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The 6th years affair: Dennindra’s White BMW E34 on BBS Nardi Torino
Iman Machmud

Dennindra’s name perhaps is or is not be familiar to you. Or, maybe you have noticed this guy in the corner your random Instagram post or somewhere else on the road. We met him on the Urban Klub part 5 event which held on August last year. We cannot lied to ourselves that this beauty lady rocketed our mind to the skies. After we finished covering that event, we looked for the owner of this BMW E34, then finally leads us to this article today.

The special link between a car and its owner is a special relationship that not all enthusiasts have truly experienced. Some of us will run into car builds that never seem to go right from the get go, leaving us with a bad taste in our mouths. Having a strong connection with our cars and running into few headaches of its fussiness will most likely insure a positive outcomes. Dennindra’s 6-year love affair with this whitey BME E34 will remind you why we all invest an efforts so much into our cars and what it’s all about.

The first thing I’d like to touch base on is how good the body was. 6 years ago, Dennindra was lucky to find this beauty that still on pristine condition. The minor side of this car was repaint to the non-original paint. The restoration gone well, he repaint back this car to the Alpine White to formed back her glory. Traditions also often tell a story about a family. Once he was just a kid, for the first time he saw his father’s mate E34 and started to fell in love with this car. The other wise reason to drive this E34 was because Dennindra had driven the BMW E30 before, but he thought that this car was too small for his size. 

A rare set of BBS Nardi Torino was dressed to impress. With 10″ width front and 11.5″ at rear which had no problem at all when combined with the large space of the E34 guards. The other future plans of this car may include rebuilding the engine. Regardless of where the car ends up, it was the “bonding” process that was important. It was something that brought him closer than most other enthusiasts could. Dennindra were able to share something special to us and partake in the family tradition together as a BMW enthusiasts, and that’s pretty awesome because not everyone gets that opportunity.