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Well done will always better than well said: Allen’s Toyota Vios
Muh. Sofiandry

We realize for a fact that we are not alone when saying that we often get caught up with all the cars and overlook the ones that truly deserve attention. Don’t get us wrong, having the “lowest/widest/wildest” and so on is awesome in it’s own way, but what about those who play it safe fitment wise?

We can’t simply ignore them, especially when saw the Allen’s Toyota Vios. Allen is not only an automotive enthusiast like many of us here but he is also a a father of his kid and truly being a good husband for his wife.

Allen’s fitment was very amazing. SImply amazing. Fitted with a staggered OZ wheels in 17 inch, has made a perfect impressions when saw his daily lady. For us here in LadyOnWheels, we’d loved to see people when trying to think “wider” (not wide wheels matters), and try to speculateof how those set of wheels could run nicely inside his small sedan.

Awesome fitment you have there mate!!


Big thanks to Fian for the awesome photos and a speacial thanks goes out to Allen from all of us at LadyOnWheels here. Thanks Allen for inspiring us here.