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Cargasm present: December rain 2014
Iman Machmud

We confident to say that Cargasm meet up is one of the most interesting car enthusiasts gathering in Indonesia.  Automotive enthusiasts especially from Bandung-West Java gather for a day long and we know it was never a disappointment to be a part of this meet up. As a matter of fact the word is that Cargasm even saw an increase in attendees at this latest 2014 meet up. Perhaps you wondering how they were looks in our previous partnership called Breeze of Summer, you can click here to see more. Talk about end 2014, we surprised that receiving an invitation from Cargasm guys that they want to held their 11th meetup called by #decemberrain. The good things about this event were seemed to be more rousing because several automotive shops and others such as: JAP Wheel Clinic, Allriginal Wheels, F*ck Wheel Dude, 169 Autogarage, R-Kups vape, AutoMobile Bandung, Bandung Food Trucks, and Piston Project were happy to became a great sponsors and supporters for this event. At this meetup, Cargasm open their gate to all car enthusiasts to join with an extra IDR 150,000,- fee included tshirt, F&Bs, and some voucher from sponsors. Yes, there were a handful of JDM / USDM / Stance and Fitment style present, but there were certainly not as many as people on social networks knows how good the enthusiasts in Bandung. But honestly said, our biggest disappointment is the fact that we failed to join. Heck, our friend Ardie Pichaus cheers us with his coverages and successfully cured our dumps. We’ll be dropping a coverage throughout this glorious meet up today, and we hope you enjoy these next couple photos and maybe even get some inspiration for your future builds. Big thanks to Negy Juanda and Yogie Anggada for the invitation, and of course for Ardie Pichaus for tons of images.

decemberrain cargasm 2014-event-meet up-ladyonwheels-coverage-bandung-indonesia-

decemberrain cargasm 2014-event-meet up-ladyonwheels-coverage-bandung-indonesia-2

decemberrain cargasm 2014-event-meet up-ladyonwheels-coverage-bandung-indonesia-3

decemberrain cargasm 2014-event-meet up-ladyonwheels-coverage-bandung-indonesia-4

decemberrain cargasm 2014-event-meet up-ladyonwheels-coverage-bandung-indonesia-5

decemberrain cargasm 2014-event-meet up-ladyonwheels-coverage-bandung-indonesia-6

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