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Repurposed: Gatot’s Honda Integra Type S on Barramundi Design Wheels
Iman Machmud

In a word, the performance of the Integra Type S can be described only as breathtaking. Sure, with a 0-100 in the mid-high sevens, there’ll be plenty of school kids who immediately point to the times of other, apparently faster cars. But they haven’t driven a Type S. Point to point on a twisting road, this Honda is just so fast that you need to look at a very select bunch of cars – usually with turbo and all-wheel drive – to come even close. 

But the truly amazing thing about the Integra Type S is not its outright performance, nor its brilliant handling. It’s the fact that the car is just as happy pottering off to the shops, or taking Gran out for an afternoon. Ride comfort? Firm, but fine. Idle quality from this incredible naturally aspirated engine that develops over 100 hp/litre? No problems at all. Tractability – say, the ability to progress normally while short-changing at 3000 rpm? You can do it all day.

So did Mr. Gatot from Riverside_Wheels. As it turned out, though, Gatot already had a perfectly good DC5, which led him to doing the next most logical thing, which was to swap just about everything that made the DC5 Type R special into place, especially on their body form. Gator nabbed the Integra Type R complete bodykit to match. 

Wheels are typically the first area of attack with Honda’s flagship and to satisfy the look and feel, Gatot opted for a set of brilliant polished of Barramundi Design (BMD) wheels with 19×9-10.5 inch, plus an ultimate big brake kit from Brembo which successfully impressed the overall looks of this car.

As with any build, phases come and go and the idea continue turning day in and day out. Gatot adds, “I love how the car is turning out but as it sits now, it’s nowhere near being done. I have big things coming for this car that you just have to wait and see.”