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Everything should be as simple as it is, but not simpler: Riefki’s W210

I love the fact that seeing a tuners are staying closer to keep the stock body design. Don’t get me wrong, a stock well designed body kit can really take a car to the next level but it’s just not “necessary” with the elegant factory style of 90’s cars, especially a car like the this Benz W210. So instead of making dramatic changes, Riefki, an owner of Garage Tuner focused his time on little additions that have given this W210 a clean crisp elegant style.

Now lets talk about what really makes this W210 such an attention grabber, that stance. The 20 inch Alpina wheels is a popular wheel and has even been seen mounted to many Benz. Interestingly enough, this is also one of the features that helps Riefki’s W210 stand out the most.

Talk about his business, Garage Tuner, a one of the famous wheel’s store in Jakarta-Indonesia. Sometimes we can found a treasure on his workshop. A lot of three-piece wheels sold by Garage Tuner. That’s why, playing with fitment was his interests on every single ladies that he droves so far. Being stanced is a must on every ladies.

The clean original Burgundy Red for his W210 has given a clean and sleek look for Riefki’s lady. I’m one of the big fans of OEM style paint in modifications. So, this stance car  was satisfied enough for me.

Riefki and this W210 is closely enough. This W210 is not just a daily lady for him, but as a supporting parts also for he and Garage Tuner when selling his wheels. We are very proud to Riefki and his business and utilized this W210 as a perfect stance weapon for now, and maybe until the end.


Riverside works: An emotion in motion-Arie’s bagged crown

It’s been two weeks ago since we have actually got excited over a stance-passionated cars in JakModFest‘s event in Jakarta-Indonesia. In this industry, sometimes you will see the same people every week at the same car meets-up in your city, who most likely compete at the same shows. You meet by the same style cars until suddenly, you meet the magnificent one. A lady that truly lives up for being a stance-neckbreaker.


We have always been a big fan of OEM-plus styling, and my first encounter with it was most certainly the Europeans cars such as Mercedes and BMWs.  While the origins of the style could be traced elsewhere, the Euro Lady certainly put it in the forefront.  Now, the level of perfect modification details coming from Japanese big bodied car with the best luxury saloon at her era.


I met Mr. Arie, a truly VIP-artist on last three weeks ago. Why an artist? He consistently plays on VIP’s role in every single cars he had. Being bagged is a must for his passion.


Together he came with Reza and his crown lady as well. Mr. Arie’s lady has the perfect balance of OEM and custom mods. To my knowledge, this is one of the best 11th gen of Toyota Crown that I have seen in Jakarta.  All the parts are still OE, and if talk about having VIP’s blood, in the end though, everything worked and just look at the results on our frames in this article.


A very nice set of Work Durandal has been fitted well. The stance of this car is what’s really impressive and definitely is what first caught my eye when I first saw photos of it.  The car’s height is slammed via an Universal Air-ride kit.  The kit is centered around a 4-gallon tank and two 480C Viair compressors.  Much like the car, the air kit is simple, and most importantly it works perfectly in his lady.  There are plenty of fancy air-ride kits out there that are really complex which is really cool, but that leaves a lot more to go wrong.  Mr. Arie drives this lady every day!! The fitment is absolutely on point, and the wheels suit the car perfectly.







There’s nothing fancy in interior side. Like I said above, we do love an OE’s car. Still equipped with the original parts as is.




This fitment is horny-able in our opinion.





If you missed Reza’s bagged crown, you could see it here, and If you think your car has what it takes to be on our site make sure you email us at ladyonwheels@gmail.com. Make sure you include a few photos and your spec list as well as any other information we should know about you or your lady. We’re always looking for cars to be featured.


Riverside works: A consistency period – Reza’s bagged crown
Muh. Sofiandry

Now finally I found a big bodied Japanese on last Sunday afternoon to be featured. I was falling in love and appreciating properly done this style very much. I am pretty sure this sexy lady below has inspired us in here more and more. One of the things I find so intriguing on “this” side of the scene is her attention to details. With that said, not all of the guys who are into the whole “VIP” side of things have “true” VIP cars. Window curtains, tables hanging off the rear view mirror and also all things toward Garson’s brands do not make a VIP car, rather everything from the way a car sits, down to small details such as all original parts still equipped properly on the car, maybe some stereo, and even sits on airs. It’s the chassis & ultimately the consistency for loving this kind of style that separates a proper VIP Style from others that just inspired.

There’s no denying that the Japanese VIP’s scene has come a long ways in the last decade. Whether that’s due to the popularity of stance and wheel fitment, or the fact that a lot of the VIP platforms are becoming more affordable is up to debate until now. On several years before, Indonesia concerned more on this kind of style though. Several cars like all generations of Toyota big bodied lady has played an importance role in many modification contests a long time ago. As far as the presence of stance and hellaflush comes to this era, the name of Mr. Reza Harianto and his friends from Akasia Garage is always recognized by any in the scene as one of the most respected VIP crews, and his 11-gen Toyota Crown may be one of the hottest VIP cars here in Indonesia until right now.

Cars associated with VIP style usually have common characteristics, such as high end wheels with excessive amounts of dish with low offsets that sit flush with the fender, exhausts that stick out past the rear bumper, a full bodykit or lip kit, glossy paint and a lowered ride height usually by air suspensions. It is not uncommon to see extremely negative camber on many VIP style cars. And the traditional colors of VIP Style cars are usually black, white, grey and silver.

Of course VIP cars are all about the stance and wheel fitment, and Reza’s crown-lady does not disappoint in this category. Exclusive wheels, fat lips, a smidge of poke up front, and a nice amount of tuck in the rear, all the boxes are ticked on this one. The VIP iconic Work Varianza F2S measure in at 19×10 up front and 19×11.5 out back with offsets of +15 in front and +5 at rear resulting in more dish than a deep-dish pizza. Loved it mate!!!

To achieve th VIP ride height, Reza went with a tried and true air suspension setup using Universal Air that fabricated on Akasia Garage properly. There’s so much debate going on now about air vs static, but it’s hard to argue that Reza didn’t make the right choice by fitting air on his lady. The stance and fitment is just so on point and keeps with the whole VIP theme.

We done this shot on Sunday afternoon. Actually we have more surprises, but I thought it will be good if we set up more stories behind this well known VIP’s guys in Indonesia.

Reza has a lot more up his sleeve for this daily driver and some exclusive info tells us that there will be more added parts like entailing a full interior build with classy touch and a an engine swap perhaps for those hoping for more performance out of these fitment builds. I always look forward to writing or reading the next feature on this one of a kind VIP’s lady. Basically I have made a short film for this lady, but for the sake of video goodness, I would like to ask you for wait a bit. Because we are not having only one massive VIP’s lady, it means, we have TWO on this.

Thanks!!! And keep watching us. It will be more to come.