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A ballad with perfect harmony: Bintang’s Candy Wine Aristo
Muh. Sofiandry

When it comes to sexy fitment of big sedan, there is no denying that Japan’s car line up dominated it’s style in our life so far. No doubt that the US line up is number one when it comes to any kind of muscle cars, countries in Europe like England and others fight for the prestigious one, and all eyes are on Japan when it comes to all things that called by VIP. One of the cars that does a great job representing a big bodied sedan with great fitment is this particular Toyota Aristo which belongs to our brother Bintang out of Jakarta-Indonesia. Bintang has always had a passion for joyful stance as he still grown up around Indonesian stance scene. A few of the ladies that Bintang owned in his garage consist of an old Jaggy that should be very antique, until the most sexiest lady in my mind, a Nissan 350z. But it  could not resist his passions to modified this stunning Aristo since last year.

The car was slowly turning out just the way he had imagined but he wanted to do something that no body really had done before on Jakarta in matter of a sexy paint job on Aristo. Actually Bintang was very fortunate and got a great deal when purchased this Aristo. This car already had quite a few modifications such as bodykit, suspensions, and several high performance parts on the engine bay. Ultimately the decision to purchase an Aristo was made because he wanted to have something that would memorably by people who saw it, and bring the trend to plays fitment around the big bodied sedan. All about his past can be read on here.

With the helps from Mr. Vino from Platinum Motorsport, he focused in improved the exterior impressions. None other than a great Red Wine Candy to calcined this big sedan. Platinum Motorsport was very famous on creating some color trends to be applied by us here in Indonesia. Many of friends from Abdee Faisal and his Candy Purple Jazz GD3, until fascinating Kia Sephia with his candy red paint has satisfied with the jobs done by this garage. It’s all about presence, and Bintang’s Aristo certainly makes itself known wherever it goes. The wild but sexy exterior has been customized by the owner himself which when it comes to the levels that in Jakarta-Indonesia perhaps is no easy to be replicated. Custom vents on the hood and fenders and tweaked bumpers are the norm to modified an Aristo. This Aristo finds a nice balance between a youth-type style, and the great stance style. Platinum Garage gave a very balance theme to compensate the aggressiveness of owner’s style, all of exterior kits that installed in this sexy lady including custom trunks, roof spoiler, and almost VIP style look with the rear diffuser and twin exhaust-mounted on rear end.

The Toyota Aristo debuted in Japan in late 1991. Designed by the hand of Giorgetto Giugiaro at the famous Italy Design Studio in Italy its concept was to be the ‘new’ shape of saloons for the 1990’s. It was also Toyota’s first large sized sport saloon. The monocoque body and double wishbone suspension was needed for the Aristo as the engines chosen to power the new car included the 230hp 3.0-litre 2JZ-GE and the even more powerful 280hp 3.0-litre turbo’d 2JZ-GTE Vertex model. In Bintang’s Aristo, this lady hold an engine of 2JZGTE VVTi one. No one could denying that speed’s impressions. But until now, the Toyota Aristo and Lexus GS had been virtually identical cars produced in parallel, destined for either domestic or export markets respectively. Essentially, Toyota Aristo has been designed to deliver a much more engaging and enjoyable driving experience, with sharp, responsive steering, excellent body control, high speed stability and the ride comfort expected of a performance saloon bodied.

To accommodate the speed, some friends suggested him to upgrade the bone stock of his 2JZGTE. Bintang changed the stock air filter with the HKS twin air intake, custom cat back exhaust, HKS ssqv BOV, oil coolers, transmission cooler, until the famous Koyorad radiator to balance the cooling the engine temperature. On this upgrade, all the stuffs is relatively simple to plugged, and it’s achieved approximately 300 horsepower at this condition. Great deal so far.

Fast forward a year and this is where the car sits at the moment. Let’s start with the fitment for example, those 19×9.5″ +20 & 19×10.5″ +16 Work Meister’s sit just right thanks to the custom fender work that Bintang had to do. Sitting behind those beautiful wheels up front and rear is a Brembo GT 4 pot big brake kit and 2 pot brake kit from Mitsubishi Evo 8MR.

For the suspension setup, to achieved this fitment on a fender, Bintang has installed a famous Coilover Tein Street Flex including the EDFC system to control the rebound and damping of this coilovers. In my perseptions, Bintang is clearly care to the stability of this car. He probably still loved some speed when ride this lady, so he decided to installed TRD Stabilizer Bar with great front and rear bushing came from TRD’s too to minimized the body roll effect.

For only having the car for a year, Bintang has accomplished a lot in such a short time, almost like an overnight build in my opinion. The car is a great example of the level that Indonesia is at when it comes to the great stance and fitment scene. There are some truly incredible builds out there. Bintang assures us though that things are far from over with his Aristo. In his opinion, this nowadays setup is still nothing for him and this lady. What are his plans?  Well, he won’t give away too much, but he did say something along the lines of new wheels with more dish and camber, and perhaps going crazy with the body side. Pretty crazy if you ask me, but it seems like Bintang has things covered, and the track-record to prove he can pull it off. With his Toyota Aristo being, “the perfect big bodied sedan for me,” and how it’s turned out in only just a paint works, and there’s no denying that Bintang is part of the big bodied trendsetter in Indonesia to played in great fitment scene.

Youth is wonderful thing: Kasea’s Toyota Altezza
Muh Sofiandry

A phrase “stance” is more of a “lifestyle” than just phrase means a “car style”. Kasea probably is still in teenage, but for sure he’s not novice by any means to the Indonesian Stance scene and his most recent build definitely shows that. If you’re in the Stance scene and haven’t heard of Kasea or probably known as Kasih, you may perhaps have seen his previous build on here. This stanced lady swept several well known local magazines and blogs and took also some trophies at car shows. This Toyota Altezza had a quite nice fitment and still fresh to had fun vibe shown from the immaculate paint works from Platinum Indonesia.

Actually this was our second time to featured a nice “couple” mods from Bintang’s Aristo and Kasea’s Altezza. On the last couple weeks, we only had a chance to filming them because the weather condition at that time turned to madness. Let’s go back to it’s story though. Thank God yesterday was a really friendly weather. We got some really nice sky gradation nearby sunset time.

Nowadays you’ll see Kasea in his new build ride, still the same platform, a Toyota Altezza. The most obvious modification is the beautiful candy blue paint works that is currently the only one in the Jakarta-Indonesia. In person it is absolutely breath taking and the matched up between the simple fitment and paint works go surprisingly well with the original body lines. For this build, it’s all about fun and youth style.

Unfortunately, Kasea lost his original TRD front lips when run into a flood. And perhaps he will order another kit from TRD to replaced the old one. As you can see on every picture that we have, this car isn’t a massive build, Kasea planned only to gives more contrast look when he drive this lovely lady.

The Altezza is the Japanese domestic market (JDM) version of the luxury Lexus IS200. The two cars share many similarities but there are enough differences to set them apart. Even though its design is now more than a decade old, the Altezza is still a good looking car. Tail light covers are also quite common factory fits, but less so are the black-bodied headlights, which not only look better than the regular headlights but also tend to be less prone to yellowing. Z and L edition RS200s also came standard with dark ‘privacy glass’ on the back door windows and rear screen.

Perhaps the Altezza’d best attribute is the way it drives. Thanks to its healthy torque curve the engine provides adequate around-town power, but to extract the utmost from it, the 3S-GE needs to be revved to the redline. Though the Lexus IS200 lacks the powerful performance some might think is essential in a true “sports sedan”, it has the potential to provide plenty of entertainment and driving enjoyment for enthusiasts who are prepared to put in a little effort to get the best out of it.

But with several specs on the high revving engine that Toyota posted on this platform, it seemed Kasea more interested to walk-through the stance and fitment style. Many people out there loved to see Altezza on to drift track. As I mention above, the power to weight ratio is one the best among other platforms. This car is well balanced in the circuit too. But to break people’s opinion toward that Altezza’s fate and facts, Kasea willing to sacrifice the inner potential of this lady on circuit though.

This is not a static show car, and with Kasea’s desire to drive the car normally, an custom suspension was mandatory. Instead of using the coilover kits typically seen on imports, Kasea crafted up a custom suspension set up. Kasea also added a set of Work Termist S1C wheels. The 18×9.5 fronts and 18×9.5 rears are wrapped in suit rubber all around. The wheels are mounted with blue Work lug nuts.

When doing a photoshoot, Kasea had a trouble with folded left fender because it was too close to the tyre. He said that this lady should be in garage again later on.

A very nice impressions from behind of this car that given by TRD rear wing.

Inside the cabin, the dashboard and other plastic parts have been in great stock condition. Kasea only change several parts but gives best impressions inside cabin such as Nardi deep corn steering wheel and an OEM Evo 8 recaro seat sits beautifully on this cabin.

Whenever I see Kasea’s Altezza, the first and last thought it leaves me with is “I love this car”. I’m sure I’m not the only one that judge on that point. But I’m sure this Altezza built with an enormous youth passions from the owner itself.

Thanks for the great weekend guys!!!


Man at his raw and wild: Kasea’s Toyota Altezza

One of the biggest splits within the automotive community in the past has been continuing argument regarding stance and performance. People believes you can either have one or the other but never both. Of course it will be amazed me how riled up some can get over this difference in opinions and the amount of hate that can be generated.


My friend named Kasih is not as old as me. Maybe I will probably die before him. He took ownership of Toyota Altezza in last year, before he could even “legally” drive though. It wasn’t just any old car, however; probably it was not the first car his father bought for him when he lives in Indonesia. This car was a learning process, as many first cars are. He is not only learning how to drive, but how to build too.





It’s quite apparent that the one aspect of the car that stands out is its stance. If you’re reading for the sole reason to blame this car for being, “not functional,” please save your words and do something productive like trying to learn other things. Kasih certainly has a good knowledge about fitment of it, and it was necessary to fit a set of proper-size Work Meister that he has.






To make the ride even more comfort to drive, Kasih was not installed any interior accecories that made this stanced lady are far from her original form. Only replacing the steering wheel with probably smaller size than the original one.

kolase 2





Maybe Kasih is not so serious for now. Despite the original interior and other fitment setups. This stanced lady will be built with fun in mind in his future.  Future plans call for a exterior setup, picking up for new wider wheels, etc. It will definitely worth to wait.

Thanks Kasih.