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She is risen – Albert’s Honda Prelude BA5 | part 1

There are few type as an icon for Honda toward Japan aesthetic than other brands. Debuted exactly twenty years ago as her born in Japan, suddenly this coupe has held our attention for several past of weeks. Considering the massive amounts of cultural change we’ve seen since the early 90′s, the Prelude BA5 serves not only as the iconic car for child’s obsession, but as a symbol of consistency for being difference if you set them up in this era.


The 3rd gen Prelude has always been a FWD (Honda typically) roadster with naturally-aspirated power, and although there have been numerous one-off creations by various tuners that have explored various other configurations, the formula remains the same as the 3th generation model that released few numbers in Indonesia.


On April 9, 1987, the third-generation Prelude was released in the Japanese domestic market and released later that year worldwide, being an 1988 model in North America. The Prelude featured innovative features for its time such as a 0.34 drag coefficient, roof pillars made of high-strength metal and its signature feature, the available option of the world’s first mechanical four wheel steering system available in a mass-production passenger car. (source : Wikipedia)


The third-generation Prelude was exclusively powered by variants of the Honda B20A engine, a base carbureted version with a SOHC 12-valve valvetrain, or a DOHC variant with Honda’s PGM-FI fuel injection and 16 valves. And have you ever heard about 4 wheel steering?

Probably you know about 4 wheel drive car, but how about 4 wheel steering? It magnificent technology drives by Honda in the past. In an active four-wheel steering system, all four wheels turn at the same time when the driver steers. In most active four-wheel steering systems, the rear wheels are steered by a computer and actuators. The rear wheels generally cannot turn as far as the front wheels. There can be controls to switch off the rear steer and options to steer only the rear wheel independent of the front wheels. And fortunetely, Albert (owner) found this car with immaculate condition. Means? Yes..the 4WS steering is still active until today.




Albert equipped his lady with the replica of Work Equip called ROTA Wheels. I dont know the Albert’s reasons why chosen this wheels. He said to me that this wheels are temporarily used until a set of brand new wheels comes up in front of his door. But who cares, this car sits perfectly on those wheels. She has very nice fitment that world nowadays called it by stance or hellaflush style.



The originality on interior side is excellent. Albert pretend not to re-trim his seat and leave them on their original leather. Bit bulky, but it made so valuable for me though.

albert front-1

This one of my favorite scene last week. I really loves when this lady popped-out his headlights. I am big fans of pop-up cars. Really nice car actually.


albert front-3

Regarding to our plans, we would like to take a second session for this car next week. Unfortunately  Albert came too soon on last Sunday afternoon. When I talked to him, and listened his story about what ladies he have in his garage, I was surprised, and hopes that Albert will share more of his ladies in here soon.