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Cargasm – Ladyonwheels present: Breeze of Summer
Muh. Sofiandry

As many of you know, Cargasm, a group of automotive enthusiasts based in Bandung, West Java Indonesia held their latest awesome meet up together with us named by Breeze of Summer. You may have noticed that we have been posting more and more contents mostly from Jakarta area, but travelled to Bandung in last September will never be pointless. That’s because the Cargasm’s guys have been doing some big things and consistently creates some flawless cars in Indonesian automotive world now. Whether it’s a classics, stance and fitment, JDMs, or whatever it is, they successfully held a continuous killer events with great people too. We would like to say big thanks to all our friends from Cargasm for the tremendous support last time. Cant wait to see you guys in December then.

Cargasm Bandung-Ladyonwheels-Summer Breeze-Meetup-Indonesia-6

Cargasm Bandung-Ladyonwheels-Summer Breeze-Meetup-Indonesia-4

Cargasm Bandung-Ladyonwheels-Summer Breeze-Meetup-Indonesia-Honda Jazz GD3-2

Cargasm Bandung-Ladyonwheels-Summer Breeze-Meetup-Indonesia-Honda Jazz GE8-1

Cargasm Bandung-Ladyonwheels-Summer Breeze-Meetup-Indonesia-3

Cargasm Bandung-Ladyonwheels-Summer Breeze-Meetup-Indonesia-56

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