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Iman Machmud

The Jakarta Meet Up 2015, an event that presented by Mobiloka.com are open to all makes and models, it’s safe to say that Jakmeetup this year offers a little something for every walk of modified car life, from the old and magnificent cars right through to the latest supercar or JDM hero, most of them has been modified of course. Surrounded by many well-known restaurants at Flavor Bliss, plus some pretty trick parking space, the venue of Jakmeetup 2015 really do set the cars off a treat. With so much work going into the car builds, it’s nice to see an almost OEM based car with a different style on wheels and body styling that shows them off to their full potential.

The BMW cars that were there were certainly head-turners. We spotted a nice and rare E36 from coupe to cabriolet with a different set of styles, which we pretty sure that those E36ers will be to all tastes. And a rather more appealing bagged big-bodied sedan on some sexy split-rims. From the Bandung (West Java) came the guys from “Cargasm”, and several famous cars which looked as fantastic as ever.

We can said that the variety of metals on display was truly impressive and served the enthusiasts well. With plenty of German and Japanese machines, obviously, along with some spectacular low riders and supercars, Mobiloka.com successfully provide the best and the biggest car enthusiasts gathering last time. With a nice scattering of a famous brand as traders inside, made this event is well worth a visit.

For those wishing to find out the show or maybe disappointed of your absence at this time, lets together we hope that Mobiloka.com together with Jakarta Meet Up crew will serve us with another astonishing event in the future. We guarantee that you will never find similar blasting event like Jakarta Meet Up 2015. Scroll down this article toward tons of pictures and videos that brought to you by Alwafi Auzan, Daniel Bramantyo, and Arief Rahma Pratama from @properinch.

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-1

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-2

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-3

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-4

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-5

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-6

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-7

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-8

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-9

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-10

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-11

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-12

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-13

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-14

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-15

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-16

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-17

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-18

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-19

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-20

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-21

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-22

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-23

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-56

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-24

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-25

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-26

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-27

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-28

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-29

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-30

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-31

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-32

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-33

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-34

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-35

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-36

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-37

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-38

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-39

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-40

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-41

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-42

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-43

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-44

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-45

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-46

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-47

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-48

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-49

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-50

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-51

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-52

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-53

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-54

Jakarta Meet Up 2015-Jakmeetup2015-ladyonwheels-indonesia-55


EuroFest 2014 – Modificartion: An impressive Indonesian euro showcase part I
Muh. Sofiandry

This EuroFest 2014 is the second event we covered that proudly made by friends from ModifiCARtion, and  of course it most definitely won’t be the last. On Saturday two weeks ago, they made a fascinating event called EuroFest 2014. The amount of quality and variety that EuroFest 2014 has to offer is simply incredible. Held like never done before in the Ancol Beach Mall Jakarta-Indonesia, with the participants close to 250 cars approximately attend this spectacle event. What makes this event so special you are asking? Besides all the awesome rides that you’ll see in the pages below, the event featured those cars to stand and parked at front of the beach. Bravely said, this is the first event that really held in front of beach coast. Enjoy our photos below that captured by our brother Alwafi Auzan by dividing this coverage into 2 separated parts. And last said, we would like to say big thanks to ModifiCARtion gus for taking care of us and gives us chance to felt the glorious joy right there. See you in the next event guys.

Smart-Eurofest 2014-Modificartion-event-eurofest-ladyonwheels-coverage-stance-indonesian stance-2
Volvo-Eurofest 2014-Modificartion-event-eurofest-ladyonwheels-coverage-stance-indonesian stance-3
Smart-Eurofest 2014-Modificartion-event-eurofest-ladyonwheels-coverage-stance-indonesian stance-4
Volvo-wagon-Eurofest 2014-Modificartion-event-eurofest-ladyonwheels-coverage-stance-indonesian stance-5
Connection Club-BMW E46-Eurofest 2014-Modificartion-event-eurofest-ladyonwheels-coverage-stance-indonesian stance-6
Porsche Panamera-Eurofest 2014-Modificartion-event-eurofest-ladyonwheels-coverage-stance-indonesian stance-7
BMW E39-Eurofest 2014-Modificartion-event-eurofest-ladyonwheels-coverage-stance-indonesian stance-8
BMW E90-Eurofest 2014-Modificartion-event-eurofest-ladyonwheels-coverage-stance-indonesian stance-9
Mercedes Benz-Boxer-Eurofest 2014-Modificartion-event-eurofest-ladyonwheels-coverage-stance-indonesian stance-10
Peugeot 406-Eurofest 2014-Modificartion-event-eurofest-ladyonwheels-coverage-stance-indonesian stance-11
Volvo-Eurofest 2014-Modificartion-event-eurofest-ladyonwheels-coverage-stance-indonesian stance-12
Volvo-wagon-Eurofest 2014-Modificartion-event-eurofest-ladyonwheels-coverage-stance-indonesian stance-13
Volvo-Eurofest 2014-Modificartion-event-eurofest-ladyonwheels-coverage-stance-indonesian stance-14
BMW-Eurofest 2014-Modificartion-event-eurofest-ladyonwheels-coverage-stance-indonesian stance-15
BMW E46-Eurofest 2014-Modificartion-event-eurofest-ladyonwheels-coverage-stance-indonesian stance-17
Peugeot 206-Eurofest 2014-Modificartion-event-eurofest-ladyonwheels-coverage-stance-indonesian stance-18
W202 Stance-Eurofest 2014-Modificartion-event-eurofest-ladyonwheels-coverage-stance-indonesian stance-19
BMW E34-Eurofest 2014-Modificartion-event-eurofest-ladyonwheels-coverage-stance-indonesian stance-20