’ve read.

The first time I saw it, I just thought Adhi KZ don’t have a new style in his mods, or perhaps another sensations on this lady. But when I realized that this guy uses different wheels on either side, that made me surprised and getting to understand the personality of Adhi KZ. The man that known to be quite quirky in stance and fitment, and it all proved in that photography session.

As always of Indonesian Stance taste typically, all parts of the interior of the car is seen carrying the OEM-look style, preserving the original condition of this lady. Adhi KZ just replacing a few elements such as the steering wheel by using aftermarket parts as we can see in the photo above.

And the stanced lady you see above is belong to Dhana. A men that also has remarkable history against this Twincam’s ownership. Dhana claimed that this car is the first hand ownership of his father. In essence, Dhana and his family has had a long story on this car. Lots of joys and griefs he felt either on himself or with his family in this brown lady.

To showing his love to this lady, Dhana trying to refreshed the look of this car. He decided to do the body repaint on this car with a sweet metallic brown, and replaced the original default wheels with a set of BBS RS wheels.

When I took the picture, the ambience that time was less of available light. Coupled with poor weather conditions at the same time too. To be honest, I’d love to raised an article of Dhana’s story next time, I am very interested leveraging his history through the car to photos and videos later on in ladyonwheels.

To be honest, I was quite praised to Dhana on fitment’s election through this wheel. All looks is so fit and not too excessive. Classic impression appears with the nice selection wheel toward it’s dimensions, the design of BBS RS wheels is quite enough to gives the overall impression. That was very intriguing for me. Less stretching tyres, everything just perfect for me to bringing back this car onto her time.

The journey continues, we’ve decided to head to the next photo’s spot nearby Alam Sutera while looking for dinner as well. We also strive to captured all the moments of this trip. As you can see above, the trip also passes a gas station nearby our area. Doddy informed us that he need to bought more fuels, to continue our long trip that night. We understood due to the high consumption of gasoline in Doddy’s car that more extravagant than other ladies, yes because it’s equipped with a turbocharger system.

Finally we decided to stop at Mall @ Alam Sutera in Tangerang-Indonesia. We took dinner first, chit chat together while blowing some jokes toward “white stork” (note: those phrase are only known by us by the way, hahahaha). After dinner, we had an idea to spotted in wing west of this mall to do a photoshoot.

As we had a long moment night at the right place, I was overwhelmed with the passions and joys that coming down as ambience in me and Alwafi’s mind on that night. There’s just something special when a gathering of this magnitude is put together. When so many car enthusiasts like Adhi KZ, Doddy, and Dhana, with different unique people, all have stories and builds to their lovely lady.

Thanks guys!!!



A man is only as faithful as his options: Yuga’s Iforged Audi Part 1
Muh. Sofiandry

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been contacted with Yuga, an old friend from Jakarta-Indonesia. Despite the weather trouble I were thankfully able to make this photoshoot happen. This euro lady has been modified before and it was featured long time ago on here. Though nowadays it’s looking more interesting with new combination of wheel set, he successfully made me amazed last couple weeks ago. This feature is a first part of his story. We have planned to make a interesting story about his daily journey within this lady very soon.

Now, when most people think of Audi, they think of the expensive euro car to bought. In fact, that has changed a bit with Audi has became a perfect stance weapon to played with. It does really matter to Yuga because he’s just having fun with this stanced lady and consistently shown up with this Audi.


Last year when his car have featured, Yuga was sporting a set of BMW X5 wheels that looked absolutely amazing on this lady. When he got bored over to a previous set of former wheels, Jay decided it was time to change up the wheels even though it would require a pretty stunning set of wheels like this Iforged. He also plays with a matte blue on it, and it suddenly become a main strenght of this car.

I took a ride to Alam Sutera (Tangerang-Indonesia) and met him on one of the famous fastfood restaurant. Yuga came with his brother and I bit dissapointed with what he worn that time. The image that I caught when our first meet. Seemed he grown up to meet his maturity age now though. And when I did photoshoot, our friend, Uty from Search Auto seen us and joined us together as well. We shared a lot story about car, wheels, community, and several more topic that feels inapropriate to be written here.

Yuga really has done a fantastic job of taking consistently of an Audi A4 and making it stunning to be showed. Despite there being more Audi A4 out and about, Yuga isn’t concerned with staying ahead of the curve. He’s just in it for the fun, fun and fun because he loves this lady. There may be some like it, but none quite like his style. He’ll just keep on doing his thing and enjoying this stanced lady and showing it around.  The part two of this feature will be updated very soon along with his daily life and journey to accomplished all of his missions before go abroad to Australia for continuing his study there. Keep watching guys!!!




It’s not radical, it’s just an enthusiasm: Bintang’s Toyota Aristo
Arman Sayuti

Many people has their own ideas and passions to building a car. Clearly said that the variation of styles are endless and the way we choose are unique to every one of us here in LadyOnWheels. There will be a lot of criticisms among enthusiasts toward either cars, and it’s styles, and followed equally with quantities of fans too. Some of you and our friends here may disagree about our tastes evolve toward this following stanced-lady. Unfortunately the ugly, negative commentary often shrouds the inherent beauty of this hobby and a key element that called by the individual expression of Bintang to his Toyota Aristo.


The first aspect this car amaze you with it’s aggressive lines is the body work. The body work on this car is beautifully done and adds the necessary body lines to gives the aggressive looks perfectly. Bintang’s Aristo is slamming a set of Racing Hart CX 2-piece 19×9 et10 and 19×10 et10 powder coated with deep black. Generally speaking, Bintang’s Aristo is no different, trying to run such an aggressive wheels he let the fenders to shreds which did not required the body work at all.


The suspension of this stanced lady has equipped too with HKS Hypermax LS Coilover, and to make sure that this big lady gonna stop during the brakes, Bintang installed a set of Brembo within this Aristo.



For me, it’s an awesome fitment in front. Nice one!!!








Perfection.  That’s what we all strive for.  We want our cars to be perfect in our eyes. Perfection also seems to be the standard that EastCrew autoclub has set for their crew.





In interior side, Bintang only replaced the old speedometer with the famous brand from TRD-Toyota Racing Development brands. Everyone knows that Toyota Aristo has been created to be one of the famous luxury sedan at her era.




This relatively simple build has got it where it counts in quality, radically build on Aristo, taste, and detail with only more to come.  Beauty is found in many places, but this time I found in this lady.

When you’re going through hell, keep going: Anggo’s slammed w124

Last week I met Anggo’s nearby my house. We talked a bit about his passions on stance car and also his slammed lady as well. The first question that asked him is, “did you feel comfort with those stance?” He bravely answered me with a words that shows his passions in stance.

As I stare into the menacing glare of this W124, I find myself having a tough time deciding what I find most attractive about it. Every angle is absolutely gorgeous and the closer I look, the more I realize the soul of this lady. This car was not filled with numerous detail of aftermarket parts, but it further proves that this particular Benz was crafted by the mind of an passionated person such Anggo.

The driving impressions at the first time I saw he droves, feels like in Hell. Bouncing hardly and very close to kiss the road. One of the passionated W124 owner I’ve ever seen in entire my life in LadyOnWheels.

Basically, Anggo’s W124 have a good basic of an old Benz. Very original in interior side was the “plus” thing on his lady though. Some people called this style with the OEM + styling.

A set of Carlsson 2/6 wheels are slammed hardly inside this W124. That’s why if you have your own thought toward this car, and you have other opinions to this car, just keep going guys. Anggo already shown his strong determination to adhere on this kind of stance style.

If you think your car has what it takes to be on our site make sure you email us at ladyonwheels2012@gmail.com. Please make sure you include a few photos and your spec list as well as any other information we should know about you or you and your lady.

Riverside works: A consistency period – Reza’s bagged crown
Muh. Sofiandry

Now finally I found a big bodied Japanese on last Sunday afternoon to be featured. I was falling in love and appreciating properly done this style very much. I am pretty sure this sexy lady below has inspired us in here more and more. One of the things I find so intriguing on “this” side of the scene is her attention to details. With that said, not all of the guys who are into the whole “VIP” side of things have “true” VIP cars. Window curtains, tables hanging off the rear view mirror and also all things toward Garson’s brands do not make a VIP car, rather everything from the way a car sits, down to small details such as all original parts still equipped properly on the car, maybe some stereo, and even sits on airs. It’s the chassis & ultimately the consistency for loving this kind of style that separates a proper VIP Style from others that just inspired.

There’s no denying that the Japanese VIP’s scene has come a long ways in the last decade. Whether that’s due to the popularity of stance and wheel fitment, or the fact that a lot of the VIP platforms are becoming more affordable is up to debate until now. On several years before, Indonesia concerned more on this kind of style though. Several cars like all generations of Toyota big bodied lady has played an importance role in many modification contests a long time ago. As far as the presence of stance and hellaflush comes to this era, the name of Mr. Reza Harianto and his friends from Akasia Garage is always recognized by any in the scene as one of the most respected VIP crews, and his 11-gen Toyota Crown may be one of the hottest VIP cars here in Indonesia until right now.

Cars associated with VIP style usually have common characteristics, such as high end wheels with excessive amounts of dish with low offsets that sit flush with the fender, exhausts that stick out past the rear bumper, a full bodykit or lip kit, glossy paint and a lowered ride height usually by air suspensions. It is not uncommon to see extremely negative camber on many VIP style cars. And the traditional colors of VIP Style cars are usually black, white, grey and silver.

Of course VIP cars are all about the stance and wheel fitment, and Reza’s crown-lady does not disappoint in this category. Exclusive wheels, fat lips, a smidge of poke up front, and a nice amount of tuck in the rear, all the boxes are ticked on this one. The VIP iconic Work Varianza F2S measure in at 19×10 up front and 19×11.5 out back with offsets of +15 in front and +5 at rear resulting in more dish than a deep-dish pizza. Loved it mate!!!

To achieve th VIP ride height, Reza went with a tried and true air suspension setup using Universal Air that fabricated on Akasia Garage properly. There’s so much debate going on now about air vs static, but it’s hard to argue that Reza didn’t make the right choice by fitting air on his lady. The stance and fitment is just so on point and keeps with the whole VIP theme.

We done this shot on Sunday afternoon. Actually we have more surprises, but I thought it will be good if we set up more stories behind this well known VIP’s guys in Indonesia.

Reza has a lot more up his sleeve for this daily driver and some exclusive info tells us that there will be more added parts like entailing a full interior build with classy touch and a an engine swap perhaps for those hoping for more performance out of these fitment builds. I always look forward to writing or reading the next feature on this one of a kind VIP’s lady. Basically I have made a short film for this lady, but for the sake of video goodness, I would like to ask you for wait a bit. Because we are not having only one massive VIP’s lady, it means, we have TWO on this.

Thanks!!! And keep watching us. It will be more to come.