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It gets people attention, recognition, and likes: Andy’s bagged volvo 960 S90 with Schmidt TH-Line and OZ MAE
Iman Machmud

Considering how many great cars are being sent on a weekly basis, we are totally amazed at how much hate air-ride still gets and especially the fact that haters still bang on about bags not handling. We just wondering how many of those staunchly standing by that viewpoint have ever actually driven a bagged car? Ultimately, we are here to like all the different things, but we, I mean personally said that we loved euros, so why can’t we all just get along? We haven’t got time for hate or haters, apart from hating on the haters, but that’s something we can all agree on.

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At this feature, seemingly single-handedly contributing to the downfall of Indonesian car scene is Andy, a man who has dared and consistently to loved a Volvo and dared to put air-ride on a Swedish car; time to get the pitchforks out. But hold on, don’t light those torches just yet because this is one stunning Volvo 960 S90. “I’ve always been into volvo no matter what,” Andy tells us. That love growth when he found something interesting on a Volvo; a driven pleasure, unbeatable safety, and a boxy classic look. It was completely stock and well care when he bought it and he didn’t know that he was planning to modify it until this far. But that changed very quickly when he found several astonishing and timeless wheels like OZ Mae and Schmidt. Andy also said, “When it comes to modifying I like to do with my own pleasure and taste.”

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Andy really falling in love with a volvo. According to his experience on this car, the quality ride is really smooth. Long distance cruising is an absolute pleasure. Alwafi Auzan did this photoshoot at that time, he mentioned that the seats are also the most comfortable he ever sat in. It is very spacious. Enough room for 5 and all their luggage. While Alwafi sent this set of photos, and I hopes that wishing Volvo still built these cars. Truly the best Volvo of all time in our opinion

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The first wheels that we would like to feature it out here is Schmidt TH-line. The wheels are genuinely Germany made 18 inch three piece wheels – these are actually a “one-wheels-for-all” cars. With 8.5 inch width at front, and 10 inch rear with final offset 32, this fitment is much easier to make it works on the Volvo S90. Andy found this wheels on his friend at a bargain price; he told that how excited when he saw them because he knew he could make them fit and it will be very exclusive on this car. It was truly understandable why Andy loves this wheels. The Schmidt TH-line looks absolutely awesome on this 1995 Volvo 960. Indeed, they are gorgeous wheels whichever may you look at them – classic, iconic, and the size and fitment here is absolutely on point. The boxy clean Volvo S90 shape perfectly and that orange face with polished lips are killer.

Volvo-schmidt-ozmae-bagged-air suspension-4

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Perhaps some of the readers here keep asking what suspension setup that he’s using. Is it static or bagged? So, now we come to the, thorny for some, issue of suspension. Andy had coilovers setup previously on the car. That was good he said, but running at the height he liked but he couldn’t get into several bumpy roads near his house though. It was pretty low but it didn’t tuck like today’s setup. The coilover setup if you really wanting a very low height will be not too practical here in Indonesia. Actually Andy could be satisfied with previous suspension setup, but “I’m getting old and 600lb springs on coilover setup were just too hard for my kids.” So finally he ended with getting an air-ride. Andy is running an Universal Air Custom suspension setup with an exceedingly tidy boot install. The whole things has been tucked away with a single compressor and medium size tank, while the controller lives happily below the steering wheel. The question come up now for Andy, is he happy with the switch from coilover to bags? Just a bit. “I’m very pleased with the setup, somehow it’s better than coils, the ride is more comfortable as Volvo should have. It also much more useable, the ride is more comfortable, I can take my family without rubbing, overall I’m really pleased.”

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The second wheels that Andy had is an OZ MAE. You have probably already spotted the wheels though. While OZ MAE design has been a runaway success for the brand, it’s not all that often that you could find this set on a Volvo. They look so spot-on though, don’t they? The mixture of flat 6 small hole surfaces, angles and curves ties the look in precisely also with the line of Volvo 960 besides the gorgeous Schmidt TH-line. It successfully gives the purposefully low Volvo a cheeky hint of aggression with 9.5 inch at front and 11 inch rear, and +30 for final round offset.

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kolase 3

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Having expended such energies in effectively creating a new look of Volvo 960 S90, the finished product is no garage-queen piece. Andy consistently used this car as his daily commuter. Because of the height flexibilty, andy can drive it everywhere safely. And that’s just the way it should be – a considered and a thorough build taste, quality parts, OEM+ style, eager safety, just enough performance to entertain when its needed, and the most important one is built to be used. Wayne of the bunch – it doesn’t need to scream it’s credentials out loud. If you know, you know.