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A timeless moving arts: Yogyakarta Volkswagen Festival 2015
Iman Machmud

Last month, approximately on 21/11/15, with loves from one of our most solid car enthusiasts, Volkswagen Club Yogyakarta has been successfully held an International level event called by Yogyakarta Volkswagen Festival 2015. This second event was held on Jogja Expo Center (JEC) with thousands and thousands of cars and people enlivened this glorious heaven for Volkswagen enthusiasts. Slightly different from their first previous event, this event turned out well and attracts not only a car enthusiasts but also local people as well. With the tremendous support and enthusiasm from many enthusiasts around the world, we believe that it has become an event where people will always wait to debut a build they’ve been working on in secrecy for years on their Volkswagen in the future time.

Honestly, about 85% of the cars that you encounter at the show are far from the glamorous social media exposures, are they bad? Big No. If you’re looking for all new cars every year on the show, bagged, shiny coating paint, deep staggered wheels, then you’re going to the wrong event because it just doesn’t make sense to have all new classic Volkswagen vehicle builds at an event that promotes timelessness. Yogyakarta Volkswagen Festival is just more of an event where you get to enjoy these meticulously maintained cars because they only come out maybe once or twice a year. The owners get to get together and catch-up with one another and the younger enthusiasts who are coming up in the community get to appreciate the older generation. Sure a bulk of the cars are the same annually but the small percentage of new cars always tend to be pretty spectacular. Then those cars make a return and then they get accepted into this unspoken fraternity and become a part of the mix every year. As a classic car culture fanatic, this show is tailor-made for people who were appraised classic more than anything. We get excited when our new brother Vitto Savero, who lived in Yogyakarta had time to pressing his shutter out of this event.

Mr. Tjahjo Widjojono as a head of this event had successfully inviting Mr. Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono to start this event. Not only as car show, numerous activities like the official announcement of Asean Volkswagen Club, Indonesian record conferments to the “The Longer Bus VW T1”, die cast competition, and display show it self. Lots of interesting booths such as Club Star, Rare VW Display, Show and Shine, Volkswagen Limbo Competition,Trade Stand, Combo Stand, and the most interesting Classic foodtruck that serve a traditional Indonesian food on their classic rides. The organizer of this event hopes that the next event will have bigger stance and presence for Yogyakarta as one of the best tourism object in Indonesia. Mr. Tjahjo Widjojono also hoping that their creativity and loves on Volkswagen car could be heard and grabbed the international attention out there. As a media, we believe that this kind of event should be broader in the next few years.Now check tons of photos from Vitto Savero below, and make sure you stay on updates on the next event.

Jogja Volkswagen Festival 2015-Volkswagen-Classic-ladyonwheels-classic car Indonesia--7

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A classy night out: Euro Enthusiasts ID exclusive run
Iman Machmud

The Euro Enthusiasts ID (an abbreviation of Indonesia) is one of the strongest and most diverse European car scene in Indonesia today. After seeing their Instagram and looking at photos from several cars, it was clear that there were no reasons for not joining their night run this last month. It would be more than well worth to attending. Being greeted by quality modified european cars that mostly dominated by mercedes benz once arrived already met my expectations of this meet up. One of our brother Alwafi and Daniel assigned to join their invitation. Walking around the cars and looking at the cars up close, it just kept getting better and better. So many quality cars joined this run, ranging from rare coupe W210 Benz, until saw in person the cleanest Toyota Supra that belongs to one of our friend here; everything was somewhat satisfied. Although several stopping place weren’t too good to be captured, but it was a great show and meetup from Euro Enthusiast ID with great vibrant people and plenty of good vibes car. We will definitely try and attend again next of their run, but for now, enjoy the photos. Special thanks to Euro Enthusiasts ID that invited us to ride along together their crew. What a good interesting moment guys.

W210 stance fitment-AMG-Euro Enthusiasts Run-Ladyonwheels-Mercedes Benz stance-Mercedes Benz Fitment-BMW stance-BMW fitment-indonesia-indonesian stance-8

W202 stance fitment-AMG-Euro Enthusiasts Run-Ladyonwheels-Mercedes Benz stance-Mercedes Benz Fitment-BMW stance-BMW fitment-indonesia-indonesian stance-17



Subtle isn’t mean plain: Doddy’s Mk6 Tsi
Muh. Sofiandry

This week we will bring you to the one of Indonesian region called Medan, that growth insanely to enliven the Indonesian Stance scene. It has certainly been a while since we had a Volkswagen brand up on our site. For some reason perhaps we just don’t get as many emails from the Euro Enthusiasts as we do so from other import brands in Indonesia. Just a couple weeks ago I received an email from one of our brother for Medan-area, Fadhlin, about this beauty Golf Tsi that he recently shot. It belongs to his friends Doddy Alfarizyi and while it may not be the lowest golf, or even run the widest and modest set of wheels, but there is no denying that it looks absolutely stunning in our eyes. Let’s take a closer look at this beauty lady below.

Why am I such a really big fans of an OEM+ style? It really all lies in the details to make something factory-fresh, yet custom at the same time. The VW boys is a great place to see examples of OEM+ styling with plenty of factory conversions and working factory parts to create a smooth OEM look. This car is also lets the most original of body parts stay on it’s place, than Doddy poring more his passion on stance and fitment toward his lady.

To bring this sedan to the ground, a tried and true static coilover suspension setup was used. The VW crowd in other countries sure loves the air suspension setup one, and with results like those who run in airs, it’s easy to see why. But rather using airs, Doddy felt that it more affordable and challenging to him than a setup with bags. Doddy replaced the original suspension by using BC Coilover V1 series to dropped its height.

Filling up the arches is a set of, what he considered, one of the most timeless wheels ever, an OZ Futura. Sized up at 18×8-9 with et35, the classic 3-piece wheels do a great job of fitting the overall look of the car. Remember that statement I made about the fitment simplicity that not ruined the whole beauty of the car? Well, there you go. This car is one of the perfect example of those.

While perhaps this might be one of the subtle-ladies looks that we love to featured here on LadyOnWheels, it doesn’t mean the brand of the car gives the overall impressive. The whole point of the OEM-plus style of a ride helps him a lot. But anyway, I really love the MK6 front end and everything it does for the car. Once again, hope you enjoyed this Golf Tsi as much as we did, and feel free to leave a comment below. That concludes this lesson in OEM-plus styling looks.






Volkswagen MK1 2nd Anniversary: Save the rabbit
Muh. Sofiandry

Here is a pretty awesome event that we’ve never covered before. It’s tend to be the biggest classic volkswagen mk1 meet up at once to celebrate their 2nd anniversary in Cibubur, Indonesia. This glorious one was held in Buperta area. The people behind this event was very magnificent to gathered all the Volkswagen enthusiasts in only 2 weeks before the event. If you missed this event couple weeks ago, exact on Sunday, November 17th, you can see through our picture that was taken by our brother Alwafi Auzan. This isn’t your typical car show where only all kind of cars are in stance-form, and we never doubt to choose when we’ve invited by our friend Mr. Uwi Krisna from this club. As you look through the photos below, you’ll notice there is little bit ladies from Indonesian Stance that represented by friends from “Search Auto” and “Forehead”. They brings some cool cars to accompany this delightful event. Congratulations again to all crew of Volkswagen Golf Mk1 Club Indonesia for your blessed 2nd anniversary.



Volkswagen Golf MK-1 Indonesia 2nd Anniversary from culture garage on Vimeo.


It was vintage when comes with age and experience: Uwie’s Rabbit.
Iman Machmud

It’s very demanding builds such as this vintage rabbit. What started off as literally a huge piece of rusty metal turned into one of the cleanest stanced lady around rides that we have featured before. Me and Alwafi last time would go as far as saying that it’s one of the cleanest Rabbit’s we’ve ever seen in Jakarta-Indonesia. Yes it could be because it looks amazing or perhaps it’s because of seeing just how far it has come since Uwie started the build. It’s our pleasure to share this beautiful MK1 4 door “Rabbit” with you. You would surprise if guys.

We had proper photoshoot in nearby SCBD Sudirman-Jakarta. Uwie came with his lovely girlfriend together with this clean creamy rabbit.

Uwie had restored this body for approximately a year before, and several exterior parts such as LS type front bumper, LS type wheelarch, USDM type sidemarker, and so on.

The best thing in this sexy lady is a set of Schmidt TH-Line Cup with 15×7″ at front, and 8″ width at rear. This set probably a pioneer of 4 lugs Schmidt TH-Line in Indonesia.

This wheels never go wrong with any kind of platforms, fitments, and colors. Very nice dude!!!

On the interior side, I saw several original parts are still in very good condition. But Uwie changed the original steering wheel with Nardi, along with VW Performance shift knob. This mods are truly increased the inner beauty of this lady.

Just like we always say, less is more. Big shout out to Uwie and his fanatic golf mk1 friends for making this happen and we hope that this slammed ol’ thing inspires some of you in here guys.