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Ridiculously good looking: Syaiful’s bagged Audi TT on Rotiform SNA
Iman Machmud


It seems that for many, the cars that influenced us most as kids were the ones that received a special place in our hearts. It could have been a dream exotic or simply a family member’s car that meant a great deal to us and in some way left a large impact in our lives. But for our new friend which known simultaneously in our random Instagram page for his serial car builds, Syaiful always had a dream to accomplished his fitment game in a black 2007 Audi TT. He has wanted one ever since he sold couple built cars and one of them was coming from Audi platform as well. 

Syaiful purchased the car with the plan to leave it completely stock body, something that many car enthusiasts can relate to. We all know how that typically goes, you just want to add this and that and you’ll be happy with it… and finally it snowballs from there. Syaiful said he had a love for a super black and wide car, at the time so he decided to call FA Autoworks in Bandung-West Java to do the “rests”. He continued modding the car, sourcing for the best brand wheels, suspensions, and since, to how you see it now in our latest feature.

The exterior is enhanced with a FA Autoworks custom carbon splitter and diffuser, Audi TT RS grills and to refresh the overall look, Syaiful asked them to redcoat all body after went through a hips surgery in all her arches. Syaiful bagged the car on Universal Air Suspension with Airlift Performance 3P which is executed beautifully by ART Custom shop. He also went with a set of 19×10″ and 19×11.5″ Rotiform SNA and also adding the Alcon Big Brake Kit to complete. The rear sports a complete Armytrix Valvetronic premium exhaust kit. Syaiful also said that there is no plan for this car in the future, we agreed on his plan that there is no future plan if you can accomplished a good art works like he successfully presented to this Audi. That is why, we believed so.

The balancing act: Bagged Akram Tabrani’s Volkswagen Scirocco on Rotiform TMB
Iman Machmud

A few years ago we saw a Volkswagen Scirocco entering our Indonesian market gloriously. Then we were fairly certain that at that point, considering their body shape, performance, and class, this lady will be hit the sales for short period of time. Akram Tabrani, an old friend that now living in Adelaide can’t keep his deep desires to own this car. It is almost 2 years of ownership, there are lots of personalisation has been taken to keep his desires on. Clean might be a word we use far too often on this site but it’s the perfect word to describe Akram’s Scirocco because it looks simply amazing without the need for a wild body kit, loud paint, or even an excessive camber that’s practically horizontal.




Once Akram was introduced to altered ride heights with the air, known power up kits, good wheel fitment, then he knew exactly how he wanted to build this lady. Building off the words of clean and properly lowered, he succeed perfectly at putting together a car that draws people’s attention whenever he cruises the streets with this beauty blue. To enhance the great body lines of this TSI scirocco, Akram added a carbon diffuser and rear spoiler from Osir.



Just like other enthusiasts, Akram has focused almost all of his modification efforts into ride height and wheel fitment. The impressively 18×9.5/10.5 Rotiform TMB wheels fill the fender wells while the Airlift performance “Slam Series” were occupied to build a good safe stance and also do their best to keep undercarriage from hitting the ground and tire from hitting fender. As a one of the regular racing driver, the braking system has received good upgrade. The Endless MX72 brake pad along with the Goodridge brake line were trusted to balance the upgraded engine performance of this lady.






Then when you want to go somewhere, it can be a bit disappointing. The 1390cc 4-cyclinder petrol lump under the bonnet is quiet, civilised, frugal (VW claim 5.3litre/100km outside town) and works well through the semi-auto 7-speed box. But it doesn’t quite go like it looks. That is why an upgraded engine is a must for this Scirocco. Akram did Mcchip-Dkr stage 2 reflash on the ECU, it successfully unleashed the engine potential to the next level along with Militek downpipe, APR Carbonio air intake, upgraded exhaust, throttle controller, Forge twin-cooler, DV and the canister cover.



The complete package is delightfully understated, blending everything that made this Scirocco special with everything even the most fanatical only could dream up. With the perfect charm and sleeper looks attitude, Akram Tabranim has built one truly fun VAG to drive, track, and show.