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To hell with the choice consequences: Yogi’s Honda Stream
Iman Machmud

In the Indonesian stance oriented scene, it is common to see a variety of different types of cars from mostly sedan sitting extremely low, hunkered down on a set of super wide new wheels or the memorable wheels like OZs, etc, with undersized and stretched tires, that rub almost constantly even when gliding even over perfectly smooth roads. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with that. We personally love a great fitment with some jargon like “neck-breaking” within that cars and causes some normal people to shake their heads as disbelief reaction. But we also know that some portion of our friends, viewers, or visitors, including my self feel the opposite way, especially with a purposefully classy rare OEM modified like this Honda Stream. Well, some of you perhaps couldn’t see anything special or rare things in this mid MPV, I bet you all wrong guys. This what I called a perfection. Some men that I know really care about the rare OEM parts, but most of them felt that originality ain’t give you pride than a set of high price tag of exclusive wheels or aftermarket things. But to be honest, we do care and can’t wait to dig more about their experience when hunted down the rare items to be installed in their lovely car. If there ever was a perfect combination of irrefutable class, passion, and fitment, I would suggest this Yogi’s Honda Stream to be the example model for it.

honda stream-honda-enkei-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-2

If we talk about this mid MPV from Honda, personally said I really like this 7-seater car. It is a very comfortable car. If you are a family of four and on occasions have to transport some large items with, this car more than suit your needs. You can get a lot in it for sure. With four/five passengers, it isn’t as spacious in the luggage department as a Chevrolet or Mazda however as the rear seats take up more depth I think, but they are proper comfy seats. The load space is shallow (top to bottom) compared its competitors, but similar too many estates, but it is long, which is very useful.

honda stream-honda-enkei-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-3

The Honda Stream in Indonesia probably most of their usage are properly suit with the main purpose of Honda when made this platform. But for Yogi, his mind came with a lot of ideas that inspired with the JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) type of Stream in Japan. The exterior of this car was truly magnificent with the numerous parts from Japan version. Thanks to online interaction and media in internet to the JDM scene of Japan that has brought Yogi and his attention to find the alternative way for modified this lady on the right track. But as the stance enthusiast, Yogi felt that this Stream need to be lowered too. That was the interesting point when we saw Yogi’s car and we not found any reasons for not to respect his works on this beauty.

honda stream-honda-enkei-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-13

The naturally low, wide lines of Honda Stream have been amplified to fit Yogi’s tastes. Together with The Private Garage, a shop located on Bandung that gather together with Yogi to provides all the exterior things such as RN3-5 front bumper until the rear bumper itself. To maximized the front end look, Yogi installed the Stage 21 front lips and also the genuine JDM Honda Access Tailgate for RN1-3 facelift. Some exterior parts are carbonized too, such as: custom hood, side mirror, door garnish, bumper lists, and rear tailgate as well. And several parts substituted the original one flawlessly like the wiper blade and the JDM red emblem in front and rear too. Those installed items in exterior in my opinion are requisite items for a proper JDM enthusiast.

honda stream-honda-enkei-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-12

I have tried to drive my friend’s Stream couple months ago, basically The Stream’s engines need plenty of revs to give their best, but becoming very noisy in the process. They’re not coarse, though, and the cabin is quiet enough at motorway speeds, despite some wind and road noise. When I said in the beginning toward perfection word, Yogi has been remove the limitation of his mind to upgraded the engine of this car with Dastek Unichip Type Q as the piggyback to the ECU,Simota Carbon open filter and J’S Racing Muffler. From this three simple combination the drive impression of this car was back to normal. Perhaps I forgot to mention that at the rear of cabin was installed by simple audio system to accompany him when driving in Bandung’s street way. So the engine sector need to be upgraded bit to get well balanced power.

honda stream-honda-enkei-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-7

honda stream-honda-enkei-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-5

honda stream-honda-enkei-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-21

honda stream-honda-enkei-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-11

The lists of rare OEM parts of his modifications was too long to write up. But at first glance this car looks like it belongs to someone with plenty of prior knowledge and experience in terms of car modifications and a series of builds on their resume. Don’t get me wrong about Yogi being a humble-novice. This car was built with a clear-cut goal in mind and I personally feel he took the time and effort and made this a well planned and flawlessly executed plan.

honda stream-honda-enkei-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-8

honda stream-honda-enkei-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-4

honda stream-honda-enkei-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-9

honda stream-honda-enkei-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-19

honda stream-honda-enkei-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-6

honda stream-honda-enkei-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-1

honda stream-honda-enkei-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-14

honda stream-honda-enkei-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-18

To outfit his car with some nice shoes, Yogi called upon The Private Garage too to acquired his need, where at the end, he decided upon Enkei RPF1 type RC. Now there are very few things I love this Enkei with a subtle offsets, he chose to run with an appropriately wide 18×8.5″ and 18×9.5 in the rear. The mesh faces of the Enkei RPF1 type RC look very clean in silver paint especially with the major polished lips that surrounds the face. To brought Yogi achieving this fitment now, he installed only a H&R Lowering kit for this MPV to lower and stiffen the ride. Other suspension components such as Brembo disc brake and Project Miu coating Lug Nut to improve the quality of his suspension as well.

honda stream-honda-enkei-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-15

honda stream-honda-enkei-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-20

Of course, my personal favorite aspect of this Honda Stream is the interior. Easily visible with the clear window tint, the gorgeous Holy Recaro in interior quickly commands your attention. The Recaro Sport Artista sits beautifully with the carbonized interior trim of this Stream. With a heavy contrast to the deep black paint and Recaro interior components make the balance of this car is just right. The package comes together with flawless execution, absolutely wonderful. Beauty is found within.

honda stream-honda-enkei-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-22

honda stream-honda-enkei-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-17

honda stream-honda-enkei-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-16

So there you have it, Yogi’s concept of beauty and simplicity. For him, beauty is all about clean, slammed, and rare OEM parts in all the right places. It may not be the lowest thing on the road, but again it does have character; which is more than what can be said about a lot of cars out there today. This car would still get respect from us and that right there above is the recipe for a good build of this beauty. Perhaps many people said this car isn’t sparkled as other stance fellow, but we are not assuming when write this sentence down that this in one of the greatest Honda Stream that we have met so far.



“I don’t need to prove anything”: Adi’s MX5
Muh. Sofiandry

The new Mazda MX5 is one of those cars today with a love it or hate it reputation. As the successor to former Miata, it had some rather large variety of modifications style from drift to stance to be filled in the world in the past decade, especially with the 15″ wide wheels, dropped and have drive fitment like crazy that makes the former MX5 platform as being one of the most stylish cars of its time, the design that still gives a most balance drive sensation on any car enthusiasts when it is seen. Mazda’s designers didn’t fall short in the looks department, the new MX5 sporting a sleek and with nice convertible body from the factory.  Even this car is the new Miata, but the successor of the most well-balance car had proved in this generation too. Our friend in Bandung-Indonesia was not wasting his time to modded this brand new lady for his next stance weapon. Please allow us to share with all of you the sleek and clean squared-fitment MX5 from Bandung-Indonesia, Adi and his New Mazda MX5.

ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-mazda-mx5-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-4

So let’s start with those sexy good looking lady. Even Japan always comes with the tremendous aftermarket goods and produces a wide range of stylish and aggressive body kits.  Adi’s MX5 sports a simple custom carbon lips splitter in front to accompany the aggressiveness of her shoes. To toughen up the rear end, a full stainless exhaust from J-Tuning was added along with a very nice sound. To really up the simple looks, Adi had choosen the color of this lady with finished in a maroon red paint job. This color might be a bit calmed out, but I can’t see this car if working in any other color in my opinion though.

ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-mazda-mx5-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-5

ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-mazda-mx5-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-6

ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-mazda-mx5-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-12

Of course the simple and calmed look like this should have “something” inside the fenders. As we want to hear from him, the lower will be the better, and this stanced lady gets down in all the right ways. Equipped with STD coilovers with custom spring-rates, this Miata can ride absurdly low and not worry about those fenders getting beat up. STD Coilover allow for more height adjustment and get those damn sexy Work wheels tucking under the fenders with squared fitment all the way nicely. The Work Meister S1 look fantastic with its black-painted face and actually this type of wheel are one of my personal favorite. This wheels measuring up at 18×8″+9″ and wrapped with Dunlop tyre on 225-40 front, and 235-40 at rear, they match the car’s aggressive demeanor perfectly, and provide a light-weight and durable wheel that can handle his passion while driving in Bandung’s road way.

ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-mazda-mx5-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-10

ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-mazda-mx5-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-13

This rear carbon spoiler gives special impression for the rear side. Very nice mate!!!

ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-mazda-mx5-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-1

ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-mazda-mx5-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-3

ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-mazda-mx5-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-9

ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-mazda-mx5-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-8

ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-mazda-mx5-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-7

This is definitely a car that touches on all bases and proves that you can have your style and dream it with a car that both looks amazing and can driven hard too. It’s also great to be sharing such a fine example of a car that doesn’t get enough love likes this new Mazda MX5.



Predicting his faith on an only set of wheels: Agung’s Civic FB
Muh. Sofiandry

There are many times changing in any one person’s life of cycle. From first love, first school, first car, to your first set of wide and staggered wheels also, moments like those are forever buried in our minds. We are car enthusiasts can probably say sometime in our modding career have we wanted to be the owner of one. Similar with Agung, as our friend in Bandung (Indonesia), he consistently using this magnificent set of wheels onto this lady, and his former Honda Jazz as well. I just curious on what was he thinking about this lady before.

ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-agung-honda-civic FB-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-21

ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-bandung-agung-civic-fb-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-7

The photosession has been quiet long before I made this article. Alwafi and Daniel came to Bandung to featured several cars in there and had promised as well to Agung to shoot his stanced lady at night. Some people probably agreed that this generation of civic hasn’t popular as her former generation, a Civic FD. On my personal opinion, this gen was more futuristic within it’s body line. Honda transformed all the face of this lady significantly.

ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-bandung-agung-civic-fb-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-6

Within the mods that Agung has done in this FB, I pretty sure that this Civic FB was the first car that has been modded like this, in other words, in stance style. The characteristic of Riverside Zepter was practically suit with the entire of FB’s body.

ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-bandung-agung-civic-fb-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-8

ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-bandung-agung-civic-fb-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-4

ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-bandung-agung-civic-fb-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-2

ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-bandung-agung-civic-fb-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-1

To outfit this lady with some nice shoes, Agung regaining his memory using the same wheels that he never sold until now. This wheels has been his favourite all the time. Yes, its a Riverside Zepter. Agung chose to stance with an appropriately wide 18×9″ front and a whopping 18×10.5″ in the rear. The finishing faces of this Zepter’s look very clean in high polish especially with the major polished lippage that surrounds the face. To help Agung achieve how the car is sitting now, he needed help in the form of BC Forged Coilovers to lower and stiffen the ride.

ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-bandung-agung-civic-fb-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-5

ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-bandung-agung-civic-fb-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-3

After you see all the images above, I hopes that you can tell a good story about how badass this gen of Civic FB was. I changed my mind actually, and we are fully support to all of you that wants to adding more good stance platform like Agung did in his lady. 


In youth and beauty: Dhimas Nissan Latio
Muh. Sofiandry

Wow, it has been a first time we had a Nissan Latio up on our site. For some reason we just don’t get an emails or calls from the Nissan Latio owners as we do have from another platforms of nissan. Just a couple weeks ago together with Negy’s Splash we featured this beautiful stanced lady. It belongs to our fella by the name of Dhimas and while it may not be the lowest, or even run the widest set of wheels, there is no denying that it looks absolutely stunning form. While it’s nice to see people push the capabilities of their ladies and do things that not many people have done before, choosing a more simpler route for stance, stance, and stance will never go out of style nowadays. Let’s take a look closer with this beauty.

ladyonwheels-nissan-latio-indonesian stance-fabulous-dhimas-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-5

ladyonwheels-nissan-latio-indonesian stance-fabulous-dhimas-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-13

ladyonwheels-nissan-latio-indonesian stance-fabulous-dhimas-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-4

ladyonwheels-nissan-latio-indonesian stance-fabulous-dhimas-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-2

Front wheels are poked with Fabulous Profound wheels on 19×9 with an offset of +36 while the rears are 19×10 with an offset of +30. Dhimas also installed STD Coilover to achieve this looks. Amazingly, he had not to do some work in order to get them in proper shape such as wrecking a fenders, remodified his wheel’s faces, etc, bit poke though, but it all so worth it. The finished look is simply breathtaking, especially when rolled out..

ladyonwheels-nissan-latio-indonesian stance-fabulous-dhimas-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-6

ladyonwheels-nissan-latio-indonesian stance-fabulous-dhimas-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-8

ladyonwheels-nissan-latio-indonesian stance-fabulous-dhimas-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-9

ladyonwheels-nissan-latio-indonesian stance-fabulous-dhimas-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-1

ladyonwheels-nissan-latio-indonesian stance-fabulous-dhimas-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-11

ladyonwheels-nissan-latio-indonesian stance-fabulous-dhimas-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-7

ladyonwheels-nissan-latio-indonesian stance-fabulous-dhimas-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-12

Pretty clean stance lady don’t you say? We’re pretty sure it won’t stay stock for a while. We will have to wait and see from Dhimas updates next time.

Thanks Dhimas.


“I never took another happiness if not in this car”: Negy’s Splash on Speedline
Muh. Sofiandry

Sometimes we hard to get what we want in life.  No matter how hard we work or how hard we try, things sometimes just don’t work well. It’s never fun and definitely not fair, but that’s life actually. How you turn the situation around is what can take a unhappy situation and make it better. For the first people that met us in Bandung last time visit, Mr. Negy, if things had worked out, this stance lady wouldn’t be here today in front of yout monitor, and despite what some will say toward this stance lady, well I say that would kind of suck if you know generously how pop this car was.  I can pretty much guarantee you haven’t seen a Suzuki Splash like this in a while. Still, Negy took a situation that didn’t work out how he planned, and turned it around to make something really, really simply cool.

ladyonwheels-suzuki-splash-indonesian stance-speedline-negy-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-1

ladyonwheels-suzuki-splash-indonesian stance-speedline-negy-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-9

Usually when a Suzuki gets the spotlight in mind, people expect to see either an Suzuki Swift or the older brother Cultus. Let’s face it, this lady is definitely impressive as Indonesian Stance followers with a stance and fitment that is definitely simply on point, and most certainly never seen as simple as this before on Splash’s chassis. But, this car is much more than a nice mod-list. This car has a story, a rather long one at that with Negy, and that’s where we’ll begin this feature.

ladyonwheels-suzuki-splash-indonesian stance-speedline-negy-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-2

Negy’s first choice of mods was turning this Suzuki Splash into rare European Domestic Market. Completely built through hunting those European parts has been remarkable. It was fully equipped with EUDM parts from bodykit to OEM EUDM splash’s wheels. And on upcoming day, Negy also been a fans of SSR Vienna Kries with 17″x8.5 width all around. For that reason, now he upgraded to a different set of wheels that weren’t as aggressive but quiet “mild” in city car. The new Speedline are 16×7 with 28 offset up front and in the rear.

ladyonwheels-suzuki-splash-indonesian stance-speedline-negy-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-7

ladyonwheels-suzuki-splash-indonesian stance-speedline-negy-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-5

ladyonwheels-suzuki-splash-indonesian stance-speedline-negy-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-11

ladyonwheels-suzuki-splash-indonesian stance-speedline-negy-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-10

ladyonwheels-suzuki-splash-indonesian stance-speedline-negy-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-3

ladyonwheels-suzuki-splash-indonesian stance-speedline-negy-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-12

ladyonwheels-suzuki-splash-indonesian stance-speedline-negy-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-13

We’ll ended this story about this simply eye-catching lady here with several high resolution photos shot by our friend Alwafi Auzan. We gotta give a huge shout out to him and Daniel as well as Negy and everyone helps our last visit to Bandung.