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A beautiful legacy: Timothy’s Mercedes Benz W123 200E on Riddler wheels
Iman Machmud

We are always interested to hear how someone got into a cars is no exception. Especially that if we hearing how people first got interested in classic’s. It’s a pretty good chance that there is a nice story involved into their builds. For some it may be because of their first ride in one, perhaps the exterior of a certain model, the sexy growl from the tail pipes or the inheritance cars that owned by someone special within their families. For Timothy though, the story has started when he visits his family in Cirebon-Indonesia back then.

Timothy wasn’t necessarily an enthusiast from the get-go, but that eventually changed. The 1983 200E Mercedes Benz W123 you guys see in this article was originally his lovely grandfather’s car. It was their family’s first benz and Timothy admits that while he didn’t really care for it at first, but once his grandfather passed away, it quickly grew on him to taking care of this car.

His grandma, approximately 1.5 years after his husband passed, she asked Timothy if he able to taking care of this car. Without doubt, he agreed to bring this lady with him and the restoration process began. At that time, the condition of this car was alarming. Rusts everywhere and far from a “pristine” word. Timothy brought this car to Akasia garage and ordered them to bring back this car to its glory. To accomodate the lowrider look that Timothy always dreaming of, he ordered a custom air suspension from Akasia garage to achieve the looks that you can adore it in this article.

Just as he’s tinkered with the height toward the air supension system, he’s gone through numerous sets of wheels too. The current set is Riddler in 17 x 7″ et 0(F); 17 x 9.5″ et -5 (R). The chrome centers and high polished lips strengthen the overall looks on this beauty lady.

While Timothy is not sure what’s next for the future, we are sure that his car has been added to that list of well-done W123’s on your mind.

The Kuningan City: Federal Mobil Lubricants:”Urban Klub Pt 5″ with Euro Retro Enthusiasts & VanKulture Indonesia
Iman Machmud

The enthusiasm of car and automotive culture in Indonesia is growing aggressively in recent years. Innumerable events have sprung up in various scales, ranging from college-style contest, the launch event of a new car by their manufacturers, to the automotive event which has been recognized internationally. One of the key factors that contributes well in strengthening the automotive scenes in Indonesia is a solid community.

Due to the numbers of car club which has emergence rapidly in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta, it’s resulting in a limited space that can accommodate them to gathered in a meet-up. Currently the area required is not necessarily a large space/field or the outdoor parking lot, but inside of shopping mall is one of the solution that can possibly counts. Seeing the enthusiasm shown by the club, The Kuningan City as one of the famous shopping center in downtown Jakarta this year again held the annual automotive event, which namely by “Urban Club Part 5”.


Nicky Ardian Putra, the Kuningan City Representative, expressed, “Urban Club is an event that we held each year to accommodate auto club enthusiasts in order to gather together. The concept that we raise this year is a gathering and the introduction of a wide range of community / automobile club with the theme of “Downtown Autophiles Rendezvous “. Every year The Kuningan City Shopping Mall invited several community / motoring clubs to cooperate in organizing the Urban Club, “This time we had collaborated with “Euro Retro Enthusiast” and “VanKulture Indonesia”  to invites the automotive enthusiasts participation.

This Urban Clubs Part 5 event is also more lively with the support of the Federal Mobil Lubricants. Mr. Sri Adinegara, the Senior Marketing Manager of Federal Mobil Lubricants revealed that the car clubs plays an important role in the automotive industry, and within these 2 years, Federal Mobil Lubricants builds a close relationship with them. The participants could also feel the sensation of driving a different performance of their vehicle after using Federal Cars Lubricants.”


Federal Mobil Lubricants always presenting different activities and events both for their consumers and community members that are in line with its tagline, which is “Experiencing The Difference”. “We see Urban Klub Part 5 as an event that different and appropriate for the car enthusiasts and has been demonstrated in previous years. In this event we also introduced our new community named by “Federal Mobil” Community which born in April, “added Mr. Sri Adinegara.

Mr. Indra Goin as the Euro Retro Enthusiast head, said that, “This event will be held for three days, starting from October 14th to 16th. The concept of the show that we brought is unique, because every day has it kinds of themes such as:
• The first day (14 October): Showcase – VIP car display
• The second day (15 October): BoVaGon (Boxed, Van and Station Wagon) – a family car with a family – friendly atmosphere
• The third day (16 October): Retro Classic Reborn – classic cars from various brands, countries and concepts.


This event also filled by a variety of activities such as gatherings, fun contest, bazaar, photo contest, band battles and wheels coaching clinic by the Permaisuri Ban.
The total of 31 community / club, 600 cars and 3,000 visitors have attended and supported in the event that we have held. The purpose of this event is to make ‘Downtown Autophiles Rendezvous’ as a venue for community or club within the biggest mall in the concept and contribute to the development of the automotive scene in Indonesia.

PS: If you would like to see the video coverage of this event, please visit here.



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The Preface: RoadStar Run 2016

We miss you. Indeed, those are the only words which suits well to describe our feelings in LadyOnWheels to just be able to press the shutter button on our cameras, changing lenses, making new friends, adoring someone’s wheels setup, even to share a single story regularly here in this website. It seems that at the end of this year, safely to assume that there are tremendous and quite time-consuming activities, ranging from family, girlfriend, works, businesses, to the study matters. Luckily, at August this year, we tried to revenge our guilty and pushing ourselves to recreate what we’ve done last year, is a Road-Star Run. It was nothing fancy, no games, no ticket fee, no door prizes, no trophies, it was just a pure an eye healing for us. Being so selfish and picky? Probably yes. But it just our looks to pretend selfish and picky. Some people keep asking us why there is a limitation to only 20ish cars. For us the reason is so simple, that’s the only budget we have. We refuse our mind to go and drive and pathetically asking for sponsorship. Not because we are not ready, nor have limited personnel to create a bigger event, but we are wanting until the end of this website running, you will keep remembering us clearly as your car enthusiast friend. Not as a friend that had given chance to asking you for money and promise you will have a pleasure, while we can only give you, in fact, a fake orgasm day.


We started this 2016 Road-Star Run in early August this year. Most of the formation this year are still similar with the previous run. But the best things even the people are the same, but most of them brought a different car to this run. Once we’ve convinced that we still had more money in account, we decided to broader our options by adding another diverse people into this run. We also would like to say innumerable thank you to all of our invitations for make it real and to make it beautiful for us to remember all of our milestone since 2012 to striven giving you the best on every single pages served to you until today. Please scroll through this preface article, and feel free to continue the other parts of this event on our homepage.











































































The balancing act: Bagged Akram Tabrani’s Volkswagen Scirocco on Rotiform TMB
Iman Machmud

A few years ago we saw a Volkswagen Scirocco entering our Indonesian market gloriously. Then we were fairly certain that at that point, considering their body shape, performance, and class, this lady will be hit the sales for short period of time. Akram Tabrani, an old friend that now living in Adelaide can’t keep his deep desires to own this car. It is almost 2 years of ownership, there are lots of personalisation has been taken to keep his desires on. Clean might be a word we use far too often on this site but it’s the perfect word to describe Akram’s Scirocco because it looks simply amazing without the need for a wild body kit, loud paint, or even an excessive camber that’s practically horizontal.




Once Akram was introduced to altered ride heights with the air, known power up kits, good wheel fitment, then he knew exactly how he wanted to build this lady. Building off the words of clean and properly lowered, he succeed perfectly at putting together a car that draws people’s attention whenever he cruises the streets with this beauty blue. To enhance the great body lines of this TSI scirocco, Akram added a carbon diffuser and rear spoiler from Osir.



Just like other enthusiasts, Akram has focused almost all of his modification efforts into ride height and wheel fitment. The impressively 18×9.5/10.5 Rotiform TMB wheels fill the fender wells while the Airlift performance “Slam Series” were occupied to build a good safe stance and also do their best to keep undercarriage from hitting the ground and tire from hitting fender. As a one of the regular racing driver, the braking system has received good upgrade. The Endless MX72 brake pad along with the Goodridge brake line were trusted to balance the upgraded engine performance of this lady.






Then when you want to go somewhere, it can be a bit disappointing. The 1390cc 4-cyclinder petrol lump under the bonnet is quiet, civilised, frugal (VW claim 5.3litre/100km outside town) and works well through the semi-auto 7-speed box. But it doesn’t quite go like it looks. That is why an upgraded engine is a must for this Scirocco. Akram did Mcchip-Dkr stage 2 reflash on the ECU, it successfully unleashed the engine potential to the next level along with Militek downpipe, APR Carbonio air intake, upgraded exhaust, throttle controller, Forge twin-cooler, DV and the canister cover.



The complete package is delightfully understated, blending everything that made this Scirocco special with everything even the most fanatical only could dream up. With the perfect charm and sleeper looks attitude, Akram Tabranim has built one truly fun VAG to drive, track, and show.