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Rotors Wheelstore works: A turning point – Alvi’s Honda Freed
Muh. Sofiandry

Keeping things simple gets harder and harder when your platform are not supports your nowadays stance style. The Honda Freed is one of prime example of that as Honda’s guy knew they had to designed this car as a middle-up comfortable family car. Now I won’t pick sides and choose one over the other, but pay close attention to the differences between this Freed to other Freeds,I said it was awesome. On Alvi’s hand, this mini MPV are magically change to what we called by stance-lady. Of course staying true to the Honda’s MPV tradition; futuristic and long headlights are a given, but now, I would like to show the fancy sides of this platform becomes a very nice stance scene.


Start off with what most have already spotted, the wheels being a 8.5″ on front and 9.5″ rear with staggered set up of SSR. These wheels were found luckily on Rotors Wheelstore. Going with a simple fitment with dramatically dropped the body down, gives Alvi’s lady best scene ever in this brand. The wheels are shiny enough to show off and catch your eyes. No wide body needed, just perfect calculation on offset and with huge experience from Rotors Wheelstore.



On last Sunday, actually we had several photography sessions. On the morning, Alvi comes with his hellaflush lady together with our lovely brother and team, Daniel Bramantyo. We discussed everythings about our world. About stance, hellaflush style, and several topics that I realized this kind of moment was our interests.


About on past ten years ago, people pretend to avoid using shiny-chrome-finished wheels on white color. A lot of people said it’s not a perfect combination though. But now world changes, fitment is more important than ever. When you successfully harmonized your fitment’s character, and a lot of eye outside there will be watching you.


From the left : Alvi, Baply, and Daniel. Sometimes I feel proud of their generation. Their capabilites in automotives are not in moderate low level. They earned its knowledge more of less are from their friendship. Friends is a best media to share your knowledge and also learned more about many things. For example in this stance matters, in early 20’s, some of them already mastered every fitment in cars. Alvi is one the example of my quotes above, with his passions, he succesfully turning this mini MPV become an stance-artist. 




I did test on his Freed last time. I challenged Alvi to let me, Baply, and Daniel ride together with his sexy lady. I doubt that his fitment is only for him and his real girl, in other words, an extreme fitment like this sometimes take not more than 2 passengers on it.



And surprised for me, this car are equipped with the custom static suspension that makes bit bouncy when meet bumpy roads, but no rubbing at all. Even with 4 passengers though.





There were no major changes in interior side, just bit accent on centre mirror to shown up the Alvi’s interests.




In the future, Alvi hopes to lowered more his car or find another interesting parts to add more value in his lady,  we are not sure of when we’ll hear more later on, but this Freed is definitely one of the car that we keep on the radar.