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A Farewell Ride: Danur’s OZ MAE W210
Iman Machmud

​It’s both exciting and sore our heart at once we knew that he will leaving off Indonesia to United States for continuing his higher degree study. Practically said, this W210 will be back to her original form and waiting for someone who willing to take care of her. For sure, this W210 is one of the best example of OEM+ mods that a perfect wheels could draw the people’s attention. These days, many people are attempting to stand out by chasing the lowest offsets, the craziest stretch, or the biggest drop; sometimes it’s easy to stand out by creating a clean OEM ride that can be appreciated for its simplicity and functionality. When it comes to this Mercedes Benz W210, the wheels are not worth more than the car, it also won’t beat many “opponents” off on the scene, and it is not going to cause mass delays banging a necessary u-turn at a speed bump because its too low. But it will absolutely turn heads , and it will remain classy for years to come. This is what we believed.

W210 stance-OZ MAE-Mercedes Benz-stance-fitment-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesian fitment-1

W210 stance-OZ MAE-Mercedes Benz-stance-fitment-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesian fitment-2

It is really interesting what a good drop can be a head turner without touching any sectors that makes your car looks weird and absurd. Danur has supplied his beauty with simple lowering suspension setup at front and rear in order to get it sitting just right. Tucked under those wheel arches are the legendary OZ MAE at 19×9 inch at front, and 19×11 inch at rear wheels. The rest of the exterior was cleaned up with a nice original OEM color which added higher value for our perception. On interior side, Danur changed the manual climate switch into digital OEM one. He also added an OEM Avantgarde Sun Blind to add more classy impressions on this W210.

W210 stance-OZ MAE-Mercedes Benz-stance-fitment-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesian fitment-3

These memorable afternoon for us with him will ended in a set of photos and videos, the moment when we first met him with his previous ride W202, every laughed that we shared together with him, and his passion to stay with only one platform. We will stash them in our memory, it’s time to say good bye to the perfectionist, Mr Danur. If history has taught us anything, then we believed he will creates another masterpiece wherever he will be. Somehow, one day brother, we’ll keep watching you.

W210 stance-OZ MAE-Mercedes Benz-stance-fitment-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesian fitment-4

W210 stance-OZ MAE-Mercedes Benz-stance-fitment-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesian fitment-5

It may not be the rarest thing on the road, it may not be the lowest, and the wheels don’t come with a eight digit price tag, but for us personally, it does have character; which is more than what can be said about a lot of cars out there today. It takes hard work to create a vehicle that does not cater to the masses, and by that I mean putting in the effort to build something that does not simply follow the trends. Trust me guys, playing an OEM+ mods would still get respect; and that right there is the recipe for a good build.

Positive indecision: Dimas Kebot’s W210
Iman Machmud

Indecision is a biggest problem for many car enthusiast. Especially when you already in love with one legendary platform such as BMW, and when you try to spin around to another platform, those indecision feeling will dominate your mind. That was happened to one of our friend namely by Dimas Kebot. He recently sold his beauty BMW E36 to try his luck on another platform. He said to me that he want to challenged his self to have better fitment scene on this W210 than the previous E36. Bigger offset wheels? of course he could do that on this W210 than his E36. With all of the part options available to automotive enthusiasts, it can get pretty hard deciding what we really want. Enthusiasts are constantly buying, selling, and trading parts with the hope that we can own something a bit more rare or valuable than what was already planned or purchased. The chances are as soon as you find your next addition, something else will catch your eye and send you right back where you started. With that said, I’d like to introduce Dimas Kebot out of Search Auto club and his stunning fitment on Mercedes Benz W210.

w210-mercedes benz w210-work durandal-stance-benz-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-1

w210-mercedes benz w210-work durandal-stance-benz-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-2

This photoshoot actually done after I finished with Hasya’s W211. Anyway, I would not regret that this W210 was so stunning at my first met three weeks ago. A beauty of big bodied sedan combined with nice width wheels will give you a big impression for someone who loves fitment. Dimas was lucky that found this 1996 W210 still in pristine condition.

w210-mercedes benz w210-work durandal-stance-benz-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-3

w210-mercedes benz w210-work durandal-stance-benz-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-4

Soon after buying the W210, Dimas Kebot jumped right into the build and even bought another optional OEM parts of body kit and rims. The W210 is a beautiful car to begin with, but when you add or completing another parts from another Benz tuner house, you will end up with a car on an entirely different level. With that said, Dimas dressed his W210 in a beautiful add on Brabus kit with OEM side blinker and perfectly match S-Class front grill. 

w210-mercedes benz w210-work durandal-stance-benz-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-21

w210-mercedes benz w210-work durandal-stance-benz-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-20

I know that some might not agree but I’ve always believed that the wheels make or break the car. No OEM+ build is complete with out a clean set of width wheels. With the clean silver body, Dimas was going to need a pretty incredible set of wheels. I’d say he made the right choice with the beautiful Japanese brand, Work Durandal in 19×9.5 and 11 inch in a shinning silver finish. The wheels are a bit aggressive and sharp but they do a great job of breaking the smooth look from rest of the car. I can’t keep my eyes off of them personally though. Awesome fitment as always.

w210-mercedes benz w210-work durandal-stance-benz-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-5

w210-mercedes benz w210-work durandal-stance-benz-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-13

w210-mercedes benz w210-work durandal-stance-benz-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-6

w210-mercedes benz w210-work durandal-stance-benz-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-7

w210-mercedes benz w210-work durandal-stance-benz-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-14

w210-mercedes benz w210-work durandal-stance-benz-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-15

w210-mercedes benz w210-work durandal-stance-benz-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-16

w210-mercedes benz w210-work durandal-stance-benz-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-9

w210-mercedes benz w210-work durandal-stance-benz-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-10

w210-mercedes benz w210-work durandal-stance-benz-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-23

w210-mercedes benz w210-work durandal-stance-benz-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-18

As you can see Dimas always travelling with two beautiful ladies in his life. From now on, he will be accompanied with beautiful W210 and his lovely girlfriend. Seemed that his girl felt comfortable enough to ride along with this kind of fitment. Surprised!!!

w210-mercedes benz w210-work durandal-stance-benz-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-19

w210-mercedes benz w210-work durandal-stance-benz-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-24

w210-mercedes benz w210-work durandal-stance-benz-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-11

w210-mercedes benz w210-work durandal-stance-benz-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-22

In interior side, Dimas installed a genuine climate control and voice command for his lovely W210. The rest of interior has left in original and pristine condition.

w210-mercedes benz w210-work durandal-stance-benz-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-17

w210-mercedes benz w210-work durandal-stance-benz-ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-indonesian hellaflush-indonesia-25

I guess there could be a couple of morals to this story. First, try to looking for numerous knowledge before you decided to try another platform. Don’t act too soon before you are really understand all the obstacles that you will face in the future. Secondly, don’t waste a time trying to cut corners. If you have an idea as to what you want, do what it takes to get exactly that and don’t settle. Big thanks to Dimas Kebot for building such a jaw dropping ride and wasted his time to be featured here. Thanks again guys.

Continue to reach out: Riefki’s Lorinser W210
Iman Machmud

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve had any chance to taking photos of Indonesian stance cars on LadyOnWheels. Many personal business that I’ve should taking care with. From preparing for the birth of my 2nd little girl, clean up the mess that caused by several garage that I’ve been trusted before, rearrange for new garage to finish all those old ladies, etc. After felt that I need some imaginery rest of my mind, I remember that my friend, Riefki from My Wheels garage have something that needed by my eyes. Yes, I remember that his stunning E320 Avantgarde has changing her shoes onto crazier wheel’s spec. Probably most of you guys remember on his style before, with classic Alpina wheels, OEM style looking with proper body drop, all of his past can be see here. This stanced lady has gone through a couple of new changes which I will show you over the next few minutes.

indonesianstance-ladyonwheels-mercedes benz-w210-lorinser-riefki-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-3

Clean and simple is the pattern that I’ve loved here, than Riefki daily driven E320 is executed flawlessly. I’ve seen this car throughout many 2013 show season and also in Instagram though, Riefki has made changes to this lady to keep it fresh, but this latest alteration seems to be the best for this style yet. The color way of the burgundy red on grey interior just works so well, it says enough without saying too much. Let’s finding together what makes this car become one of the most stunning W210 in Indonesia.

indonesianstance-ladyonwheels-mercedes benz-w210-lorinser-riefki-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-18

indonesianstance-ladyonwheels-mercedes benz-w210-lorinser-riefki-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-1

indonesianstance-ladyonwheels-mercedes benz-w210-lorinser-riefki-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-19

indonesianstance-ladyonwheels-mercedes benz-w210-lorinser-riefki-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-2

indonesianstance-ladyonwheels-mercedes benz-w210-lorinser-riefki-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-4

Riefki picked out the exterior work very well to create a clean looking Benz. The Brabus bodykit added to the classy look of the W210 body in addition to balance the aggressive stance look of the car has with those 12 inch wide wheels. Riefki do enough to break up all the elements on the car without looking “overdone”, but it just a several opinion or speaks from us. In my opinion, stance-style modification is all about the right balance of your car’s ingeredients.

indonesianstance-ladyonwheels-mercedes benz-w210-lorinser-riefki-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-5

indonesianstance-ladyonwheels-mercedes benz-w210-lorinser-riefki-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-6

indonesianstance-ladyonwheels-mercedes benz-w210-lorinser-riefki-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-7

During this photoshoot, I’ve brought my wife to go along me within her pregnancy. Thanks God she understood when I asked her to add more location for Rieki’s lady.

indonesianstance-ladyonwheels-mercedes benz-w210-lorinser-riefki-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-20

My last spot of photoshoot still located nearby our meeting points. Fortunately the weather that day was smiling to us. After setting up the classic song for my wife on her iPod, then I continued my last scene for Riefki. Anyway, the interior of Riefki’s W210 is very clean indeed. Just like the exterior, the interior flows together, blending new with old touch of grey mercedes leather. One of the most refreshing things about classic cars are their simple interior layouts with elegant output too. But Riefki seemed dont satisfied with it, he changed several elements from her mercedes sisters such as OEM e430 AMG interior, E55 AMG miles speedometer cluster, OEM Navi.2 headunit, etc. And other interesting visual factor on both interior and exterior was the OEM Sunroof of W210. 

indonesianstance-ladyonwheels-mercedes benz-w210-lorinser-riefki-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-21

indonesianstance-ladyonwheels-mercedes benz-w210-lorinser-riefki-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-10

indonesianstance-ladyonwheels-mercedes benz-w210-lorinser-riefki-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-13

indonesianstance-ladyonwheels-mercedes benz-w210-lorinser-riefki-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-14

indonesianstance-ladyonwheels-mercedes benz-w210-lorinser-riefki-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-22

indonesianstance-ladyonwheels-mercedes benz-w210-lorinser-riefki-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-15

With the body sculpted to perfection, it was time to bring it closer to the ground. You should know that simple suspension setups really don’t make the cut anymore when it drops like this W210, and believe it or not, Riefki trust on Eibach lowering kit made for W210. A set of Eibach with some custom spring-works (perhaps) to keep the wheels and tires from banging into the fenders. To aid in the copious amounts of lowness, maybe Riefki has his special mods to treat the W210 suspension onto this height.

indonesianstance-ladyonwheels-mercedes benz-w210-lorinser-riefki-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-16

Now the most interesting thing that immediately caught my eye on this E320 would definitely be the great contrast between the burgundy red paint to the mounted original rare Lorinser RSK II. I immediately falling in love with this sexy set of wheels, Riefki got an impressive and original 19×9 inch, et +5 and 19×12 inch, et 0 specs that he wanted and it was damn sexy as hell. Several months ago, Riefki found this set of wheels and intended to selling it on his shop, but finally the destiny of this rare Lorinser changed from selling goods become a precious set of shoes of this W210.

indonesianstance-ladyonwheels-mercedes benz-w210-lorinser-riefki-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-11

indonesianstance-ladyonwheels-mercedes benz-w210-lorinser-riefki-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-17

Riefki thought out to create something dramatic that perhaps could be appreciated by all W210 owners, something that has tons of solicitation and could show off his creative talents. But Riefki has done more than that he has created a modern day classic. He like took a blank media and created something timeless in an effortless way.

The measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience: Andy’s Euroline W210
Iman Machmud

Some of my close friends have called me personally as a BMW enthusiast though, but like all car enthusiasts I can appreciate everything about cars. I don’t loved in cars based on what country they’re made in or how many doors or cylinders they have. Enough about me by the way, let’s talk more about this extremely stunning stance lady Mercedes Benz W210 that belongs to my best friend Andy Arifianto. It’s got all the small details going for it as well as the overall look. It’s one of those cars that speaks for itself.

ladyonwheels-mercedes-benz-w210-indonesian stance-fabulous-andy-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-7

This photoshoot has been taken for three times. Difficult? Yes it is. Personally I always felt dissapointed from what we’ve taken through our camera at the first time. So in the next couple weeks I contacted him again to bring this beautiful lady in front of my lens.

ladyonwheels-mercedes-benz-w210-indonesian stance-fabulous-andy-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-6

ladyonwheels-mercedes-benz-w210-indonesian stance-fabulous-andy-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-8

ladyonwheels-mercedes-benz-w210-indonesian stance-fabulous-andy-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-13

Andy was a big fans of this european lady since he was child. The car started its life when Andy picked this car to his garage. Luckily Andy found this car still in immaculate body and interior condition for starter. But over time, just about all that has changed. He touched the very vital side in a car to be obtrusive. Yes, only a set of perfectly-matched Euroline DZ’s wheels offsets in her fenders.

ladyonwheels-mercedes-benz-w210-indonesian stance-fabulous-andy-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-19

ladyonwheels-mercedes-benz-w210-indonesian stance-fabulous-andy-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-18

ladyonwheels-mercedes-benz-w210-indonesian stance-fabulous-andy-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-2

ladyonwheels-mercedes-benz-w210-indonesian stance-fabulous-andy-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-12

ladyonwheels-mercedes-benz-w210-indonesian stance-fabulous-andy-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-9

It also has many subtle modifications including all original OEM parts for this W210. They’re small things that make the car just a little bit more awesome.

ladyonwheels-mercedes-benz-w210-indonesian stance-fabulous-andy-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-11

ladyonwheels-mercedes-benz-w210-indonesian stance-fabulous-andy-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-1

ladyonwheels-mercedes-benz-w210-indonesian stance-fabulous-andy-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-4

ladyonwheels-mercedes-benz-w210-indonesian stance-fabulous-andy-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-17

ladyonwheels-mercedes-benz-w210-indonesian stance-fabulous-andy-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-10

Sometimes it takes a lot of work to build a perfect stance lady like this. We are really proud to Andy that kept him survive from other platforms.

ladyonwheels-mercedes-benz-w210-indonesian stance-fabulous-andy-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-5

ladyonwheels-mercedes-benz-w210-indonesian stance-fabulous-andy-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-15

ladyonwheels-mercedes-benz-w210-indonesian stance-fabulous-andy-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-16

Even though automotive community has its preferences, we all share same common interest a stanced cars. Even though we can all appreciate the new modern technology offered with modern automobiles, we should never forget the simple pleasures that can only be found with the old one. This Mercedes has been approved, you don’t always need to be wasting your money to take home the “gold” like this lady.

Thanks for such a great experience Andy!!!


Everything should be as simple as it is, but not simpler: Riefki’s W210

I love the fact that seeing a tuners are staying closer to keep the stock body design. Don’t get me wrong, a stock well designed body kit can really take a car to the next level but it’s just not “necessary” with the elegant factory style of 90’s cars, especially a car like the this Benz W210. So instead of making dramatic changes, Riefki, an owner of Garage Tuner focused his time on little additions that have given this W210 a clean crisp elegant style.




Now lets talk about what really makes this W210 such an attention grabber, that stance. The 20 inch Alpina wheels is a popular wheel and has even been seen mounted to many Benz. Interestingly enough, this is also one of the features that helps Riefki’s W210 stand out the most.


Talk about his business, Garage Tuner, a one of the famous wheel’s store in Jakarta-Indonesia. Sometimes we can found a treasure on his workshop. A lot of three-piece wheels sold by Garage Tuner. That’s why, playing with fitment was his interests on every single ladies that he droves so far. Being stanced is a must on every ladies.







The clean original Burgundy Red for his W210 has given a clean and sleek look for Riefki’s lady. I’m one of the big fans of OEM style paint in modifications. So, this stance car  was satisfied enough for me.









Riefki and this W210 is closely enough. This W210 is not just a daily lady for him, but as a supporting parts also for he and Garage Tuner when selling his wheels. We are very proud to Riefki and his business and utilized this W210 as a perfect stance weapon for now, and maybe until the end.