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Story of deserted car: Satrio’s toyota vios
Iman Machmud

We’ve seen plenty of Toyota Vios in Indonesian stance scene, especially in Jakarta (Indonesia), and sometimes we can only think of those that sits pretty low and some kind of different set of wheels too. We are lucky to have friend like Satrio or some people known him with Jokat that owned this beauty purple lady. After hanging out and working on the car with Alwafi Auzan and Daniel Bramantyo on several week ago, at night Daniel told to us that he wanted to bring Jokat’s car to be featured. I asked him where is the owner though, but the fact is the owner has followed the quarantine step to become a Pilot. So he left this stanced lady in Daniel’s house by the way. 

indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-toyota vios-bbs rf-satrio-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-3

On following day, Me, Alwafi, and Daniel dealed to bring this car to one of private university nearby our location. Nothing special spot actually, but I thought that it’s gonna be suit with the story that Jokat brings to this lady. What story? Yeah..Once after he finished to pimped out his lady off in Platinum garage, he suddenly goes to learn how to drive a plane than making out with this purple candy vios. That’s why we brought this lady in an university area, to let Jokat knows that his lovely car will patiently waiting her man finished his study in a campus parking lot.

indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-toyota vios-bbs rf-satrio-front-indonesia

indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-toyota vios-bbs rf-satrio-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-2

indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-toyota vios-bbs rf-satrio-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-16

Some of the current body mods are in standard oem condition, no flared front and rear fenders, a shaved front bumper with custom lip. Jokat slammed the car using custom static suspension and add some camber to help him clear the wheels and of course hurt some feelings though. Currently his wheels are 17×9 inch all around with 2 inch lips on front, and 2.5 inch lips on rear.

indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-toyota vios-bbs rf-satrio-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-4

In our opinion, this is probably the one and only toyota vios that sits beautifully on a set of BBS RF wheels. At least Jokat has really good taste on choosing a special wheel for his special car.

indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-toyota vios-bbs rf-satrio-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-6

This BBS RF probably quite rare in our country Indonesia, or in the other words, this type of BBS is a collectible item.

indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-toyota vios-bbs rf-satrio-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-12

indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-toyota vios-bbs rf-satrio-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-7

indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-toyota vios-bbs rf-satrio-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-11

indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-toyota vios-bbs rf-satrio-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-10

indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-toyota vios-bbs rf-satrio-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-5

indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-toyota vios-bbs rf-satrio-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-18

indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-toyota vios-bbs rf-satrio-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-9

When I meet Jokat later on, I will ask him what’s the meaning of this digital-like number. I just wondering how important that number is.

indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-toyota vios-bbs rf-satrio-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-19

Jokat has preserved his interior in original condition.

indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-toyota vios-bbs rf-satrio-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-8

indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-toyota vios-bbs rf-satrio-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-17

indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-toyota vios-bbs rf-satrio-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-13

indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-toyota vios-bbs rf-satrio-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-14

indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-toyota vios-bbs rf-satrio-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-15

Huge shout out to Satrio for sharing his be hoped-for slammed lady with us. We are not encouraging other people to follow what Satrio did in his lady, but we are strongly encourage all of you to have a story together with your own car. Some people more respect about it. If you have car that need to be shared, please do not hesitate to contact us at ladyonwheels2012@gmail.com. We loved to see more.

Thank you!!!

A beauty of his own: Abdee’s Jazz on CCW Classic
Iman Machmud

Abdee. A perfectionist man that known by his existence in Indonesian stance scene and often seen on several occasions or event in Indonesia. Perhaps this sexy violet lady has became one of major car’s topic in Indonesia in the past. Who would dare to argue that what was done by Abdee so far on this car is wrong? I remember several time ago this car was really famous as the main topics in variety of media. But when we got chance to featured this stanced lady together with Abdee and Hendi with his stanced Sephia that you can see in this article, so we jumped out through the opportunity as well.

indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-hondajazz-ccw-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-2

First impression when I saw this Honda Jazz is one word: “Perfect”. At least personally said, a combination of hot violet candy paint on her body, combined with the shiny finishing of CCW wheels that enhancing her appearance well.

indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-hondajazz-ccw-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-1

At that time, Me, Alwafi Auzan and Daniel Bramantyo agreed to do photoshoot on Hendi’s Sephia first while located in one of the gas stations in Serpong-Indonesia area. Their friend suddenly came during our photosession with a relaxed and fancy apparels also felt that Abdee’s lady has a strong and powerful magnet to be seen, Abdee’s friend clearly impressed with what Abdee did through his lovely lady.

indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-hondajazz-ccw-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-3

When we’ve finished with Hendi and his remarkable Sephia, we decided to walk around with Abdee to looking for another spot for our photoshoot. We’ve decided to move to Alwafi’s campus because he said there will be a good spot for us to chillin’ a bit while finished our agenda on Abdee’s lady.

indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-hondajazz-ccw-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-4

indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-hondajazz-ccw-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-5

indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-hondajazz-ccw-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-6

indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-hondajazz-ccw-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-8

When we seen at some interesting spot to do a photoshoot, we immediately stopped anyway. The violet purple candy with a dazzling paint elements from it paint basic ingredients have been successfully formulated by Platinum Garage suit to what Abdee’s want. It’s absolute true about what people said toward Abdee’s Honda Jazz that has very large magnet on roadway though.

indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-hondajazz-ccw-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-7

indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-hondajazz-ccw-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-9

The aggressive stance is provided by a set of staggered CCW Classic forged wheels. A custom suspension setup through oem shockbreaker bring the car down around the eye-catching high polished finish of CCWs, found in a staggered set of 17×9″ and 10″ fitment, which have been paired with 205-tread width Achilles tyre. Of course, Abdee didn’t stop at simply changing the springs and shocks, the chassis is bolstered with pieces with custom camber at rear to maintain the rear sexyness on this low setup.

indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-hondajazz-ccw-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-10

indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-hondajazz-ccw-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-11

We finally arrived at Alwafi’s campus. We walked around this campus for a moment, and we chose right spot at back of the building to do a photo session which probably is quite narrow because of available time. It was evening late, Me and Alwafi tried to find the best angle to featured this car.

indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-hondajazz-ccw-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-13

indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-hondajazz-ccw-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-14

indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-hondajazz-ccw-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-27

indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-hondajazz-ccw-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-16

Greatest influence beauty of the exterior of this Honda Jazz is the Webasto’s ragtop. And what makes me surprised is Abdee really dare to shaved rear wiper spot on this car. By forgetting the actual function, the rear side of this car looked very neat and classy though.

indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-hondajazz-ccw-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-17

indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-hondajazz-ccw-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-19

indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-hondajazz-ccw-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-18

indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-hondajazz-ccw-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-20

indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-hondajazz-ccw-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-28

indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-hondajazz-ccw-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-20-2

I’m glad to report that Abdee’s effort is still unfinished. It seen from his updated blackberry profile picture that put a photo of E90 BMW. Perhaps this Honda Jazz will be retired for a new gameplay from Abdee very soon. The project continues, and judging by what he has already accomplished with this Jazz has a promising forecast for its adolescent years through his hand on whatever car platform to dealing with.

indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-hondajazz-ccw-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-22

indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-hondajazz-ccw-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-23

Now I know why Abdee looks very healthy till today. Hahahaha

indonesian stance-ladyonwheels-hondajazz-ccw-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-29

Thanks mate for inspiring us here through your best and finest passion in modding your lady off. Can’t wait for your next project by the way.