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Rainy Day, Frosty Night & Friend : Haikal’s AMG E28
Arman Sayuti

The BMW E28 has become an famous utilized platform in the stance and fitment scene in Indonesia nowadays. With simple suspension modifications, and old wheel and tire packages, this lady can go from an average weekend cruiser to a very good example toward stance & hellaflush perfection.


Haikal from Search Auto owns this eye greeny-catching lady, and has incorporated his own unique style through the use of a set of wheel from AMG which means its come from different car brand, and it has been over the past one years to build an attention as daily driver. This lady really shows up to all of us here that how nice is this platform is.


The BMW E28 BMW 5-Series was made between 1981 and 1988. It replaced the BMW E12 in 1981 and was replaced by the BMW E34 in 1989. E28 Production started in July 1981 and ended in December 1987. The E28 was still sold in North America as a 1988 Model Year car while Europe received the E34 in early 1988. (Source: Wikipedia)


The fitment on Haikal’s E28 is devastating; with the original fenders sitting just millimeters flushed from the lips of the wheels. In order to achieve this pretty stance, a custom static suspension were bolted in, with custom spring rates to keep the frame from smashing into the ground, and the wheels from making contact with the still old and original body. 


Here in LadyOnWheels, we could not resisted a kind of lady like Haikal’s. A humble and modest person that clearly shown along the appearance of this car. We have started a photography session in the afternoon typically. Sometimes we feel lucky with those timing though. It’s quite surprising when my pray to shoot a stanced E28 during rainy day occured. We could see why we loved rain when photograph this lady. 





Taking a look at the exterior, it is kept relatively simple and clean. This lady retains its sleek lines and intended sophistication with the addition of an OEM bumper and front lip, OEM side skirts, and an OEM factory paint I guess; which only add to the aggressive stance and simple nature of the car, without taking away from its factory appeal. Haikal finished off the exterior with a several rare parts such as wing, and the turn signals, front bumper, etc.


Obviously given Haikal’s choice of work, it was pretty rare for us to go with AMG’s flagship wheel line, in a BMW. This wheel is a very clean 5 spoke dished design that is topped off by nicely being step lippped. Finished with original polished faces, they complement the lines and color scheme of Haikal’s stanced-lady perfectly. It’s just nice when seeing this old lady from behind. Trust me.






The interior side was nothing being modified, all originals. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get more photos of the interior because as you can see above, it’s RAINING!!! Love it. I was waiting for this moment for a year. I really want shoots a classic BMW in while raining.



The cloudburst and twilight comes together when I featured this lady. I was thinking at that time, should I stop? Or should I push the limits of weather sealing of my camera to featured a classic BMW on the moment that I have been waiting for a year.









However, Haikal tells us he definitely intends to added something to his lady in the near future. Hopefully in the future once this car sees some aesthetic changes we will have the opportunity to feature once again. Sorry if I leave you guys with a ton of photos, I just want to share to you how happy we are, and how we treats Haikal’s car like lady.