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When an obsession becomes an addiction: Patra Negara’s Mercedes Benz W114 280 1975 on Borbet B wheels
Alwafi Auzan

You have your regular Mercedes enthusiasts, then you have your proper Mercedes nut cases, and then at the top of the tree you have Patra Negara. Never gave we met someone with this much adoration for the humble old European car. Since Patra started driving, he has owned this car. He grew up on the back seat of an old mercedes benz. Both of his parents had similar car too when he was a kid. There is for sure has lots of memories from this car. 

He figured that this benz would be an inexpensive car to start all the memories with. He also said to us that he never expected this beauty to get to where she is now. It is no surprise that Patra draws a lot of attention on the road. His 17 inch Borbet B wheels are real attention grabbers. Measuring 8.5 inch width at the front and 10 inch at rear, there is enough dish to swallow the factory 15 inch rims.

To compliment his simple path, Patra has compiled the period correct W114 1970s style in several sources. It was safe to assume that he has owned one of the best looking W114 that we had featured of to his date. This is what it looks like when an obsession becomes an addiction. But who can blame him? Instead to say more about his positive attitude to resurrects this lady in a correct manner.