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Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-COVER

Chasing perfection: M.Farizi’s Toyota AE101 GT Conversion on Wedssport
Iman Machmud

Muhammad Farizi’s family has experienced a decade-long journey with this known 90’s toyota sedan. His family bought this toyota AE101 because of they had an impression on it’s sporty shape back then and fully believe on the reliability of this car. Yet in the car’s current form, after countless parts-hunting years and pains, Farizi took back this beauty to streets in what is his version of the perfect JDM AE101 GT style. This year we just realized that Farizi loved AE101 so much. Most people thought that this car was the previous first owned car that we featured couple years ago. Most people thought that he did a repaint job on it. Farizi confirmed that the car that you guys see it now was totally different car. You can see his old AE101 here.

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-25

If you’re an crazy-minded person of Toyota, or spend any amount of time on the automotive forums, you’ve no doubt seen the term “old-school” used to describe everything from mid-90s wheels to aero kits, and even an older chassis. With more than 20 years now firmly planted under its belt, the ’90s chassis has earned the right to bask in the beloved glow of “cool oldies”. In 1990s, this car was nicknamed as Toyota Great Corolla for Our Indonesian market. After having found great success in the sale of their big sedan Lexus, Toyota then introduced their first automotive offering: the mini-Lexus. With the model being sold around the world and with multiple variants which includes a sedan, hatchback, coupe, and station wagon variants. Produced from 1991-1998 worldwide, it was one of Toyota’s successful vehicles.

After Farizi got this corolla, all the things that installed on his previous AE101 been installed here. It was too much to list all the convertion parts that he did. But one thing we know for sure that it ain’t cheap either. Some people thought that whats good about this car? No fancy stuffs,etcs. Save your opinion while you scroll down all of the images below. We are pretty sure that you will be amazed to see the car that perhaps you think it was effortlessly done.

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-24

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-29

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-19

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-16

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-26

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-22

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-23

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-6

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-5

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-4

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-3

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-2

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-1

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-32

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-12

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-13

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-14

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-11

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-10

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-33

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-27

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-31

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-20

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-28

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-8

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-7

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-34

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-35

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-15

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-21

Muhammad Farizi-Toyota AE101-Toyota Great Corolla-JDM-OEM-Ladyonwheels-Medan-Indonesia-18


Aurora Blue paint job, OEM AE101 TRD2000 grill, OEM AE101 World Class Front Bumper, OEM AE101 G-Touring front lip, OEM AE101 G-Touring Side Skirts, OEM AE101 G-Touring Rear Spoiler, OEM AE101 Koito Headlamp, OEM AE101 Koito Bumper lamp, OEM AE101 Koito Side Corner Lamp, OEM AE101 Koito Rear Lamp & Reflector, OEM AE101 Rear Bumper, OEM AE101 Door VIsor, OEM AE101 Retractable Mirror, OEM AE101 Rear Disc Brake, OEM AE101 Nihon Giken Foglamp, OEM AE101 GT Twincam 16V Decals.

Engine & Performance:

Stock Engine 4A-FE 1600cc, OEM AE101 Strutbar, Ultra Racing Rear Strutbar, Ported & Polished, Reamered Throttle Body B 60mm, 3S-GE TB Coin, Reamered Plenum Intake, Kansai Header 4-2-1, MSD External Coil Blaster, Tomei Fuel Press, Lightweight Flywheel, Adjustable Pulley, Custom Oil catch tank, koyorad radiator, FGK Fujitsubo Muffler

Chassis & Wheels:

Wedssport TC-05 16×7 Et 33, Toyo DRB 204/45/16, TRD Springs, KYB Exel G Struts.


Recaro LS Modular String Headrest, OEM AE101: Rear seats, GT Panel, Multibox, Cup Holder, Burger Tray, Manual Arm Rest, Manual Clean Box, JDM Sun Visor, Flares, Cover Tweeter, Electronic Toll Collection, Conlight, Footlamp, GT Floor mat, Rear Maplight, Air Purifier+Switch, Trunk Cover, GT Red Stitch Gear Boot, OEM Celica GT Steering Wheels, TRD Leather Shift Knob, TRD Short Shifter, Alpine Head Unit.


A chance to be better: Gustav’s Toyota Mark X
Iman Machmud

Sometimes it’s ok to parting out of our memory. For example, last weekend I said goodbye to one of my old car. It only took a 30 minute for the sale on one of our biggest e-commerce portal to be settled, and an amazing buyer was quickly booked in for finishing the payment by the end of next week. But after I decided to sell it, I felt that this lady should be replaced with another rare car to exchange his ex-position in my garage. Maybe it’s pretty similar story with Gustav. He already famous as one of the sickest stance Honda Jazz last time in Jakarta-Indonesia. From racing style, to stance-form has been implemented well in his lovely Honda Jazz.

ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-gustav-toyota-mark x-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-1

But I don’t know the reason why Gustav replaced it’s position with this brand new Toyota Mark X. Gustav told us that he really loves the big body impressions that shown on every single body line in this Toyota Mark X. The Mark X is the successor to the Mark II which was first introduced in 1968, was known in the North American market as the Corona Mark II starting in 1972 and the Cressida from 1977 to 1992 and was the predecessor to the introduction of Lexus. Unlike any model Toyota produces for the international market, the Mark X is exclusive to the Asian market, including Indonesia.

ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-gustav-toyota-mark x-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-6

On Sunday morning few weeks ago, we had promised to featured probably the first stanced Mark X in Indonesia until now. The weather seemed to be really cloudy, and we’ve pretty sure that it will be rain. Shortly after Gustav arrived with his stanced lady, the cloudburst rain came to us. For sure, we will still continue this photosession whatever the condition is. Moreover, it was our pleasure to shoot this big bodied sedan in rain condition.

The very first thing that caught my eye about this car was the stark contrast between the wheels and paint. I just admitted that this whole set up is a turn on. Gustav explained to us when he made wheel selection. In keeping to the point of standing out, he use Kranze Bazreia with polish finished face, and high polished lips. Mind you, probably this is the first Kranze Bazreia choked the fenders of Mark X in the world. Gustav feels that he need to modifying or changing the setup of front wheels. Because either the front offset is too big, or he need wider set on front. But it not decreased even a single little things that makes this car far from the word of “beauty”.

Of course as always, Gustav was a fan of static suspension. Some people think that he rides an air on this lady. But they guessed wrong, Gustav probably stay with this setup until he find the best aftermarket coilover to suit with this Mark X.

ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-gustav-toyota-mark x-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-7

This car actually came to Indonesia this year with very expensive price. But in my opinion, this platform is very potential to play with VIP style than it’s successor, Toyota Camry. As you can see from all of the picture in this article, you can see the impressions of this stanced lady if we refer to other brand new big bodied sedan.

ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-gustav-toyota-mark x-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-14

ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-gustav-toyota-mark x-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-12

ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-gustav-toyota-mark x-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-13

This sexy little cow was tacked in every Gustav’s ride.

ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-gustav-toyota-mark x-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-15

Our brother Alwafi felt that because of very rainy day, he felt less good result in his photos. So we decided to moved out to other place, even the cloudburst rain still coming, and don’t know when they stop.

ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-gustav-toyota-mark x-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-16

ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-gustav-toyota-mark x-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-17

ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-gustav-toyota-mark x-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-18

Finally we had proper spot to captured this black beauty lady. On one of local gas station, we have more chance to exploring every single corner in this car.

ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-gustav-toyota-mark x-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-19

ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-gustav-toyota-mark x-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-20

ladyonwheels-indonesian stance-gustav-toyota-mark x-stance-hellaflush-indonesia-20-2

Gustav tells us that this car is going to be modified more. He says he would like to looking after this year to inspired us how sexy this platform is.I really proud with Gustav’s original idea for the Mark X was put Indonesia on the map in terms of extreme static fitment and stance. Most importantly, Gustav is happy with the way the car turned out now. I really can’t wait to see the next great thing that he builds.


Man at his raw and wild: Kasea’s Toyota Altezza

One of the biggest splits within the automotive community in the past has been continuing argument regarding stance and performance. People believes you can either have one or the other but never both. Of course it will be amazed me how riled up some can get over this difference in opinions and the amount of hate that can be generated.

My friend named Kasih is not as old as me. Maybe I will probably die before him. He took ownership of Toyota Altezza in last year, before he could even “legally” drive though. It wasn’t just any old car, however; probably it was not the first car his father bought for him when he lives in Indonesia. This car was a learning process, as many first cars are. He is not only learning how to drive, but how to build too.





It’s quite apparent that the one aspect of the car that stands out is its stance. If you’re reading for the sole reason to blame this car for being, “not functional,” please save your words and do something productive like trying to learn other things. Kasih certainly has a good knowledge about fitment of it, and it was necessary to fit a set of proper-size Work Meister that he has.






To make the ride even more comfort to drive, Kasih was not installed any interior accecories that made this stanced lady are far from her original form. Only replacing the steering wheel with probably smaller size than the original one.




Maybe Kasih is not so serious for now. Despite the original interior and other fitment setups. This stanced lady will be built with fun in mind in his future.  Future plans call for a exterior setup, picking up for new wider wheels, etc. It will definitely worth to wait.

Thanks Kasih.


It’s not radical, it’s just an enthusiasm: Bintang’s Toyota Aristo
Arman Sayuti

Many people has their own ideas and passions to building a car. Clearly said that the variation of styles are endless and the way we choose are unique to every one of us here in LadyOnWheels. There will be a lot of criticisms among enthusiasts toward either cars, and it’s styles, and followed equally with quantities of fans too. Some of you and our friends here may disagree about our tastes evolve toward this following stanced-lady. Unfortunately the ugly, negative commentary often shrouds the inherent beauty of this hobby and a key element that called by the individual expression of Bintang to his Toyota Aristo.


The first aspect this car amaze you with it’s aggressive lines is the body work. The body work on this car is beautifully done and adds the necessary body lines to gives the aggressive looks perfectly. Bintang’s Aristo is slamming a set of Racing Hart CX 2-piece 19×9 et10 and 19×10 et10 powder coated with deep black. Generally speaking, Bintang’s Aristo is no different, trying to run such an aggressive wheels he let the fenders to shreds which did not required the body work at all.


The suspension of this stanced lady has equipped too with HKS Hypermax LS Coilover, and to make sure that this big lady gonna stop during the brakes, Bintang installed a set of Brembo within this Aristo.



For me, it’s an awesome fitment in front. Nice one!!!








Perfection.  That’s what we all strive for.  We want our cars to be perfect in our eyes. Perfection also seems to be the standard that EastCrew autoclub has set for their crew.



In interior side, Bintang only replaced the old speedometer with the famous brand from TRD-Toyota Racing Development brands. Everyone knows that Toyota Aristo has been created to be one of the famous luxury sedan at her era.




This relatively simple build has got it where it counts in quality, radically build on Aristo, taste, and detail with only more to come.  Beauty is found in many places, but this time I found in this lady.


Well done will always better than well said: Allen’s Toyota Vios
Muh. Sofiandry

We realize for a fact that we are not alone when saying that we often get caught up with all the cars and overlook the ones that truly deserve attention. Don’t get us wrong, having the “lowest/widest/wildest” and so on is awesome in it’s own way, but what about those who play it safe fitment wise?


We can’t simply ignore them, especially when saw the Allen’s Toyota Vios. Allen is not only an automotive enthusiast like many of us here but he is also a a father of his kid and truly being a good husband for his wife.


Allen’s fitment was very amazing. SImply amazing. Fitted with a staggered OZ wheels in 17 inch, has made a perfect impressions when saw his daily lady. For us here in LadyOnWheels, we’d loved to see people when trying to think “wider” (not wide wheels matters), and try to speculateof how those set of wheels could run nicely inside his small sedan.



Awesome fitment you have there mate!!







Big thanks to Fian for the awesome photos and a speacial thanks goes out to Allen from all of us at LadyOnWheels here. Thanks Allen for inspiring us here.