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Living Legend Playground: Intersport’s Eutrodicted 2017
Iman Machmud

One event we wanted to cross off our list this year was the Intersport’s Eutrodicted 2017. This glorious event is a heaven on earth for classic cars enthusiasts to get together and enjoy a chat and a cuppa, while enjoying looking at some cool cars. The weather on the last few days before the event was pretty average but we were assured the event was still going ahead on the Saturday so we uncovered our weekender and cruised down to CIBIS Nine as the location with friends.

On arrival there was a fair gathering of classic cars on the industrial warehouse type of location. Everything from historic’s to a few newer models on show along to spoiled your sense and passions. 90% of the participants typically a non social media guys, so it felt really fresh to seen what actually we have here in Indonesia.

We’re looking forward to attending again in the future. Heres our faves of the day. 

When an obsession becomes an addiction: Patra Negara’s Mercedes Benz W114 280 1975 on Borbet B wheels
Alwafi Auzan

You have your regular Mercedes enthusiasts, then you have your proper Mercedes nut cases, and then at the top of the tree you have Patra Negara. Never gave we met someone with this much adoration for the humble old European car. Since Patra started driving, he has owned this car. He grew up on the back seat of an old mercedes benz. Both of his parents had similar car too when he was a kid. There is for sure has lots of memories from this car. 

He figured that this benz would be an inexpensive car to start all the memories with. He also said to us that he never expected this beauty to get to where she is now. It is no surprise that Patra draws a lot of attention on the road. His 17 inch Borbet B wheels are real attention grabbers. Measuring 8.5 inch width at the front and 10 inch at rear, there is enough dish to swallow the factory 15 inch rims.

To compliment his simple path, Patra has compiled the period correct W114 1970s style in several sources. It was safe to assume that he has owned one of the best looking W114 that we had featured of to his date. This is what it looks like when an obsession becomes an addiction. But who can blame him? Instead to say more about his positive attitude to resurrects this lady in a correct manner.

Two times the charm: Ary’s Toyota Starlet SE 1989 on TRD wheels
Vitto Savero

The early generation of Toyota Starlet hold a special place in the hearts of many motoring enthusiasts. For some reason they seem to have that something special that just gets under your skin, a feeling like you’re being just a little bit as a cool racer every time you take one out for a spin. This reputation was quickly earned way back in late 80s when this gen of Starlet was first launched.

Featuring a light weight chassis and strong power plant, it was a package that really rewarded the driver who was willing to put the effort in. So it should come as no surprise then that they have built up a massive following over the years. One of the best Starlet example is owned by Ary. A motoring enthusiasts who lived in one of the most beautiful cultural city in Indonesia, Jogjakarta. He choose this starlet because he has many of four sedans and had been thinking to have something a little different in a hatchback. 

For us personally the different is clearly shown here. It is not everyday you get to see a clean 1989s Toyota Starlet down the street, and it’s definitely not even a single day you get to see one quite like this.

Most of the exterior side has been restored and refreshed to brought back the shines. Ary spent countless hours to searching for most quality and it’s OEM parts to replaces, changes, and complementing several rare OEM from Japan as well from front lip. rear spoilers, side mirrors, etcs. 

One of the best things that Ary installed in this Starlet was an uber rare of TRD wheels set that completely rebuilt long before he had this lady. The stance of this car was also supported by the usage of coilovers which round out the exterior with a pretty overall looks. So after all is said and done so far, we asked Ary if there was anything be would have done differently, and he said that he would change nothing, because it’s exactly how he wanted the car to turn out. For him, the best thing about this car is the way this car sit with a sleek paint and clean wheels, he told us that he was a very happy and always put a full smile on his face when this car sitting on his driveway.

For the love of E28: Jendy’s BMW E28 Alpina style
Alwafi Auzan

The idea seemed pretty simple at the time for Mr. Jendy, take the BMW E28 that he had bought, give it a tidy up and moved some other goodies from another E28s that he already had as a donor car. Fast forward some couple years later and Jendy can’t help himself to not upgrading the heart of this lady. Jendy told us that he lucky enough to bought this car with decent condition and price.

It could be argued that the E28 was as important to BMW as the iPod was to Apple. It set a tone, an approach, and it consolidated public perception about what it meant to be a BMW. It was a damn good car, besides the legendary E21 3 series model. Produced from 1982, this generation (the second) was the longest-lived by a fair chunk. It started out by the luxury sedan model. Looks-wise, there’s still something about it even now, a streamlined timelessness. It wouldn’t be hard to imagine it coming out today looking exactly like this, and people would still love it and buy it.

We started our happy week at that time by waiting Jendy to come to our preferred location. As usual, it was always been a fun time together to spent your week with a classic-minded enthusiast like Jendy. When Jendy arrived, we directly asked him to following us to the photoshoot place. We have been his admirer for his creation and determination on one of our most favourite BMW platform ever, the BMW E28 series. As many people said, picture don’t do justice, we had staggering moment to saw this lady live in front of us. A blue E28, with Alpina’s attributes, who can resist it?

With a hands of Rudy from RDM Garage, Jendy wanted this car turned into an occasionaly a track car. Then Rudy began his build to upgrade the stock engine with a stroker kit from 3.0 engine, including the crankshaft. He upgraded the brakes from E32 which is bigger size than it’s original brakes to ensure the pin point braking. Jenny also showing his loves toward Alpina tuner. It is almost impossible to find real Alpina E28, then what Jendy had done is to replicate the visual Alpina looks on her. From the Alpina wheels, kits, interior pieces, and all badges. It comes together nicely. We’d like to share with you our experience during this shot, and hopefully you could adoring this car like we did.