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A life choice of Navy: Yosi’s BMW E46
Iman Machmud

There are many life changing events in any one person’s life. Including our new friend Yosi, who struggled to join Indonesian Navy team for nearly one year as a first-grade team. A lot of people nowadays didn’t have a call to join an army. Perhaps they thought that being one of an army team is less-advantages than other professional works. But most people said that there are no freedom of time to doing something wild, crazy perhaps, until getting some quality time with a family. Moreover, having a time to think about cars and lifestyle will be impossible within regularly Navy’s schedules and regulations. At the beginning, Yosi didn’t thought that being an army was his dreams. But year by year after he graduated from senior high school, he felt that being a navy to help and protect a country was a great deal at that time. Every boy was have a dreams to be a superhero in the future, but lots of them are hang up those silly dreams.


Actually Yosi’s car is not the best E46 alive in Indonesia. We have a lot of bimmer enthusiasts that plays more advance than others. He bought this car was not in good condition. Several parts such as hood and fenders already been touched with “not-required” parts by the previous owner. The only thing that I decided to featured this car was because Yosi is the navy team. From the objectives that I discussed above, I felt that although Yosi has limited time to modifying his car, but because of his “car-enthusiast” soul, he can created something great too.


On this photograph session, I didn’t met Yosi though. His brother drove this car onto our location. A bit disappointing by the way when found some details that wasn’t match with this non M3 4-door E46. But his brother told me that finding the original hood and stock fenders already planned once when Yosi’s back to Indonesia from his duty. It’s quite relieves my mind though. I’m not judge this car is a big fault to be shared, but I believe on his planned to restored the hood and fenders into OEM condition, because from the matter of Yosi’s taste to choose the wheels for this stanced lady, he just running out of time to do right things on his lovely ride.


If we refer to one of the sexiest sedan platform in BMW, this car will become my personal favorite after the older E36. Some famous review thought that this platform was perfectly made by those German engineers. In this E46 3 Series 325i version, sold from year 2001 to 2005 and equipped with a naturally-aspirated In-line 6 cylinder with 24 valves. The engine produces an maximum peak output revving power of approximately 192 PS at 6000 rpm and a maximum torque of 245 Nm at 3500 rpm. When this car is revving in, it’s pure sex. The sound is so damn great. Regarding the chassis characteristics, responsible for road holding, handling behavior and ride comfort, the E46 3 Series have a front independent suspension mechanism. And when its compared to other coeval cars on that year, this car definitely leads the way.




When I did a photo-shoot on his car, suddenly I’ve got a photo sent by email from Yosi that reported his situation on board. It’s great to featured this guy and his ride. I love people that keep firing his “car-enthusiast” passion besides any other jobs that they have. Exactly like what Yosi did above.



To outfit his car with some nice wheels, Yosi called upon, Mr. Mamat, an expert on wheels and tires from Riverside, where he decided upon Ac Schnitzer. He chose to run with an appropriately wide 18×9.5 +20 front and a whopping 18×11 +13 in the rear. The front faces of the Ac Schnitzer look very clean in its original condition especially with the shiny polished lips that surrounds the face nicely. To help this lady achieve a great fitment, he needed some custom works on her suspension to lower and stiffen the ride.




Regarding to the wheel’s choice, once these modding began, Yosi already knew which wheels he wanted. He was aiming to plays in great stance fitment within his build, so he decided to run with one of the legendary pre-IU wheels. I hope you can see why both me and Yosi, regard the wheels as our most favorite thing on this lady.



The stock interior condition was quite in pristine condition. Again, I found some unnecessary parts that disturbed my opinion toward his car. But anyway, at least most of them still an OEM.






What’s next? I think more pushing the boundaries of course. Yosi plans to go for wider wheels with a paint restoration and of course, changing entirely the “non-needed” things on both exterior and interior to achieve more simple OEM looks. He tells us he will continue to break barriers with his build and is humbled by those fellow enthusiasts who have supported such as family and friends within his project. Well, looks great enough for a Navy.