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Permissible norm violation – Tepay’s Ford Cortina

Stance, stance, and all of us here loves the aggressive fitment that nowadays called by stance. But today let’s do something a bit different. Just remind you that there are no rules in this car culture of ours. Your car doesn’t have to achieve a certain speed or sit on a certain height. For us It doesn’t matter what lady’s manufacturer you like or which type lady’s platform you choose. If you asking for requirement needs? Just a car and preferably a bunch of creativities.


I bet that some of you have no idea what kind of car this is. However, if you loves a kind of old britain’s cars, you would easily recognizing this car. What you guys are looking at is a Ford Cortina and although this car can be found in a few junk yard in Indonesia because of lifetime period, it started it’s life in East Europe, especially in Germany where it gained quite a bit of popularity at the time.


Tepay (owner) wanted to take the original look of his third generation of Cortina and add a bit modern style to it without replacing any sense of originality. In other nowaday words, it needed to be lower and have better wheels fitment. Bringing this car closer to the ground was going to be a challenge. The original suspension design was obviously not created to get low and there isn’t much aftermarket support for this platform, if any. With that said, Tepay needed to get more creative.


Tepay loves meaty fitment I guessed. He loves stance actually. But become differs from his other friends is bit more challenging for him. He knows a words like hellaflush, slammed, stance correctly, but in this lady, he deserves a muscle ones.




Even if the car doesn’t look familiar, the stance-form of this car is achieved well. While searching around the internet for nice old school rims for Cortina, Martin found a set of stock wheels from other car that measured nicely on his car. The white colors mixed flawlessly and in my opinion the more wider wheels will be great.


Ford Australia built its own versions using both the UK four-cylinder engines (1.6 & 2.0). And perhaps this lady is on 1.6 version. As stated earlier, this car wasn’t meant to be raced and it wouldn’t do a very good job if you tried. The original 1.6 liter engine still sits in the engine bay. With right around 90 hp this engine the only reason this car can look damn good for driving-home purpose.





Tepay still looking for other replacement parts on his interior side. For sure it will be his next journey on this lady.






Even though automotive community has its differences, we all share one common interest called cars. Even though we can all appreciate the new “state of the art” technology offered with modern automobiles, we should never forget the simple pleasures that can only be found with the classics. Most of all this old muscle proves it, you don’t always need to be at the top of the podium to take home the gold. Just play on your creativity and imagination.

Thank you Tepay, for showing your joy here.