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PROPERINCH work: Adhimas’ Atlantis Blue E36 on OZ Alleggerita
Muh. Sofiandry

We thought Adhimas got it right in his quest to find what is “just right”. The same chosen vehicle, BMW E36 had to accentuate his soul to play with another E36 but in different style. The tight racing soul of the OZ Alleggerita gave a clean and aggressive daily car without looking over-done and the lines had to flow with the stance. Prior experience with stanced E36 with Carline Dynatech made the another aggressive E36 is a perfect choice to shown people of those two different styles. It was just right. See the video teaser of Adhimas E36 feature that lovely made by Arief @properinch. It’s worth to watch.

A man fortitudes: Jojo’s BBS RF E36
Iman Machmud

From many moment that we’ve been through in 2013, it was our pleasure to seen many Indonesian Stance enthusiasts shared their momentous story toward their cars on our blog. Believe or not, most of them shared painful story on their lives, the long journey to “ruined” their fenders, parent’s approval, some of them had bad moment within their relationship with a girl when driving a car that floating like a cart, and many more. From 2013 ended, I have met several nice people that I pursued to have their chance for telling their story to us here in LadyOnWheels, such as Mr. Randy Baba and his brother Egoy that showing us the romance when modifying their rides together, and the article toward them will be delivering on next couple days. But before I met them, I was looking for a nice BMW E36 to be featured. The word “nice” probably an ambiguous word to be spoken, but perhaps these images below will show you our “nice” definition though.


Some friends in Indonesia shared their thought about modifying an E36. Some side feels that this platform was extremely easy to get a proper stance scene. Just put a certain wide wheels such as an old OZ’s set or magnificent BBS rims, and those prerequisite will drastically improve her looks. If we talk about BMW E36, although the previous sales of BMW E30 were still good at the end of 1980’s, BMW company launched this platform to compete with other brands during 1990’s such as W202 sedan from Mercedes Benz. If we compared to the E30 and E34, it was a design shock. The “shark design“ of the previous era BMWs was gone and wholly different style arrived. Some people at that time started to call this 3 series by “dolphin shape”, although I’m not completely sure, whether they really look like one though. BMW E36 is about as good as it gets when it comes to mid sedan. Reliable and easy on your wallet in now era, and not to mention, although it quite old now but for my personal opinion they were very stylish, the engineers and designers at BMW did a superb job in introducing this platform to their line up in early 90’s.


I met Jojo and his stanced lady in couple weeks ago. For my personal review, he was an very calm person, less talkative man, and perhaps a sporty man too. When we talk a bit about his daily life, a mid age college boy who study at private banking university at Kemang-Indonesia show me his passion in sports during 2013. I quite shame with his life though, if compared with me, a less sport guy, it hurts me enough. But by the way, although many people said that E36 was very easy to be transformed, I will not write up toward his good or bad side of her, but I’ve been stunned by stories within his ownership of this lady.


Coming from happy and sufficient family was typically difficult to asking for something old fashioned or past brands indeed. Including a car though, the first tough story was the knotty request to his parent that explaining his seriousness to nourished an E36. His parent always said that those kind of old car will bring a hardship time to take care with and of course disturbed Jojo’s study time. Jojo need his little patient here, and in some day, his dad granted him with kindness to bought his dream’s car. Until this way, Ade told me a lot about his patient, and rejected all the given option by his parent to buy a car with more rejuvenates age on this day. He just sticked with only one option, it’s just an E36 that buried in his mind to be his daily stanced ride.


The searching story has began for couple of weeks to search an E36 with great condition. And finally that journey has ended to this lovely whitey E36. It’s quite challenging for Jojo when choosing an option of E36. A lot of friends already did their best in publication of their own stanced E36. Means, he need to find the differences, and it might be only on color options. Luckily he found this whitey sedan, and without doubt he paid this car along with an approval of his dad. Happy? Hell yeah.


After on hands, Jojo need some more time again to finding perfectly suit wheels to be slammed in this E36. Again, in this way its not as easy as you could imagine. An E36 with some OZ’s? Yes we have a lot of them here in Indonesia, how about some BBS stuff? There’s a lot too. In fact, actually Jojo felt really desperates and he has shaky feeling to find another platform and resell this E36. But some colleagues told him to stay with this E36 and explain that modification is not about being stand up in front of people, it’s about taste and appreciation in what we do in every single ways that we’ve done in our lovely car. And after that, his confidence back along with a founding a set of legendary BBS RF in very good price.


BBS in one of the best wheel brand for any car fitment. For being stance action, race action, and even some of automotive company trusted this brand as the OEM Wheel maker since 1980s. For more than 35 years, BBS has been successfully manufacturing high-performance light alloy wheels for the world of motorsport and beyond. At this time in my opinion, BBS RF will looks stunning in E36 platform. Jojo repainted the face of this wheel to suit the exterior color. With a specification of 17 inch in 8.5″ all set, move along the offset at 13 on all side, this rear width or offset still leaves spacious gap between fenders. I think added more spacer at rear will gives huge impression at rear side. But good job anyway.





The whole interior was still fresh and original, a fresh new details of interior was added not too long ago. Jojo is rocking an OEM leather steering wheel and knob which was a great touch and since Indonesia is infected by OEM plus style, this way is great to be maintained. Both me and Alwafi Auzan on that day forget to bring out the details of interior, so we don’t have any photos of the interior unfortunately but it’s safe to assume that it’s just as nice as the exterior though.


As usual sometimes we never feel enough only in one spot of photoshoot. We’ve decided to move around our location to searching for the magical of sunset. Along with our trip to move on, Jojo continued his tough way after getting this stance scene on his E36. One of the most difficult time was when the transmission oil crankcase cracked out after throughout the speedbumps. He afraid to informed his father at that time, because a set of brand new automatic transmission ain’t cheap in Indonesia. He decided to looking for 2nd hand transmission in junkyard, and finally after a long journey to looking for this thing, he get a 2nd hand used from his kind friend that gives them a pretty decent transmission set.


Another tough day for Jojo was because this car is the only daily ride he have, automatically whenever he go for date with his girl, this stanced lady will be as accompany as well. Where’s the tough things though? Ade said the first date using this car is flawless enough, his girl happy with it and everything just well as he planned before. But day after day, his girl felt that this car is shaky like a cart, even difficult to follow her wants to go everywhere because Jojo was so picky toward where road is impenetrable with his E36. And for sure, those bad relationship affected Jojo’s mind to standardized his suspension setup onto original height. But again guys, his fortitude to pretend this stance setup always blown up his ambition to have format like this.








In the end though, we’re all just enjoying a meaning of what cars have brought their impressions to us. Whether it’s USDM, JDM, Euro, Stance Style, lowrider, and whatever, we’re all in it because we love cars and expressing many stories that we’ve made through them. Even if the content of this feature is a bit usual since the focus is a “only” simple E36 build with stance passion on it, it really isn’t different from any other massive mods feature because we shared with you a builds of owners who wanted a magnificent joy of driving a stance lady in whatever tough situation he had.